The Clash: London Calling exhibition at the Museum of London

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sound of the Suburbs, Aug 25, 2019.

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    A heads up for fellow Clash fans on the forum.

    This has just been announced to mark the 40th anniversary of the London Calling album. It opens on the 15th November and runs until next Spring. Exhibits include Joe Strummer's notebook and the bass guitar that Paul Simonon smashed up on the cover shot for the album. It's free entry so if you are in or around London at that time, it's a no brainer really. I'm sure that I will be going a couple of times so I may see ya there!

    London Calling: 40 years of The Clash | Museum of London
  2. Great!
    As long as it's free to get in , could you get me a return flight ticket from Canada?
    And , if I 'm not putting you out too much , could I crash at your place for a week or so?
    Cheers , and thanks in advance, mate !Looking forward to it.
  3. HiFi Guy 008

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    New England
    Cool. Wonder what Joe would have thought of this.
    Have times have changed...
  4. TeddyB

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    I think he would have dug it. He was absolutely thrilled to have been elected to the R&RHOF, and phoned up just about everyone he knew to tell them. It was Paul who was skeptical about it. When asked if he would have wanted The Clash to have been like the Rolling Stones, he said “of course, the Stones.” He knew the score -- “he who #$@& nuns will later join the church”. It’s not like being recognized, or “put in a museum”, makes you a Tory.
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  5. This sounds cool:

    To coincide with the opening of the display on 15 November, Sony Music will release the London Calling Scrapbook - a 120-page hardback companion which comes with the album and contains hand-written lyrics, notes, photos and previously unseen material from the period when the record was made.
  6. Flaming Torch

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    Thanks for posting. I have just seen a London Calling cd with scrapbook will be released on 15th November 2019.
  7. Son of Ziggy

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    Not much in this life anymore that’s free, good for them. Giving the greedy Stones a moral lesson.
  8. Flaming Torch

    Flaming Torch Forum Resident

    The Jam exhibition in London a couple of years back was also free. I loved both bands back in their day and still do. I shall definitely go a few times to the London Calling exhibition. I am fortunate to live near London.
  9. Telegramsam

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    Thanks for sharing this! I will be in London 2 weeks after it opens.
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  11. Dhreview16

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    London UK
    Yes, nice that the Clash exhibition is being put on to celebrate the 40th anniversary of an iconic album and that it is free, and yes the Stones do milk the money, but their London exhibition off the Kings Road a couple of years back was very extensive, very well done, and (I thought) extremely good value for money. I’m a fan of both bands, so I’ve got no particular horse in this race.
  12. johnnyb1964

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    Eugene, Oregon
    Great news! Just wish I could see it. I’m so bored in the USA!!!
  13. Flaming Torch

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    Maybe it (the exhibition) will go on tour. I am sure Eugene and Oregon generally is a wonderful place to live. Dylan did a great show there in 1992 where he did a version of Drifters Escape. I have not checked but I assume on one of the tours the Clash must have played somewhere in Oregon.
  14. johnnyb1964

    johnnyb1964 Treats please!

    Eugene, Oregon
    I was living in Boston when the Clash were around. I had front row (actually they took out the first 15 rows of seats) at the Orpheum theater in 80 and 82.
  15. TeddyB

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    I'm thinking that if Mick Jones didn't have a policy of staying off of social media, he might want to join us here. He told me today he's rejected three test pressings of London Calling for the 40th vinyl reissue, and would like to get Tim Young out of retirement to master it, or at least get a pressing that sounds like the original album. Apparently Sony has moved pressing plants (possibly due to Brexit) and they say that the old stampers "don't travel well".
  16. danielbravo

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    Caracas. DC
    As a fan I have always had a fascination for the whole legacy and history of the band. This time I think that the whole idea about the museum and all the excibition on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of London Calling seems fantastic.
    My perception changes with the new release of London Calling, I wonder: Why offer more of the same?
    The book is a wonderful idea but why again offer the same album repackaged with a book ?
    Is it really necessary to offer fans something they already have and have been offered remastered just a few years ago ? Why repeat the same scheme of other bands?

    A good book, extensive with all the history, the lyrics, photographs, memorabilia, information about the recording sessions, the social and historical context of those songs ... this is something interesting.
  17. longdist01

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    Chicago, IL USA
    hmm anyone ask our Steve Hoffman to look at preparing a disk?

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  18. tomd

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    Certainly deserves an SACD from Sony.
  19. ~dave~~wave~

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    Lincoln, NE
  20. Flaming Torch

    Flaming Torch Forum Resident

    Despite being a CBS/Columbia act and therefore owned by Sony I don't think we have any Clash on sacd. I have the albums as high resolution flac files 96kHz/24 bit I think.
  21. Just not so fortunate to have to use Thameslink to get there! ;)
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  22. Flaming Torch

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    Oh they are dreadful but hey the transport system is better than in the 1970s when I was always going to gigs. I have spent many hours and nights at stations waiting for trains! The Clash being appallingly tardy were often the cause! I guess it would be fitting if there are delays/cancellations/no power/ wrong leaves/wrong snow Jupiter not aligned with Saturn etc on the day I go to the exhibition!
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  23. johnnybrum

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  24. Two questions:

    Has anyone gone to the exhibition?

    Has anyone gotten the Scrapbook?
  25. Selteab

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    I ordered one last night: hasn’t arrived obviously.

    Here’s a decent review, gets into the sound of the cassette rather than the CD and questions the value for money of the package. Reissue CDs Weekly: The Clash - London Calling

    An SACD or Blu-Ray audio or other HD format release would be nice.

    Does anyone have any details about the CD reissue? Sorry if I missed this.
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