What went wrong with Led Zeppelin at Live Aid?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by milco, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. hoss

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    ....aaahhh a TRIUMPH in that The Remaining Leds proved that they could still be professional musicians and put on a show together - Live Aid, Atlantic etc etc suggested that they were tone-deaf amateurs..... Nothing post-1980 was really Led Zeppelin, but at least the 3 old guys could be proud of their 'O2 show....
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    Lot of rose-tinted glasses. Lot of people seeing what they wanted to see. JPJ was as tasteful and impeccable as always, Jason Bonham gave it his all but he isn’t John, Plant was struggling with the high notes even with songs in lowered keys, and Page, seemingly unable to recreate his trademark quicksilver runs, resorted in numerous places to furiously scrubbing the strings.

    It was a good tribute. That’s it.

    Just one man’s opinion. No less. No more.
  3. twicks

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    "Scrubbing the strings," love it.
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    Robert also said the O2 was the best Zeppelin gig since ‘75. So, as usual with Plant, you get whatever he’s thinking in the moment.
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  5. '05Train

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    Yes, yes, yes.

    I can't speak for the Atlantic thing, but there weren't (m)any people at Live Aid who were disappointed in the Zeppelin thing. The air was electric, we got what we expected, and it was fantastic. It's really easy with 35 years of hindsight, changing tastes, and revisionism to vivisect the performance. It isn't note-perfect, but there aren't (m)any live shows that are. Hell, I've seen Rush goof up live...it happens.

    People slag Knebworth '80 mercilessly. Why? No it's not perfect, but holy crap is it good. Was O2 perfect? No, it was a bunch of old men playing Zeppelin. But my god is it amazing to watch. And if they ever do it again, I'll do whatever I can to see them again. Because even if they're not Led Zeppelin, three of them were in that band, and that makes the show worthwhile.
  6. twicks

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    Agree 100% on the electric atmosphere at Live Aid. Anything from the '80s will beat a modern-day performance mostly because audiences then still knew how to pay attention and rock out.
  7. Anno

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    ‘79, Knebworth was ‘79.
  8. balzac

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    Dunno about the others, but Geldof did not put together Brian Wilson with the Beach Boys for Live Aid. He may have wanted Brian to be with the band, but that was already going to happen. Brian was in the band at that time (lest anyone forget, Brian Wilson never really was officially not in the band). From the time he was back with the infamous Dr. Landy in late 1982-early 1983, he essentially continued on with the band, but Landy mainly had Brian only attending higher profile live appearances (TV shows, Live Aid, 4th of July gigs, etc.) So Brian wasn't the doing the 150-shows-per-year slog with the band, but it wasn't a "reunion" for Live Aid. Brian had done a new album with the Beach Boys that same year, and had already been appearing at select live shows.

    The Beach Boys' set at Live Aid was fine; a pretty standard mid-80s performance by the group. People who hadn't been following the band lately probably seemed impressed with how fit and youthful Brian looked. In the early 80s he looked like Haystacks Calhoun, and at "Live Aid" he's thin and clean-shaven.
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  9. Seabass

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    Theres a 2 hour film of the rehearsal for Celebration Day, filmed at Shepperton studios that can be found on YouTube
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  10. patrickd

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    Yeah, that's why people beat up on '80 so much ;)
  11. misteranderson

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    Officially released. And pretty good, for a rehearsal.
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  12. Dodoz

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    Not Led Zeppelin but Page and Plant in 1990.

    This was my introduction to this song, actually (thanks to the various artists album). It rocks.

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  13. vamborules

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    Charlie Jones with the badass Marshall Jubilee stacks. Love those.
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  14. Jonny W

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    For my enlightenment, were there studio overdubs on the video of Knebworth (on the big Zep DVD box set?)

    I also thought that this was a very good performance, and video record of it, but I'd be disappointed to find out
    that it was "enhanced." I don't have much regard for that sort of thing.
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  15. penguinzzz

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    The Garden Tapes site is your friend
    The Garden Tapes - Led Zeppelin DVD
  16. misteranderson

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    No overdubs. I don't think any live Zeppelin has had studio overdubs. Bits stitched together from different shows, yes, just like many live albums from other bands.

    There's definitely echo/reverb/ambience on Jimmy's guitar from Knebworth. And the balance is great, but they actually had the multis. The soundboard bootlegs from Knebworth aren't balanced.
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  17. dryjoy

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    This is basically correct, lots of stitching together from different performances (though maybe not much, if any any, on the Knebworth stuff specifically), no actual overdubs.

    Page overstepped the mark a bit for me on one song on the DVD, Achilles Last Stand from Knebworth. While not exactly an overdub, he did copy and paste part of the ascending scale guitar line to create a harmony in at least two (several I think) places.

    Hard to explain, but he took the first few notes of the phrase, and copied them underneath the next few notes to create a harmony that he didn’t play live. Actually quite clever, but going a bit too far for my taste.
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  18. Frittenköter

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    Actually, The Song Remains The Same has its share.

    Vocal: There's the first verse of Rock 'N' Roll (in the film), the first few lines of Celebration Day, various punched-in lines to cover up voice cracks throughout the film and album

    Guitar: Some overdubs on Rock 'N' Roll IIRC (only on the original film mix)

    Lots of editing though, but the great interplay you hear throughout? That's all real.

    The Garden Tapes - The Song Remains The Same

    I think the harmonica solo on Nobody's Fault But Mine on Celebration Day is different too.
    I'm not sure if it was redone in the studio or flown in from elsewhere, but it's different.
  19. twicks

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    Stumbled across this yesterday...these guys were TIGHT.

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  20. Rufus rag

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  21. speedracer

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    Given all the grim reports, I am happy to say I missed it.

    Or should I watch the youtube and enjoy the debacle so I can contribute to not one but two threads on this one no count performance by a washed up rock musician at a mostly forgotten event that happened 35 years ago?
  22. Mr-Beagle

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    The levee broke ;)
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  23. Terrapin Station

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    Supposedly the band couldn't hear themselves over all of the future SHF regulars in the audience moaning over how bad they are live.
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  24. Helter Skelter

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    If Plant's vocals had been on top form, they could've just about scraped by. Yes, Jimmy's playing is bad, but the vocalist is what most people are focused on, so when they aren't great, that's the death sentence. So many Led Zeppelin live shows have sloppy playing by Jimmy, but you barely notice because Plant is nailing it. On this occasion, he didn't, unfortunately.
  25. twicks

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    Astute observation.

    I was just reading an old interview with Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam, who said, "We have a great singer and a great drummer. That's all you need."

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