What went wrong with Led Zeppelin at Live Aid?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by milco, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. seacliffe301

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    I don’t feel that they’re image was tarnished, I think that anyone who followed them from the 70’s knew their live shows had passed their prime. I think more would have been surprised if Page & Plant had been “on” their game.
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  2. Lexhibit

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    Its funny Page is so proud of the O2 concert 2007 performances I myself was dissapointed because they "played it safe" the whole led Zeppelin live intrigue was that they were always walking a tightrope and taking wild chances so they were either dead on or way off. 1977 bootleg "listen to this Eddie" is when the energy was high and made up for the bum notes. Live aid was a case where it was probably better in the moment than watching it back on celluloid like most concerts. I think they just had a rough night and tried to capture some magic that wasn't there anymore no matter who was on drums
  3. supersquonk

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    Leading up to that show, Zeppelin reuniting was probably the moment I was anticipating the most. I was too young to have seen them live, but was now a teenager and had spent years listening to their albums.

    Such a colossal disappointment. One of those times you realize your heroes are not what you thought they were.

    Poor Phil got blamed! It was Plant and especially Page who made that set the train wreck it was.
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  4. twicks

    twicks Forum Resident

    Live Aid was probably my first time watching major recording artists live on TV. The entire thing was one long disappointment at how crappy most people sounded compared to their studio recordings.
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  5. Efus

    Efus Forum Resident

    In 22 pages, has anybody mentioned Robert Plant's role in all this?

    Ive read he was the guy who went to Collins asking if there was some way he could get on the bill.
    And its interesting that Collins suggested that Plant's voice wasn't "match fit", as Plant was 1 month into a North American tour.
  6. Assassin Yassassin

    Assassin Yassassin Forum Resident

    I blame the curly mullet.

    No matter how you cut it, it's bad ****.
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  7. dunkoid

    dunkoid Forum Resident

    Two drummers didn’t help, certainly. But even if Collins wasn’t here, Jimmy would still have been wasted and his guitar sound flanged up to the eyeballs.
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  8. Anno

    Anno Forum Resident

    Plant wasn’t match fit in the run up and had health issues, the old honey and lemon hadn’t worked it’s magic! The boots tell the tail.

    But anytime you saw Jimmy live post break up he walked the tightrope between genius and embarrassing until the Page and Plant tours.
  9. The Space Cowboy

    The Space Cowboy Some people call me Maurice.

    United Kingdom
    I'd always half-wondered whether Plant's straining was due to either having recently sang too much, or because he hadn't recently sang in a good long while. :laugh:
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  10. mdm08033

    mdm08033 Forum Resident

    Queen had their time slot. Rehearsed it down to the minute.

    Years later I saw the same work ethic on display at of all places, the punk rock w”Warp Tour. Some bands took their 25 minute slot and nailed it. No stage patter. Roadies poised with spare guitars, snare drums, and water. Not a wasted moment. Here’s looking at Rancid, Dropkick Murphys and Pennywise.

    In the other hand, The Used wasted their slot with technical malfunctions and a vocalist who complained about something between every song.
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  11. sunking101

    sunking101 Forum Resident

    Yorkshire, England
    Not enough rehearsing, too much booze, too many drugs and too much arrogance in thinking they could pull it off in such circumstances. I'm not a fan of the two drummers thing either.
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  12. johnnyyen

    johnnyyen Senior Member

    I didn’t understand the two drummers idea, but I think Zeppelin has to take responsibility for the performance. To blame Phil Collins alone is ridiculous. It was a poor performance by the remaining members of the band themselves.
  13. Efus

    Efus Forum Resident

    Not denying the obvious, Page was clearly messed up, as was his guitar sound (and thats all on him, for sure.)

    But I'll say this, this was downtime for Page, as The Firm had gotten off the road maybe a month or so before.
    A functioning addict on the road, there was nothing I recall about him struggling on that tour.
    One can only guess what he did with his time immediately after coming off the road there.
    One thing was certain, he hadnt played Zeppelin tunes for awhile, as The Firm didnt include any Zep tunes in their set in '85

    I guess where Im leading with this, I think Plant did this to help his solo career.
    I'd be interested in what he said to Page to get him on board with this.
    Should be noted that after this shambolic performance, these guys, P, P, J, and Thompson did get together again, and had a play together before Thompson was involved in a serious car accident in the UK in '86, I believe.
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  14. Dr. Zoom

    Dr. Zoom Forum Resident

    Monmouth County NJ
    Agreed. I know from personal experience that the 2 drummers thing is difficult to pull off under the best of circumstances. It was clear that TT was taking the lead, and Collins was along for the ride and included for the celebrity factor.
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  15. Chemically altered

    Chemically altered Forum Resident

    In your mind
    Two words: Phil Collins.
  16. JosepZ

    JosepZ Digital knight of the analog masters

    Barcelona, Spain
    Terribly unfair, and ultimately not true.
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  17. Chemically altered

    Chemically altered Forum Resident

    In your mind
    Ok, make it one word: Collins.
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  18. Wild Horse

    Wild Horse Forum Resident

    Page was wasted out of his mind, and Plant hadn't really sang good live since the 1975 tour, yet people are blaming Phil Collins. :confused:
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  19. Chemically altered

    Chemically altered Forum Resident

    In your mind
  20. Efus

    Efus Forum Resident

    Collins mentioned that in an interview.
    He suggested to Thompson that since they werent really properly rehearsed, that they keep it simple, so they could stay in sync, and Phil would follow him. Phil said that Thompson didnt take that advice.
    He suspected the reason why was because Thompson may have thought there was a future job opportunity on the line, so Thompson did what he wanted to.
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  21. piston broke

    piston broke Forum Resident

    I'm maybe in a minority but I thought Zep were great at Live Aid.

    Sure you can point out screechy vocals - there'll be a short intermission while I get some, monitors - so possibly sound problems. Page was completely wrecked, and what was that flanger all about? I don't think Phil was that bad either.

    But hey, it was 1985 and this was Led Zep. I'd been glued to the telly all day, video recording everything that took my fancy - and people seem to forget that the Who were great, as were Dire Straits, Bowie and even the Beach Boys.

    But as soon as Zep finished their set, I rewound the tape and watched it right over again.
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  22. jwb1231970

    jwb1231970 Ordinary Guy

    According to Jimmy page… Phil Collins
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  23. twicks

    twicks Forum Resident

    He was indeed offered the drum slot for Zeppelin after Live Aid but was involved in a car accident and the plans were canceled.
  24. Dr. Zoom

    Dr. Zoom Forum Resident

    Monmouth County NJ
    Zep made the correct decision to pack it in after Bonzo kicked it. The Who shoulda done the same.
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  25. healter skealter

    healter skealter Mullered

    Penny Lane
    I wish people would stop referring to the Live Aid band as Led Zeppelin, ditto the O2.

    As for Page's supposed wasted sloppiness at Live Aid: apart from a few shows, he was sub-optimal at most 77-onwards gigs. And guess what? Nobody at those shows gave a rat's. It's just the next-century quarterbacks who never saw the band live who make a big deal of it.
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