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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by 500Homeruns, Sep 27, 2020.

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    I have an LG V30 that has been retired from daily duties. I recently hooked it up to my main system as a streaming renderer for Tidal via 3.5mm headphone to RCA. I think I may go USB out with an Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt after doing some research. I use USB Audio Player Pro on the V30. Has anybody used an old smartphone this way? Any recommendations to get better sound quality when going this route?
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    USB Audio Player PRO can be set up to be a UPnP renderer on your network. Then use a UPnP server application on your desktop to send audio to the phone which is connected to the DAC. I've tested that using JRiver Media Center as the UPnP/DLNA server. Just have to make sure you configure JRiver to stream lossless rather than convert everything to lossy. You can look at the UAPP app to see what kind of file and bitrate it is getting to confirm that things are configured correctly to stream lossless.
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    Am I correct in thinking that the output through USB of the smartphone is a better option than the headphone (3.5mm) out?
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    USB out will be a digital stream. So, your answer depends on the whatever is decoding the stream. The V30 has an ESS SABRE 9218P Quad-DAC chip, so it's going to take a pretty good DAC to match it.
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    The chip alone does not a DAC make. All of the supporting circuitry makes a difference too. And for this reason, external DACs do have a distinct performance advantage over internal DACs.
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