The Who's Masterpiece?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Scope J, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. samthesham

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    I went with The Who Sell Out...

    To me I grew up with the Who during the 60s & their 70s output lacks the magic that the core 3 records maintain & although Who's Next caught their live attack like no other studio work had done before or since I still hear it & the rest of their 70s output as the lesser of the 2 decades of brilliance...

    In order of preference...

    1.The Who Sell Out...a brilliant parody of pirate radio, hell if they could of got away with it the Who would've undoubtedly slip themselves some payola as well, a perfect record - A+

    2.My Generation...the band was moving so quick that their audience was trying to keep up but by the time they sort of did the Who had moved boldly on - A

    3.Happy Jack (US) times a unnerving tribute to the Beach Boys but it also contained the bands finest rock opera A Quick One - A-

    4.MBB&B...Townsends referred to this as the Who's greatest record & the foundation of who The Who really is, hard to argue with genius - A+

    5.Who's Next...the internationally acclaimed master work - A

    6.Quadrophenia...their 3rd best attempt at rock as opera - B

    I made my point
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  2. SJB

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    Quadrophenia is the most fully realized in terms of story, but I voted for Who's Next because, overall, the material is stronger (in my subjective opinion).

    I like Sell Out but the Who was still largely a singles band at that time, and struggled with consistency with the "filler" tracks.

    Tommy sounds both unfinished and bloated, and could have been greatly improved if some fat had been trimmed off and what remained were more fully cooked and seasoned.
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  3. Mikewest

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    So what do you think of Its Hard ? Or indeed Endless Wire ?
  4. bob_32_116

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    The question was not directed at me - but I think It;'s Hard is a decent album with some excellent songs, though not up with their best.
    I haven't heard Endless Wire.
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  5. gmcjj

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    I voted for Whos Next, my favorite album by The Who.
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