What Rush are you playing?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rikki nadir, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. ytserush

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    Didn't think a lot of it at first but it grew on me a bit over the years. Can think of 8 or 9 songs on that album I like better.
  2. George Co-Stanza

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    Dog Years? (sorry, my post you quoted had comments about S&A as well :) ).

    My favorites from TFE are probably Resist, the title track, Driven and Limbo, but Dog Years would be in the next tier along with Carve Away the Stone and Half the World. I was a big fan of Totem at first, but that one has not aged well for me. Virtuality is good, but aside from the riff, doesn't really stand out. I was never that wild about either The Color of Right or Time and Motion.
  3. Barnabas Collins

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    I'm just so grateful I got to see this tour. Even today, I'm kicking myself for not seeing Rush after 2007. But the Snakes & Arrows show I saw was so bloody loud, it basically made me swear off going to big concerts anymore. If I only knew what the future held, I would have gone to see Rush each and every tour afterwards: with ear protection of course. I never saw Rush phone in a performance; they gave their all even when feeling under the weather. Just a class act to the end.
  4. George Co-Stanza

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    One of the many great things about Rush was that they always kept the set list fresh, which I am sure contributed to the band always being on top of their game and never phoning it in. Even in the 80's like on the Power Windows and Hold Your Fire tours, even though I am sure it drove some old school fans bonkers, they were playing tons of the new stuff and not that much 70's material. And if you look at the set lists of their last six tours (2002-2015), each tour featured a ton of songs that hadn't been played in a while (or ever in some cases). The amount of ground they covered in their last 14 years of touring was pretty amazing.
  5. ytserush

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    Those "Evening With" Shows made all of the difference.

    Before that you had the third U.S. leg Roll The Bones set and Xanadu/Prelude: Hemispheres from the Counterparts Tour.
  6. MetalGuruMessiah

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    “Sadder still to watch it die
    Than never to have known it
    For you, the blind who once could see
    The bell tolls for thee...”

    This song was like a sledge to the chest the very first time I heard in ‘82....and it rings truer each year I get older...wow....he nailed something that the thought of which always struck me as the ultimate and final horror some people must face before they return to the place they were before they were born; the artist loses his sight, the musician his hearing, the writer his vocabulary, the speaker his articulation. My mom was one of the most talented people I’ve ever known, and she had an extraordinary memory....now she’s in the grasp of Alzheimer’s and watching that disappear is just brutal. I’ve been thinking of what Michael Palin said recently about Terry Jones; “I mean, for someone who was so witty and verbal and articulate and argued and debated, to be deprived of speech is a hard thing.”

    I’m not playing when I say the thought of losing my hearing (and not being able to hear the music that has been such a huge part of my life) is mortifying to me. ....almost as mortifying as the thought that I won’t be able to listen to my music when I get back to the place we’re going to! ;-)

    Neil Peart’s stature and legacy as writer of brilliant lyrics will only increase over time.

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  7. daltieri

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    A show of hands original pressing CD. Intro blasting at this very moment
  8. George Co-Stanza

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    Oh how I wish they would have started the Evening With format in 1994 to where we would have gotten more Counterparts tunes live, but alas, I cannot complain too much since they did give us six on that tour, and then a seventh was played on the VT tour.
  9. J_D__

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    It seemed like MTV played these live songs every hour back in the day.
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  10. Diablo Griffin

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    R30 hasn't seen a vinyl release either, and the CD version was only available with some copies of the DVD when it first came out. If it does come out on vinyl eventually, then I'd hope for it to use the full setlist from the blu ray and not the truncated one that the DVD and CDs used.
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  11. StarThrower62

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    I gave up on Rush after a ho hum reaction to Roll The Bones 29 years ago. But I've been streaming a number of later albums and I like the fact that some of these feature a heavier, more aggressive sound. So I just ordered Vapor Trails remix, and Clockwork Angels. I look forward to cranking these two when they arrive.
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  12. Anthrax

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    Last week it was Permanent Waves (40th birthday!).

    Today it's Hold Your Fire.

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  13. StarThrower62

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    After Signals, this album is one of their strongest collections of songs. And the performances sound inspired. Unfortunately the sound and production is a disappointment.
  14. ytserush

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    Thanks for the correction.

    Would be nice to get the full CD version of R30 as well, but I can't see that happening. At least the CD gatefold sleeve was cool.
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  15. Andersoncouncil

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    Agree---I wasn't the biggest fan of HYF when it came out, but it has grown on me over the years. It also includes some of Neil's most heartfelt, direct lyrics, especially Time Stand Still and Second Nature.
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  16. mmars982

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    I listened to this album again (since the post you replied to), and kept thinking to myself, "what did you have against this?" It's a very good album. I wonder if it was more the image than the actual music that had some of us Rush fans bemoaning the "synth years."
  17. The Hud

    The Hud Just add water

    If you like heavier/aggressive Rush, you should at least listen to the original mix of Vapor Trails. The remix neutered several tracks, especially "Earthshine", totally ruining it in my house.
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  18. saskimo

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    None, I prefer them live.
  19. Karnak

    Karnak "81-82-83-84..."

    Marathon - from the Sector 3 set edition of "Power Windows". I wasn't even aware of that cd's existence before I bought Sector 3.
  20. PacificOceanBlue

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    I am somewhat amazed at how much of the band's back-catalogue is presently out of print on CD. I get it, in 2020, the CD is a dying format to some degree, but most legacy acts at the level of Rush have most of their titles in print, not just available for download and streaming. I wonder if Universal will put some of the back-catalogue back in print due to the surge of interest due to Peart's death.
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  21. It was the summer of 1980. My parents were away at the cabin and as a 17 year old with a summer job, I was staying at home. I always had a group of friends hanging around the house...it was kind of low-key party central. Anyway, I was on the couch making out with my new girlfriend, Holly Street. I remember taking off The Eagles Greatest Hits 71-75 and opening my new copy of Permanent waves.

    I drop the needle, return to said couch and new girlfriend. Halfway through the opening track, The Spirit Of Radio, Holly says.."this record is weird!" I made it through the second track and just got up and took it off. Looked for my copy of Pat Benetar's "In The Heat Of The Night" and put that on, then returned to our previous entertainment.

    I always think of Holly Street whenever I hear that album and this Sunday, I dug out that same original copy(still in shrink that I opened that day!) and gave it a nice full spin.

    Thanks Neil.
    Thanks Holly, where ever you are!
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  22. steve phillips

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    I understand as I've had the same feelings. Then I decided I was celebrating his life and career.
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  24. ElevatorSkyMovie

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    Everything. All eras.
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    Watching the Boys From Brazil doc...

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