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The Faith No More Listening Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ChristopherTeuma, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. ChristopherTeuma

    ChristopherTeuma Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Faster Disco
    Introduce Yourself 1987

    'I think all the emotions and themes came from the emotions of the music. ...but I can't really read into my lyrics too well because I just piece them together. I mostly write s**t that suits the phrasing I wanna use'

    Styling, you know you are styling

    So turn to the mirror and blow yourself a kiss
    It goes just like this
    You've done it a thousand times
    It's as easy as drinking wine, only now it's blood.

    Here it come again
    (treating you so kind)
    Till it comes again
    (leaving you no mind)

    Your feelings, they flow without reason
    So look to the stars above and
    Blow it all away.
    I come without warning
    Some call me morning,
    I wipe all your tears away, the evil ones I kill

    Here it comes again
    (treating you so kind)
    Till it comes again
    (leaving you no mind)
    Taking the form of pain this time
    It never treats you unkind
    Your followers, lead them blind
    And suck away their lives
    Cause yours depends on it

    Here it comes again
    Chasing the night away

    Faith No More - Faster Disco
    ‎Faster Disco by Faith No More
    Faith No More - Faster Disco - Listen on Deezer
    Faster Disco
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  2. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident

    Best thread in years!!!!!
  3. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    I like the Introduce Yourself album, but not as much as the debut. The production is better, the musicianship is better, but there are times when the songs cry out for something more than what Chuck can provide. Especially The Crab Song, which I think really shows the need to move beyond Chuck and find someone more versatile to do something different with the material. That said, I like the album, and I appreciate Chuck's unique style. But they were right to move on to Patton.
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  4. ChristopherTeuma

    ChristopherTeuma Forum Resident Thread Starter

    If the 192/24 files are available I recommend them. It's worth it to get to exist in Matt Wallace's space. He's got the band's sound down. Billy's bass amp in a room the size of Mike's snare hits. With plenty of space for Chuck's woops and squeeks, the very discernible double-tracking, and the chorus, a chorus of Chucks. Credit to the two part harmony in the second verse, he may not be much of a singer but his voice handles a pedal note (is it a pedal note if it's the higher harmony?) effectively. Surrounding those Chucks - Holy Moly, Jim Martin. His rung out arpeggios are interstellar.
    It's really that arpeggiating guitar melody in the chorus that makes Faster Disco for me. The sort of thing I'm glad they keep up.

    Oh, and I almost posted without mentioning Roddy's slow attack choral sound. I'm paying attention this time round to his "10 years of classical training" that results in holding long chords and playing repeating pedestrian melodies... it's all there, here, and I'm hearing it. The slow attack being my clue to where his heads at with his role in the arrangement. Might go back and listen to Pills for Breakfast...
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  5. ChristopherTeuma

    ChristopherTeuma Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I'm more into We Care A Lot as well, but this is my opportunity to really dig into this one.

    As for Chuck, from what I've been reading the move past him wasn't for artistic reasons, he was becoming a liability. As in a safety concern. He'll get a chance to speak for himself further into the thread.
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  6. Luisboa

    Luisboa Forum Resident

    Coimbra, Portugal
    Another vote here for We Care A Lot over Introduce Yourself.
    Introduce Yourself has a more perfect production and playing, but the songs on We Care A Lot are a lot more crude and dangerous, like we are being pushed agains the wall.
    Anyway Introduce Yourself is an important step in The Real Thing direction and I think Jim shines more in this album than in the previous one.
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  7. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    Roddy is really the key to the whole thing for me. As indispensable as the trademark Billy/Puff rhythm section. It's his unique contributions to the songs that set the group apart from everyone else. And it's his absence on "King for a Day..." that really ruins that record for me. I'll have plenty to say when we get there.
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  8. ChristopherTeuma

    ChristopherTeuma Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Chuck bugs his friend Anne and is rewarded for his petulance.

    Anne's Song
    Introduce Yourself 1987

    "A dancing 12 inches of pure abnormality that rips around the room accompanied by one of the finest voices ever to come out of a broken vocal pipe. It just bludgeons its way along hitting everything form its path and grinning inanely while doing so. One day all absurdities will be made this way. Single of the week. Brilliant." Sounds 1988

    Roddy "Ann was a friend of Chuck's who lives in the lower east side in NYC. All of the people referenced in that song were part of her 'crew' and are all featured in the black and white sections of the Anne's Song video"

    Chuck "Anne's song was quite simply, a pep talk that i got from my friend Anne, when I was down in the dumps about not getting along, or seeing eye to eye with my band mates at the time. It's also an introduction to all of our friends and family in New York, an epiphany about making the best of any situation, and appreciating what you have. I could be wrong, but I think that if I had applied the advice to my situation better at the time, things might have turned out different..."

    Released in the UK on April 18th 1988. It failed to chart in any country.

    ANNE'S SONG | 29 Years

    WHAT?? HUH?!
    "Oh nothing, just wondering what it is you're do..WHY it is you're
    doing that..whatever it is you're doing.
    "Oh yeah,
    WHY? WHY?"
    I dunno it just doesn't seem like something you'd be doing I mean you, of all people, HA!
    know what I mean?
    "Yeah I know it's been bugging you
    since the day I was born, huh?
    I asked my friend Anne about it. I said,
    'Anne! Anne! Anne!
    what am I supposed to do, huh?
    it's been bugging them since the day that I was born.'
    She said 'Do whatever the hell you want to do!
    Now is the time to for you to do anything,
    everything you do, anything,
    it's still gonna turn out great.
    You've got the world at your feet.'"

    I never claimed to be different,
    I only said I was bored
    and she'stired of your uniqueness,
    it sends her over head first
    then the rest of her follows,
    the breath of life, it never left her hollow...

    I can do everything, she said, she said with a smile.
    And I can go anywhere tonight, cause I'm with Anne.

    Anne, Anne, Who? Anne Dagnabit Island princess girl with the

    Ooh, what have we here?
    I see, she brought her whole uptown contingent.
    First there's
    Jon E., he always loves a party,
    he's followed by Vinnie,
    who's feelin' kinda skinny,
    he says "Hey Anne I'm starved what you got to
    she says "Vinnie you're always starving man get away from that

    Here comes Lucy,
    she's feelin' really sexy,
    she's followed by her boyfriend,
    who'd better not turn around, this time,
    or he's bound to lose her,
    and followed by Jamilla,
    who's got the cream soda...

    I can do anything I want, I tell you again
    We can go anywhere tonight, cause we're with Anne

    Anne, Anne, Who? Anne Dagnabit Island princess girl with the
    Girl with the house up for rent

    I can do everything, she said, she said with a smile
    And I can go anywhere tonight, cause I'm with Anne

    A recent phone interview with Anne D'Agnillo.

    Faith No More - Anne's Song
    Open Qobuz
    ‎Anne's Song by Faith No More
    Anne's Song
    Faith No More - Anne's Song - Listen on Deezer
  9. ChristopherTeuma

    ChristopherTeuma Forum Resident Thread Starter

    The Tamra Davis directed video has a lot going for it. Chuck too cool to play, fresh-faced Billy always 100% commitment, Roddy's bleached spikes, Mike poking a box-caged Chuck with what looks like a broom handle, the characters coming to life in blue monochrome, a bike wheel, and the creme de la creme - Dual Jim's. Two pains in the ass (and one smoke machine).
  10. ChristopherTeuma

    ChristopherTeuma Forum Resident Thread Starter



    Anne's Song

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  11. ChristopherTeuma

    ChristopherTeuma Forum Resident Thread Starter

    From the day I was born,
    I took the bull by the horns,
    and gave you plenty to scorn,
    well right on!
    Then you said in a song that life
    was gettin real tough,
    but hey I think that you're bluffing,
    what of it?


    Introduce Yourself

    Introduce Yourself 1987



    William David Gould was born on April 24th 1963 in Los Angeles California.

    Billy has always, to me, been the ‘engine’ of FNM. He’s always had the drive and focus to move things forward in terms of capturing the band’s music through recordings.
    - Matt Wallace

    Bill Gould

    "...this whole Funk Metal thing is really disgusting. The last thing I ever want to be in is a Funk Metal band - we're gonna try to be anything except that!" - Kerrang

    Bill grew up the prosperous Hancock Park district of Los Angeles and attended Loyola High a Catholic school with neighbour Roddy Bottum.
    He had an interest for music from an early age. The first album he bought was Elton John's Greatest Hits. His early influences were Cameo, Parliament-Funkadelic and David Bowie.
    He started playing bass at the age of 12 and at 15 was in his first band The Animated with friends from his Boy Scout group, Mark Stewart (guitar), Paul Wimms (vocals/guitar) and Kevin Morgan (drums). Chuck Mosley lived in the same neighbourhood and would often play keyboards with them. Through the band Bill discovered early punk influences and new wave music with bands like XTC, Sex Pistols, The Fall, Pop Group and Joy Division.
    When Bill was 18 he tried to launch a recording career by travelling to the UK, he soon returned home began to study Political Science at college in Berkeley then moved to San Francisco to study film. In SF he met Mike Bordin by answering an ad to join the band Sharp Young Men. He soon become immersed in the SF culture and left college to concentrate on making music. He discovered thrash and metal and through Bordin he was introduced to the late Cliff Burton of Metallica.
    Sharp Young Men soon became Faith. No Man, with Mike Morris (guitar/vocals) and Wade Worthington (keyboards). After Worthington left Bill drafted in Roddy to take over keyboards. Morris was often hard on Bill which caused a rift within the band. Gould, Bottum and Bordin opted the continue without Morris and in 1983 changed their name to Faith No More.
    The three enlisted Mark Bowen on guitar who lasted for a year, whilst they experimented with singers including Roddy's one time girlfriend Courtney Love until settling on permanent fixture Chuck. The final addition to the early lineup was Bowen's replacement Jim Martin who was suggested by Cliff Burton.

    "Roddy, Puffy, and myself like to jam together. We're the guys who started the band, so we like to get in the same room and play. A lot of my playing comes off the drummer. So when we get together, we can really work things out together and fine-tune stuff. A lot of times we come away with a bed to work from." - Keyboard Magazine

    Bill soon became the driving force behind FNM and it was through his business understanding that the band landed their first manager Ruth Schwartz with Mordam Records, releasing their debut album We Care A Lot in 1985.

    "I took on the role, myself, of being a whip-cracker. I grew up in a nice middle class family and got good grades in school. Dropped out to be a musician, I never graduated. I was completely unemployable. I worked at Domino's Pizza and I had ****ty minimum wage jobs. This band was kind of like where I put all my focus, this is what I want to do with my life." - Rolling Stone

    "I approach the bass as a songwriter. When I write, I’m taking all the rest of the instruments into account, much like a composer would. Every musician has a different way of writing, and every approach is good if it works and the music is good. As a bass player, I’m always finding a way to put myself inside the song to make it better and give it some personality, without dominating it." - Bass Player

    By the time they were touring second album Introduce Yourself, released on major label Slash, Bill had become frustrated with Chuck's drunken performances which led to the two exchanging blows and eventually his departure from FNM.




    Born November 27, 1962 Michael Andrew "Puffy" Bordin

    Mike Bordin

    "I studied African percussion in school with a Ghanaian teacher who couldn't play a drum kit to save his life, but he could play 30 different instruments with his hands, feet and elbows and sing different rhythms at the same time. I would come back from these drum classes saying, 'These African dudes are amazing, they told me that all drum rhythms are centred down because they go towards the earth!' The rest of the band got into this and we started speaking the same language. It all fit together somehow." Drummer Magazine | October 2012

    "I was into music a long time before I started playing the drums," says Mike, tying his dreads-to-die-for back. "It was always really important to me, whether it was Creedence Clearwater when I was nine or ten or Black Sabbath after that."
    "Mike's introduction to drumming came through his teenage friendship with Cliff Burton, who went on to become Metallica's bass player and tragically died in 1986. "We were sitting in his house one day having a smoke," he remembers. "He was really into Kiss and he said he wanted to play bass. So I said, 'Well, I'm gonna play drums* He died and stuff and we miss him; we'd gone to a thousand concerts together. I don t know, I wasn't even particularly thrilled or moved by drumming as a 14 year old heavy metal kid. I liked Tony lommi and Ritchie Blackmore and early Michael Schenker... I liked heavy metal, and heavy metal s accepted as being a guitar-driven type of music." Rhythm Magazine | April 1995

    Cliff and Mike's first band, Fry By Night, also featured Eddie Chacon who would later find fame as one half of the pop duo Charles and Eddie.
    Their next band was EZ Street whose leader and guitarist was Jim Martin and which took it's name from a strip-club in San Mateo .
    Mike part didn't last long as he was sent to boarding school in Menlo Park for 'behavioural problems', it was here he became serious about studying and playing the drums.
    His first drum teacher encouraged him to listen to jazz such as The Tony Williams Lifetime rather than metal. Mike went to university in college in Berkeley and threw himself into it whole-heartedly, learning the basics from renowned drum guru Chuck Brown, who also taught Michael Shrieve and Terry Bozzio. Brown was a great influence on Mike's unorthodox style and taught to drum with a right-handed kit.
    He studied African percussion in school with a Ghanaian teacher C.K. Ladzepko who couldn't play a drum kit but he could play 30 different instruments with his hands, feet and elbows and sing different rhythms. This tuition and bands such as Echo and The Bunnymen and Killing Joke helped Mike break away from traditional techniques.
    In 1981 Mike answered the same ad as Bill Gould and both became members of Sharp Young Men, with Mike Morris (guitar/vox) and Wade Worthington (keyboards).




    Born Roswell Christopher "Roddy" Bottum III July 1, 1963 in San Francisco, California.

    Roddy Bottum

    Roddy grew up the prosperous Hancock Park district of Los Angeles and attended Loyola High a Catholic school with neighbour Bill Gould. He studied Classical piano from a very early age, his mother would make him practise for two hours every morning. The moneyed Hollywood surroundings meant Roddy would mix with celebrities form an early age, he even baby sat for Rosanna Arquette's family. When he was 18 he relocated (with Bill) to attend San Francisco State university as a film student.

    In 1983 he joined Bill and Mike Bordin in the band Faith. No Man replacing Wade Worthington on keyboards.

    "Faith no More is all about the contrasts. It was always my role to sort of bring in sweet strings and a piano melody. Making, you know, the pretty parts. Not to stereotype or put in a box what the gay man does, but I love arranging flowers and I love pretty things." Butt

    "That's all we know how to do. I think it's like extremes. Extreme highs and extreme lows. Intensity and release. When we think about our music we think about it more in terms of that, as opposed to the confusing process but I think as a result it does confuse people." Clash

    "I could put dramatic accents on the rhythms. There's a rhythm section, and then to put textures and something pretty over it — that is really a powerful place to be as a musician." Westword

    "I liked Kraftwerk a whole lot, they were one of the first real influences. And when I first heard The Young Gods, they were just amazing. Also, early on,I was able to relate to Elton John when I got into rock stuff because he used a lot of piano in his music." Advocate

    "I’m a team player, I always have been. I’m a keyboard player and I play well with others. It’s a talent, a gift I’m proud of but it’s also a survival instinct that I had to develop." Line of Best Fit

    "Back when we were making records, it was whoever screamed the loudest got his way. We are now at this mutual respect place with each other. We now sit back and let each other have a place. Everyone brings in ideas, and we collaborate on the ideas. We also are better at making decisions together: what we do, where we play, our stage show. The decisions are made together and pretty clear-cut." Washington Times

    Roddy co-wrote the lyrics to the song We Care A Lot for their debut album of the same name in 1985, due to his rap influences including Run DMC he helped to bring hip-hop into FNM's early sound.
    During Chuck Mosley's time in FNM the two became close and after Chuck was ousted they continued their relationship despite tensions with Chuck and the other members.




    "I'd like a recording of the sounds of nature played at my funeral, so as even if it's not such nice weather outside, everybody can figure that they're outside having a good time, which is better than a dreary funeral parlour." - Kerrang!

    James Blanco Martin born July 21, 1961, in Hayward, California.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY | Jim Martin

    Jim grew up in Hayward with three brothers and his early influences were Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd.
    At the age of 15, Jim formed the band EZ Street which took it's name from a strip-club in San Mateo. The band featured Mike Bordin on Drums and the late Cliff Burton on bass.
    EZ Street didn't last very long due to a mutual dislike between Bordin and Jim.

    "...we had a small building we'd built in my friend's the backyard called The Shack. None of us drove, of course, we were far too young, so we'd go there to drink liquor, smoke weed and **** chicks. We had this tape deck in there, and we'd play this Black Sabbath tape. I loved it so much it was the first record I ever bought." HM

    "I bought the black V in 1979. The neck is my personal favourite and that's the main reason why I play one. The original guts weren't so hot and I spent a long time getting them right. The V seems to naturally have a fatter sound than any other Gibson or Fender and while I could put the same pick-ups in any guitar I doubt that I still get the same tone." Sonics

    Jim joined Faith No More as a replacement for Mark Bowen in 1983, playing with the band through the recording of their first two albums We Care a Lot (1985) and Introduce Yourself (1987)
    While on tour Jim got into a fistfight with singer Chuck Mosley's friend and band roadie Joe Ghandi.It was around this time that music journalist and longtime friend of Jim, Steffan Chirazi, christened him with the nickname 'big sick and and ugly'.

    "I bought a pistol yesterday and I shot up my hotel room. I started off going for the little peep holes they put on the door. That's my favourite. Shoot that thing. And I got the extra bars of soap and set them up on a garbage can by the door. It's not real obvious what I've been doing in there but, if they found the soap they'd guess. So I couldn't figure out what to do with it. I couldn't get out on the balcony cos it's a pissy little window. So I stuffed it up on the smoke detector. It'll take them a few days to find it and, by then, it'll be too late." Melody Maker

    After the departure of Chuck it was Jim who suggested the appointment of Mike Patton. Bordin had passed him a copy of Mr. Bungle's first demo Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny. On the strength of the recording Jim called up Patton for an audition.
    During the recording sessions for their third album The Real Thing Jim sought help getting his desired guitar sound from James Hetfield and producer Rick Rubin. He was also hanging out Metallica who were recording their album ...And Justice for All.




    Charles Henry Mosley III (December 26, 1959) Hollywood, California

    Mosley first met Billy Gould in 1977, at a The Zeros, Johnny Navotnee and Bags show. He then went on to play keyboards in Gould's first band The Animated in 1979. In 1984 he joined Haircuts That Kill, a post-punk band from the San Francisco area. He left the band to join Faith No More in 1985.

    Introduce yourself (right on!)

    Now two decades gone by and I know that's a long time, para
    tiempo means
    nada nunca.
    Cause I'm still the same *******
    and I still wet
    my pants
    every time that I see your face
    (who are you?)

    Introduce yourself (right on!)

    Hey Mr. Biggs,
    Hey Mr. Bestall,
    Hey Mr. Warner what's up?
    Hey Mr. Enigma,
    Hey Mr. Bigtime,
    Hey Mr. Epic,
    What's going on?

    Faith No More - Introduce Yourself
    ‎Introduce Yourself by Faith No More
    Faith No More - Introduce Yourself - Listen on Deezer
    Introduce Yourself
  12. juss100

    juss100 Forum Resident

    I'm catching up and just managed to give the album a listen through in one go. It's the first time I've heard it, and tbh I didn't even know of its existence before now, so it's hard to give an opinion without giving time to let the whole thing sink in and that usually takes a number of listens over a number of weeks for me. But ya gotta start somewhere! It's so much more punky than I'd have anticipated but yet it doesn't feel like a punk record as such, which is good because I'm not a punk fan. It flits around from a carefree garage band approach to something quite art-rock, although at this point the band never seem to flirt with something you'd call heavy metal. I don't really like Mosley's vocals, I do love it when the band stretch out around him. I particularly enjoyed Pills for Breakfast which seemed to allow their future style to breathe.

    You can see where the band are going with this record. I can see me loving it a lot more if I get the chance to hear it some more ... but I'm behind and must press on with Introduce Yourself!
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  13. ChristopherTeuma

    ChristopherTeuma Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Continues to describe this band ;)
  14. ChristopherTeuma

    ChristopherTeuma Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Chinese Arithmetic
    Introduce Yourself 1987

    "The title Chinese arithmetic was born when my friend, george used the phrase to describe how hard a certain body part was, and I thought, 'how wonderful a description.' I decided then and there that that would be the title of the very next song that needed one. It just so happened that it fits the lyrics and subject matter of that particular song to a tee. imagine that." Chuck Mosley 2013 faithnomorefollowers

    Candle light, it burns in every hole of your eyes
    It's beautiful, how much you'll never realize
    So hush my love, there's something I'm to tell you now
    Your time has come, around again my sleepless one

    Your friend was young, hung and plastered
    He never knew his own disaster
    I think it's good, in fact it was faster
    Cause it was you that he was after

    Hold me now, as if you'll never let me go
    Unhand me now, as if you've always known my name

    His love was king, his love was master
    He needed more, he needed always
    He searched in vain for love and shelter
    In every soul, in every hallway

    So you thought she'd be sweeter than your girlfriend Peter
    Well give it a second chance cause you've yet to meet her
    We got the same ideas, we got the same old fears
    They're different colors sometimes, but, hey, (hey!) who cares?
    Just years that tears our lives apart
    Just like the time that you tried to teach your cousin to walk
    He couldn't do it-push!-you told him twice
    Well, I do man but it just don't jive

    Tried so hard to control my behavior
    I tried so hard, so hard to believe you
    But now I live only to deceive you...

    So, KICK!!!
    and SCREAM!!!
    and KICK!!!

    Faith No More - Chinese Arithmetic
    Faith No More - Chinese Arithmetic - Listen on Deezer
    ‎Chinese Arithmetic by Faith No More
    Chinese Arithmetic
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  15. ChristopherTeuma

    ChristopherTeuma Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Love Billy's careful strums on this one, love Jim's careful dynamics (likely helped by Matt Wallace on a fader). Everyones following Roddy's approach to voicing around one chord (and around the centered rhythm, per usual by now). Oh and Roddy's (I presume) tinkering-around-the-note sound at the start, very "electrical charge", fitting the ongoing juxtaposition concepts.

    Very difficult to separate myself from the fact that I heard "Underwater Love" first, but from that perspective clearly Patton was working from Chuck's approach to the material, particular in the nursery rhyme rap.

    But that's definitely the outro to "Underwater Love", right?

    Edit: It's similar...
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  16. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    Chinese Arithmetic is probably my favorite track in the record. It really cooks, and Chuck delivers a dramatic performance.
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  17. akmonday

    akmonday Forum Resident

    berkeley, ca
    that was always the story from what I remember. I'm bummed I missed the reunion show they did with him last year (or maybe it was the year before that) as he passed away earlier this year.
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  18. ChrisTeuma

    ChrisTeuma Well-Known Member

    Jim's arpeggios grit and snicker along the

    Death March
    Introduce Yourself 1987

    "A friend of mine, doing a lot of drugs, just went out in the ocean and drowned. I used to be on the beach all the time and I got the feeling that he was so f***ed up when he drowned that he doesn't even realise he's dead. He's out there, still swimming around. 'Death March' is someone talking to their dead lover, the soul lingering on." Chuck | Sounds 1988

    "Recently I was listening to Introduce Yourself, which I hadn’t listen to in a long time, and there’s a song called “Death March,” and he starts singing “Ring Around the Rosie,” from back in the Bubonic Plague days. I was like, “Hey Chuck, why don’t you sing that there?
    Faith No More Producer Matt Wallace Tells the Stories Behind the Albums
    By Chris Steffen

    "The “spoken lyrics” came from the streets of L.A. Let’s just say me and the Southern California Public Transportation System had a hate/hate relationship for quite a few years.
    I remember the name Scott C., no offense to him, but I can’t place his name or face or his station in life in relation to mine. Like I said, the 80’s are a blissful, raucous filled, non-stop, hedonistic blur, ha ha…with major heartbreak thrown in for good measure!
    " Chuck | Introduce Yourself 30th Anniversary | faithnomorefollowers

    Washington Boulevard
    Thirty Three
    Can i get a transfer maaaannn?
    95 cents!
    F*** you I'll skate to the beach!
    And I'll look better gettin' there!

    There's nothing I'd like more than to let you in
    But now you're on the other side and there's no way
    To feel your breath of life upon my face
    Cause with the state you're in there wouldn't be a trace

    Now I wake up every night
    With this emptiness inside
    Hasn't been the same
    Since you quit the human race
    Left without a trace

    Quit the human race, did you?
    Camina con la muerte?

    Roses roses, pocket full of posies
    Ashes ashes, we all fall down

    Now I wake up every night
    With this emptiness inside me
    Hasn't been the same
    Since you quit the human race
    Left without a trace

    Death March, baby!

    Faith No More - Death March - Listen on Deezer
    ‎Introduce Yourself by Faith No More
    Death March
  19. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    Even without the words it still sounds like a "Death March".
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  20. ChrisTeuma

    ChrisTeuma Well-Known Member

    The Bob Biggs & Jay Brown directed video

    Write up of the single from amazing modern day Faith No More resource that I've been pilfering - Faith No More Followers.
  21. ChrisTeuma

    ChrisTeuma Well-Known Member

    "Smack", "Crack", and "Whack" are integral additions.
    And I had my own personal experience, through stickers placed about in the early 90s, of differentiating between the Garbage Pail and the Cabbage Patch kids, that the two recordings of this song echo.

    Still wondering what the dirty job is. Reading the news? General awareness?

    Oh, and NASA shuttles falling in the seas isn't a disaster, re-entry on sea is the way to do it.
    I know this, because a care.
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  22. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    Kid across the street stole my garbage pail kids. I should look him up on Facebook and go kick his ass.

    Challenger disaster is something I'll never forget.

    The message of the song is hat bad things always happen in this world, whether its 1987 or 2019. Can't let it bring you down.
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  23. ChrisTeuma

    ChrisTeuma Well-Known Member

    Necks tensed by expectation,
    We're growin' up...

    R N' R
    Introduce Yourself 1987



    It took
    just to

    he says he knows
    for sure,
    but that he
    can't decide
    Between his decency
    and this matter of pride

    So he's growing up
    on time,
    he's growing up
    in the middle...

    So he's growing up
    on time,
    she's growing up
    in the middle...

    Said they're growing up
    on time,
    I'm growing
    in the middle...

    Said they're growing up
    on time,
    I'm growing up
    in the middle...

    And it burns,
    and it burns,
    The Sun burns
    And it burns,

    Oh, now I can really feel it.
    How could you ever stand it?

    We've got the same ideas,
    we got the same old fears;
    They're different colors sometimes,
    but hey,
    HEY! Who cares?
    It's just years
    that shears
    that shears our lives apart,
    yeah like the time you tried to teach your nephew to fart,
    he couldn't do it!

    So he's growing up
    in the middle!

    Said he's growing up
    on time,
    They're growing up
    in the middle...

    but I'm growing up
    on time
    I'm growing
    in middle...

    said I'm growing up
    on time
    Hey, guess what?

    Oh, now I really can feel it.
    How could you ever stand it?
    I'm not the kind of person who would say it,
    if it wasn't the truth

    And then you go and tell a friend that her heart's on fire
    And it has no meaning.
    Well, now and only now I know the difference when you tell me
    that there aint no

    So I'm growing up
    on time,
    I'm growing up
    in the middle...

    Said I'm growing up
    on time,
    I'm growing up
    in the middle

    Yeah, I'm growing up
    on time
    I'm growing

    is time
    between the love
    you give
    And the love that
    you take.
    "It's not a matter of opinion,
    when it comes down to it,
    It's just a difference of opinion,
    that much I can take."

    So I'm growing up
    on time,
    I'm growing up
    in the middle...
    Said she's growing up
    on time,
    They're growing up
    in the middle...
    Said they're growing up
    on time,
    Just growing up
    in the middle...
    I'm growing up
    on time
    I'm growing up
    (in between)

    And it burns
    And it burns
    And it burns
    And it burns
    The Sun burns
    And it burns
    And it burns
    And it burns

    Faith No More - R N' R
    ‎R N' R by Faith No More
    Introduce Yourself
    Faith No More: Introduce Yourself - Music Streaming - Listen on Deezer
    Introduce Yourself ((US release)) - Faith No More
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  24. ChrisTeuma

    ChrisTeuma Well-Known Member

    Reckon this would've had some play on radio?
    It's as well purposed and constructed as anything on the album. This is one of the songs of Introduce Yourself that I think exceeds and expands beyond We Care A Lot, fitting that it follows the new version of the song.

    The social expectations on kids theme will pop up again on a few songs, Everything's Ruined coming to mind.

    This might be the first real rock trio song, with Roddy's atmospheres well underpinning Chuck's vocal, which I imaged was written the other way round.
    I wasn't able to pull up any good interview info on the recording or writing (to confirm or deny my suspicions) of this one because, as you might notice, I'm not at full capacity currently (and unexpectedly).
    To self-made commitments!

    Since I've aimed at this being a "Listening Thread" for anyone at anytime, though I suppose I should be invoking a touch more conversation, I haven't been imposing ratings (though I don't discourage, please do!) - buuut - R N' R has to be in Faith No More's top tier. Top 20? Alright.. idea as I type - once this albums over I'm gonna be posting some video interviews and a couple audio concerts - in that time I'm gonna ask for your Top 10 so far - on my other account...
  25. asdf35

    asdf35 Forum Resident

    Austin TX
    I figured the "dirty job" was the "hard work" artists put in when they champion any sort of cause. Rock Against Drugs! Live Aid! Farm Aid! Etc...

    I always thought the song was sort of making fun (in the FNM way) of that 80's activism done by self-indulgent rockstars.

    I remember hearing WCAL on early alt/college radio around the time Nirvana was booming. It was always presented as a "classic" alt radio song, and I don't believe those stations had played "Epic."
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