The Fleetwood Mac Guitarist's Curse

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    As I said, each were "casualties in one way or another".

    Take a look into the cult he was mixed up with :

    The Family International - Wikipedia

    .. and if your stomach doesn't turn easily, and you manage rage reasonably well :

    [Link to timeline dot com]
    The hippie Christian cult that encouraged sex with children is still around today

    I am not saying J.S. was involved in that heinous ugliness directly, but I have a dim view of cults to start with - their methods of indoctrination are manipulative, even the ones that don't have members and leaders who sink that low, and I cannot tolerate anyone who preys on the vulnerable.
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    Also had Delaney and Bonnies daughter on vocals. Lindsay did backing vocals on the album but it kind of sputtered out when Christine Mcvie decided that she didnt want to tour

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    I’m not a fan of F-Mac’s music at all, but there are few bands whose histories I find quite as fascinating.
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    You could also call it a look into the psyche of the lead guitarist in the 60s and 70s...... Rock business in that era was extremely hazardous...and when the LSD wasn’t the latest fashion anymore, there was heroin, followed by cocaine and all the while there were the gallons of Jim Beam or Jack Daniels....

    I think the case here is the steady professional relationship between Mick and John. At any time they could have called it quits when their ‘star’ broke down or ran away. Now we have ‘Fleetwood Mac entering their 5th decade, still touring and making music! Hurrah for that!
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    Sounds like a History Channel thing for the gullible.
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    Hurrah for what, Mick's band account?
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    I'd have to say no, I would rather they had called it a day than do what they did to Lindsey. It has affected how I hear them, as in I CAN'T HEAR THEM ANYMORE, all I get are bad vibes and thoughts about Lindsey. I knew of them in 1973, became a serious fan in 1975, so not fairweather. Sure they can do what they want. ...and I can choose not to endorse it. ...and I don't.
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    Burnette was on two albums. Remained in the Bekka Bramlett/Dave Mason version. (Time album)
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    It's Stretch - Why did you do it - all over again.
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    Half of peru....and all of colombia!
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    I liked LSD a lot! Never went off the deep end but thoroughly enjoyed it. Had a few friends that rode the white horse and they didn’t turn out too well. Horses for courses. (Pun intended)
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    Recollections differ.
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    I was going to make a "Spinal Tap comment" myself but you beat me to it!
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    Even Peter acknowledged on camera that perhaps he overindulged. Oh well.
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    Not the same thing as branding someone "an acid casualty".
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    I guess. A lot has been suspicioned about that infamous "party",
    but Peter did say he continued to use well after that event. Acid
    casualty may be a crude way to put it but no way is that door
    shut. There was probably a number of things going on that led
    to Peter's troubles. As with Brian Jones, fame did NOT suit him.
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    And I think it's tasteless and tacky to speculate about it.
  19. True enough, but he wasn't there
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    The way I see it FM is a product of their time which is a bygone era, their best days are behind them and who cares about how things are with them in the present day.

    Do they sound as good as they did back then? Probably not so why even discuss what happened?

    Maybe Linsey was being a pain and look at how much fighting was going on with them in the 70s. One of their albums has a bunch of songs about it and was a million seller.

    As for the previous guitarists before Buckingham, what's is worth ranting over? That's in the past.
  21. Bluesman Mark

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    So, any band comprised of Fleetwood Mac's guitarists, the Dead's keyboardists & Spinal Tap's drummers is doomed!
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    Not according to Spencer.

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