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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JRM, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. KeninDC

    KeninDC Hazy Cosmic Jive

    Virginia, USA
    5/22/77 has lots of fans 'round these parts for good reason.

    Thanks all for the "Shakedown" recommendations. Woke up with a "Dwump dwump dwump. Dwump dwump dwump dwump wump" earworm.

    70s Stones' major influence was image, not necessarily music. That "elegantly wasted" rock star thing which is now a cliche. Think 1972 STP. They epitomized what a jet-setting rock star should look like.

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  2. gedsmit

    gedsmit Fair Weather Member

    I’m quite partial to a bit of late 71 Dead. Been thoroughly enjoying Daves Picks 26 the last few nights - some really slick, fast and concise tunes... Mexicali Blues is particularly high tempo, with some great country pickin’

    I love that one show features Pigpen and one doesn’t, nice contrast even though the set lists are quite similar.
  3. Frosst

    Frosst Vinyl-obsessive kiddo

    The Casey Jones from 4/24/72 might very well be one of the best versions I’ve ever heard!
  4. ducksdeluxe

    ducksdeluxe Driftin' and dreamin'

    The crowd does sound very similar to that of the Fillmore East so I wouldn't be surprised. I will say that aside from the aforementioned Black Peter, the St. Stephen>NFA set closer is certainly worth your time.
  5. Freebird

    Freebird Forum Resident

    99 cent rental in the ITunes Store for those interested in watching this. It’s not on Netflix.
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  6. adamos

    adamos Forum Resident

    Southeastern PA
    5/19/77 Fox Theatre prompted by recent ‘77 and DiP 29 discussion. When the mood for May ‘77 strikes this is certainly a good option.
  7. Jack Cerro

    Jack Cerro Forum Resident

    May 1980 is my new jam. Straight R&R bliss.
  8. adamos

    adamos Forum Resident

    Southeastern PA
    @Jack Cerro seeing your post reminded me that I’ve been meaning to ask if you ended up paring your official live collection down to just 30 releases, which seemed like a tricky task especially since new ones keep coming out. I’m referring to this:

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  9. sleepjar

    sleepjar Forum Resident

    Inspired by posts I read last weekend discussing Steppin' Out, my Dead listening this past week has primarily consisted of being blown away by Dark Star, 4/8/72. Hadn't listened to it in quite awhile. Let's just say right now it's my favorite DS.
  10. Jack Cerro

    Jack Cerro Forum Resident

    Yeah.... about that.
    I'm figuring out how I can finagle more shelf space for box 5 and 6.
    8 seems a good stopping point. Good symmetry... turn it on the side and you have infinity.
    I'd ask for help now, but this doesn't seem like the proper forum.
  11. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    Long River Place
    yeah I can't in good conscience recommend less GD to anyone.
  12. Day_Tripper2019

    Day_Tripper2019 Forum Resident


    Sweetest MOTM.

    Anyone have this on record? How do you rate it?

    The late show Dark
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  13. Oliver

    Oliver Bourbon Infused

    As a relative newbie to being a hardcore Deadhead all I can say is I have not listened to a note from any other band besides the Dead for the past week and a half which is insane for me. :),

    Np-relistening to DP 3.
  14. Erik B.

    Erik B. Tighter than Mike Gordon’s jeans

    Try a year and a half. Then you might be on to something.
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  15. notesofachord

    notesofachord Get Ya Hands Outta Your Pockets

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  16. Oliver

    Oliver Bourbon Infused

    Question: How many people here have taped a live show they attended and how did it come out?
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  17. Crispy Rob

    Crispy Rob Cat Juggler

    Oakland, CA
    I slightly prefer 5/21 but it’s a tough call. Probably the two best shows of May ‘77.
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  18. Crispy Rob

    Crispy Rob Cat Juggler

    Oakland, CA
    Agree, although Europe has some other things going for it. DiP 2 from 10/31/72 and 11/15/71 Austin from the Road Trips series are my two favorite versions of that combo, by a mile, and the Albuequrque version is not far behind. Now, as far as Lovelight->GDTRFB combos, Europe has got the goods...
  19. fishcane

    fishcane Dirt Farmer

    Finger Lakes,NY
    I taped a few shows between 88 and 90, including one that didn't have a circulating board or good SQ aud for many years so my tape of Rochester 88 is the only one that ever got widespread circulation in trading circles outside my own. it was a lot of hassle that distracted me from the shows themselves tho so I gave it up, altho I still use the same equip to tape local gigs from time to time
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  20. Six Bachelors

    Six Bachelors Troublemaking enthusiast

    I blame the Dead organisation for underestimating the Stones scene and coaxing the Stones into going along with the concept of free concerts using the Hells Angels as security. Then there was a series of events that contributed - the city refusing to allow the Stones to play at Golden Gate Park, the Maysles filming the Stones and there suddenly being the possibility of a documentary, Filmways placing an realistic demand in relation to the documentary that meant the Sears Point fell through and the Stones had to go to Altamont, Meredith Hunter getting high and producing a gun, and about a hundred other moments...

    I believe I have read that there were quite a few contracted security/Police types not in uniform there that day...
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  21. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    While in '72 the roadies dropped the equipment truck in a ditch between Wichita and Houston, prompting Phil to declare that they would hire professional truck drivers so the roadies could get some rest.
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  22. Frosst

    Frosst Vinyl-obsessive kiddo

    Currently enjoying 9/27/72 and my god this Dark Star blows my mind!
  23. Bill Cormier

    Bill Cormier Forum Resident

    Malta, New York
    Uh oh, you got the fever son ! Sorry to say there is no cure :D !
  24. TerpStation

    TerpStation "Music's not for everyone."

    washington, dc
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  25. pbuzby

    pbuzby Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL, US
    It didn't, but that was when Phil singing was a major event at the shows.
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