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Zu Omen Speakers

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Seancito, Aug 9, 2016.

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  1. head_unit

    head_unit Forum Resident

    Los Angeles CA USA
    You can't directly upload pictures to this forum since some years back. I use photobucket.com/ which I have found fairly easy. But, you need to make the pictures small-maybe 3" width-or they blow up too huge.

    It also might be possible to upgrade them with stuffing, anti vibration coating inside, and bracing (Depending if they originally have any of that). It can make a TREMENDOUS difference. But yeah, see if you can upload some pictures and folks may be able to help with comments about positioning and room treatment. Because if something is hindering in those realms, any speaker you put there will be less that optimum.
  2. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    I have a few more suggestions for you...

    As 33na3rd, pointed out. Utah does seem like a mecca for speaker construction in the US. Which brings me to the Tekton Pendragon speaker.


    These are currently on sale for $2,000 delivered! The regular price is $2,500.

    Why Tekton Pendragon's? Well you are looking for a speaker that is a step up from your current speakers, you would prefer not to use a sub-woofer.

    This might be just what you are looking for. The have two 10" full range drivers (like the Zu Omen Definition's), the have three ring radiator tweeters, are 95dB efficient, can handle 400-Watts, can put out over 120dB and can play down to 20HZ (-3dB).

    You can have them custom painted for $500/pr. or a laundry list of options, if you so choose.

    There is an excellent review of them in, Home Theater Review.

    Some quotes from the review article:

    "When the bass that Bassnectar is known for finally kicked in, it was so taut and grounded that its impact went from being palpable to actual. I should point out that, during this test, I left my subwoofers off and must say that I didn't really miss them."

    "the Pendragon puts the theater back in home theater, for I've never experienced such transformative scale in a home system before."

    "Truthfully, the performance had more in common with what I've witnessed and heard in mastering sessions using large Meyer Sound speakers than what I've heard in any home system." It should be noted; [​IMG]

    "The Meyer Sound X-10 is a squarish speaker (30H x 31W x 21.5D) designed primarily for studio use and priced starting at $30,000 a pair with options and modifications that can make them much more expensive. They are powered with multiple amplifiers, with a total output of 1,820 Watts per speaker.

    [​IMG] Red Pendragon's shown with optional grills.

    Competition and Comparison
    There is a wide variety of loudspeakers available to consumers at or even below the Pendragon's $2,500 per pair asking price. Based solely on price, the options include, but are not limited to Aperion Audio's Grand Verus Towers ($1,798/pair), GoldenEar's Triton Two ($2,500/pair), Zu OMEN DEF($3,100/pair), MartinLogan ElectroMotions ($2,000/pair) and Paradigm Studio 100s ($3,000/pair). All of the above-referenced items are fine speakers and, based solely on their asking price, seem like worthy competitors. However, I don't consider them to be such, not because any of the aforementioned speakers are bad - they're not - but because I feel the Pendragon's sound is one that has more in common with some of the bigger speakers.

    Yes, I'll say it, I believe the Pendragon competes, and favorably, with speakers along the line of Wilson Audio's MAXX 3 ($68,000), Wisdom Audio's LS4 ($70,000), and even pro speakers such as Meyer Sound X-10s ($30,000). I've spent considerable time with all of these heavy hitters and would not make such a bold comparison if I didn't believe it to be accurate. I'm not saying that the Pendragon is better than say a pair of MAXX 3s; I'm simply stating that there are more similarities between a pair of MAXX3s and the Pendragons than there is between the Pendragons and, say, a pair of GoldenEars. These are two speakers, MAXX and Pendragon, which are cut from similar cloth. I recently went back and logged a couple of hours on a pair of MAXX 3s just to be certain. At the extremes, there are differences, but at their core, they check many of the same boxes.

    If you want something in the $2K price range, that will absolutely kick and can provide deep bass, without a sub, this is the best that I might recommend at this price point. You would have to go for a more expensive full range tower to beat their price/performance ratio or a more expensive tower, with built in sub-woofers.

    Next suggestion in next review.
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  3. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    Ready, Set, Go...

    A few years back, I received a large, color, glossy, newsletter from my local hi-fi chain. I glanced at it, not really paying much attention. I was not in the market for anything at the time. Besides, I normally only buy stuff that is on sale, at deep discounts.

    A few days later, something popped into my head. I retrieved the newsletter from on top of the sub. Something had caught my eye, enough, that I was just remembering it. I went looking and I found it.

    A few years back, Boston Acoustic, decided they would get into a higher end of home theater. They introduced the M-Series of HT speakers. Their flagship model was the M-350, priced at $2,500 a pair and the next model down was the M-340, at $2K/pr.

    [​IMG] M-350's [​IMG] M-340's

    Either were designed to serve as the front speakers, in the HT package. They made a M-Center, M-Rears, M-Surrounds and a M-Sub.

    By the time, everything was said and done, the whole HT package came out to a whole lot of $$$.

    Here is an review by Digital Trends, which sums up, "That brings up another point that detracts from our excitement over the Boston Acoustic M-series (apart from the paltry MSurrounds): the system is pricey. Actually, it’s very pricey. A bit of quick math revealed the full setup we tested costs upwards of $6500!"

    Here is the entire system:

    "We dig into one of Boston Acoustics’ most ambitious efforts to date: the M-Series speakers. As beautiful to look at as they are to hear, this series delivers the audio goods in a big way; but some weak surround speakers and a little bit of sticker shock temper our enthusiasm. "

    This is the photo (below) that was also in the newletter, showing the build quality.

    Check out the magnet assembly on the drivers, the thick double layer of MDF with a dampening material in-between the layers and the size of the crossover.

    BA was not a company, known for high end speakers, just good affordable speakers. These were not selling well. What they did (their ad in the newsletter), was to put the front speakers on sale (there is a third front speaker, the shorter and wider, M-250, priced at $1,500/pr.), for half off the retail price.

    I figured that they wanted to show consumers were getting a deal on the front speakers and that would lower the price of the HT package. Most customers, were not purchasing for 2-channel stereo, they were purchasing for a HT set up.

    The $2,500/pr retail price did nothing for me, but at half that! $1,250/pr. or $625/each. That looked like a lot of speaker for that price. I drove to the store and bought a pair. I was right. They were the nicest home speakers I had ever owned. Solid construction, FLAWLESS, piano black enclosure. The sound was detailed and full, without ever sounding harsh.

    A few weeks later, I went back to the store and bought a pair of the M-340's, as I prefer tower speakers for rears, one grand for both. I still have them in their original box. The M-350's are now back in their original boxes. I have the Polk LSiM-707's and a pair of Zu Omen Definitions (eBay) currently, alternating for fronts.

    Here is where this is leading...

    BA, gave up on the whole idea of high end. If you look on their current web site, all you will find is very inexpensive products.

    How this might be a benefit to you is, what ever is left, is going at bargain basement prices.

    Accessories for Less is offering the M-350's for $399 each, or $798/pr. This is 68% off the retail price of $1,249.99 each!

    World Wide Stereo is offering the M-340's for $669/pr. This is 67% off the retail price of $1,998/pr.

    I believe it was mentioned in the Pendragon review, that there was more detail in the M-350's than the Pendragon's.

    These look as good as they sound. If there ever were tower speakers with a high WAF, these are them!

    There is a favorable review in Stereophile, by John Atkinson.

    "I had a good time with these speakers; I predict that you would, too. Recommended"

    [​IMG] Grill covers off and grill covers on.

    The Pendragon's are larger, not so much WAF, will play louder, bass much deeper.

    The M-350's are better quality speakers all around.

    Best value out there for the money today - S&G
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  4. micro79

    micro79 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking for this Zu Audio Omen MKII. I have found It ex-demo for 1900€ and I'm interested to join them with a Quad Vega (italian amp 45W).
    (Quad Vena review )

    Is there anyone that can suggest me anything about this product? The amp could be too small for these speakers?

    I'm new about HiFi, I'm trying to buy my first impiant for my new apartment but in my area is not rellay easy to find good shops for listen some demo.
    I'm trying to find more information possible by internet, so I could try to reduce my choice before drive 100-200km by car for go top listen It.

    thaks and regards
  5. DaleClark

    DaleClark Forum Resident

    Columbus, Ohio
    I have had Omen Defs for 4 years and love them. I love them with Jazz, classical and classic Rock. To me, the Zus are only as "forward" as the amp being fed into them. My B&K st140 is warm and laid back. My older Pioneer Elite receiver was more flat, middle of the road.

    The Omen Defs are rated at 101db sensitivity. You'll notice changes in cables, equipment. You do not need lots of power to push the Zus. The omens are great with both Tube and SS. The souls are geared more for tubes.

    I also like the fact that ZU sells upgrade kits when major improvements are made with their drivers. I would give them a try. No hassle returns and great support.
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  6. Tgreg

    Tgreg Forum Resident

    Memphis, TN. USA
    Stoked to be getting a pair of Zu Omen MK IIs from a friend moving out of the country for 1,000. They sounded amazing at his house and look forward to picking them up this week. Great spakers .
  7. Tgreg

    Tgreg Forum Resident

    Memphis, TN. USA

    wow..these speakers sound incredible...even on my old cheap little Hitachi at5001, Some are telling me I need to spend a 1000 for an amplifier...just can't really do that right now..but want to budget. My understanding is that a good thing about these speakers is that you don't have to spend a fortune to get an amp to sound good with them. Judging from my old Hitatchi, I would say that must be true...just want to make the most of my new Zu speakers and possibly interested in the warmth of a Tube amp. Suggestions appreciated.
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  8. EricMack

    EricMack Well-Known Member

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  9. DaleClark

    DaleClark Forum Resident

    Columbus, Ohio
    Great to hear!! I'm now looking for an amp to replace my B/k. Although it still sounds excellent, the thing is 20 years old
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