Thinking about adding a cassette deck to my set-up

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by malagacoolers, Aug 7, 2020.

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    I don't think 8 tracks were ever a thing in Europe, we used compact cassettes from the late 60s on. Cable television was not a thing then either. In West Germany we had 3 television channels, 5 or 6 in near border areas depending on which was your next door country (East Germany here in Berlin). No prayer thankfully.
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    I don't follow the Cassette deck market anymore. But when I did, it seemed like some 3 Head Denon, Onkyo and Teac machines all could be had pretty cheaply.

    Normally I prefer Naks though. The BX300, the CR-3A and the CR-4A have traditionally been great under the radar machines. But this might not be true anymore.
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  4. If 2 heads works for you, the nakamichi dr-3 is a great deck.
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    I don't have any experience with this particular model. However Nakamichi and Kyocera are the only exceptions to my "always buy a 3 head machine" rule of thumb. This is because, when properly calibrated for a tape, these machines can equal the performance of some three head machines. This is especially true of the Kyoceras which feature direct-drive capstans on all models, as well as HX-Pro on some models.

    But if the op wants to do any recording, then he really needs a fine bias control now more than ever, since the selection of available blank tapes is not what it was back in the day. And calibrating a tape on two-head machine, even one with a fine bias control, is much harder than it is on a 3 head machine.
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    Onkyo TA2600 cassette deck is back in the rack. I have to say with levels set conservatively low, bias set properly, and dolby C enabled, recordings sound damn good.

    I have some old new XLII 60s. I recorded Dire Straits On Every Street just for fun and it's very faithful to the CD.

    Question, what's the best thing to use to clean pinch rollers? I use alcohol on the heads and capstan.

    Also, is anyone still actually producing cassettes? I see old stock things on Amazon and the prices are rediculous.
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    National Audio Company gets cassette-making competiton based in France
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