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  1. muddlehead

    muddlehead Forum Resident

    santa rosa ca
    Bubbling Under the Hot 100
    One of my all time all time all time favorite songs

    Richard and the Young Lions Open Up Your Door

    You know I love the Beatles
    So, I have great taste in music, like you
    If you don't know that song
    Listen to it now on YT and tell me what you think
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    TDSOTM Forum Resident

    I'd say the title track of Help would be a better choice. Or maybe Drive My Car or The Word. Not sure what Paperback Writer brought to the table in comparison.
  3. kaztor

    kaztor Music is the Best

    Although the line between the Rubber Soul and Revolver eras is blurry I can hear a significant difference between Help! and PW, especially when it comes to production values.
    This isn’t me knocking on Help!, btw.
  4. kaztor

    kaztor Music is the Best

    Yellow Submarine:
    It’s cool to look down upon this song, with Ringo singing it and stuff. I view it as another very forward-looking song for it’s period with it’s sound effects and exquisite production. The melody is also instantly memorable and Ringo was a great choice as the vocalist, although I can see Paul doing that just as well.

    Some trivia: As a Dutch guy I can clearly hear ‘Hou ze tegen! Hou ze tegen’ in the middle section, which means ‘Stop them! Stop them!’.
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  5. Bruce M.

    Bruce M. Forum Resident

    Agreed. Yellow Submarine isn't profound, but it's fun. I've always liked it.
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  6. notesfrom

    notesfrom Forum Resident

    NC USA
    Cool song - I'd not heard it before. There's quite a few garage-esque songs on that chart.

    ’96 Tears’ - ? & The Mysterians
    ‘Psychotic Reaction’ - Count Five
    ‘See See Rider’ - Eric Burdon & The Animals
    ‘7 And 7 Is’ - Love
    ‘Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White’ - Standells
    ‘Rumors’ - Syndicate Of Sound
    ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ - Thirteenth Floor Elevators
    ‘Come On Up’ - Young Rascals
    ‘Bad Little Woman’ - Shadows Of Knight
    ‘She Ain’t Lovin’ You’ - The Distant Cousins

    ‘Under My Thumb’ - Del Shannon - uses the Stones’ arrangement almost to a T; peaking at #128, but will hit #75 in Australia.

    It’s interesting to see The Fourmost at #121 with ‘Here, There, And Everyehwere’. It doesn’t rise much higher as a single, though, I don’t believe, though it is listed as a breakout single in the New York area in the October 15 Billboard issue (below).

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    [QUOTE="notesfrom, post: 23033277, me

    It’s interesting to see The Fourmost at #121 with ‘Here, There, And Everyehwere’. It doesn’t rise much higher as a single, though, I don’t believe, though it is listed as a breakout single in the New York area in the October 15 Billboard issue (below).

    As is the case with every Beatles album, Revolver is chock full of potential singles, HT&E not being the least of them but aside from the Fourmost version, only Claudine Longet managed to chart with this tune in the 60s (#126, 1967). To date, only one artist has actually charted in the Hot 100 - Emmylou Harris (#65), 10 years after the original was released.

    "Here, There and Everywhere" Emmylou Harris
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  8. Diego Lucas

    Diego Lucas Forum Resident

    This is the America poster of the single, it says both tracks

    The Beatles "Something/Come Together" Promotional Poster 1969 | eBay

    This thing of A or B side in America sometimes in history is curious, like in America, Yesterday was a B SIDE, but this one turns a hit.
  9. muddlehead

    muddlehead Forum Resident

    santa rosa ca
    Good on you to listen. Play it again tomorrow to reinforce.
    I didn't want to be so annoying by writing about these Billboard charts like I do too often on a Beatles thread. I could read and write about these top 100 charts all day.
    I think the genre has come to be known as psych/garage in the internet era.
    Huge fan. Above- Seeds Pushin' Too Hard. 96 Tears. Psychotic Reaction. You're Gonna Miss Me. Standells Dirty Water (not above). 7&7 is Love.
    Just like all the Beatles songs we hear and discuss here, these are insanely fantastic songs.
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  10. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly 1964-73 rock's best decade

    Yellow Submarine is a fun single.
    It was a good way for the Beatles to keep their young audience as fans. I should know as I was 8 when it came out.
  11. Hey Vinyl Man

    Hey Vinyl Man Another bloody Yank down under...

    You probably already know this, but Billboard changed their rules immediately after "Come Together"/"Something" came out. After the rule change, both sides of the single were listed in the same position on the charts. The fact that "Come Together"/"Something" got to #1 for one week in America is probably due only to that rule change, as both sides had peaked at #2 and #3 and were sliding down the top ten the week before.

    In any event, my understanding is that yes, they intended to push both sides from square one on that single. Certainly both sides fared equally well even before Billboard's policy change went into effect, as they were never more than a few spots apart on the chart in the last few weeks beforehand. Maybe that's even the reason why each side didn't quite make it to #1 on its own - allegiances between the sides were split too evenly?

    That is one awesome top five!

    I think so too. My best guess is the name bubbled up in his mind and he didn't recall from where at the time. It's perfectly plausible that he wouldn't recall seeing a particular gravestone of someone he never even knew, a decade beforehand. It was also an extremely common first name (for that generation) and a not-uncommon last name, not the sort of thing that would have Sir Paul thinking, "Gee, I couldn't have just pulled that out of thin air." It's plausible that he thought he had done just that.
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  12. muddlehead

    muddlehead Forum Resident

    santa rosa ca
    We had a recent holiday meal with relatives. Asked my 10 yr old niece if she had ever heard of the Beatles. (I raised 2 young sons on early Beatles. But, that's me.) She said yes. I said name a song then. She said Yellow Submarine. Couldn't name another.
  13. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Forum Resident

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    The YS film turned me on to The Beatles for life when it came out when I was 3, and the title song, Nowhere Man, and All Together Now were the 3 nost memorable songs to me. When I got the LP the next day Hey Bulldog became my fav, though itnwas not part of the film I saw (in the US).
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  14. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    Assume she's also a fan of "Octopuses Garden"! Them Beatles were clever lads.

    On that note does anyone here show the Beatles cartoon series to their kids/ grand kids?
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  15. pablo fanques

    pablo fanques Somebody's Bad Handwroter

    Poughkeepsie, NY
    Oh yeah she loves that too but also Hey Jude, She Loves You and plenty of others as well. I used to have the entire Beatle Cartoon collection on DVD-R but foolishly gave it to the child of a girl I dated years ago. Don’t know that he ever watched them again but he definitely dig them when he was 5 or so. I’d love to get my hands on them again
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  16. Bailes

    Bailes Billy Shears Thread Starter

    Strawberry Fields Forever

    A-side: Penny Lane (Double A-side)
    Single Released: 13 February 1967

    Strawberry Field was the name of a Salvation Army children's home close to John Lennon's childhood home in Woolton, a suburb of Liverpool.[8][9] Lennon and his friends Pete Shotton, Nigel Walley and Ivan Vaughan used to play in the wooded garden behind the home.[10][11] One of Lennon's childhood treats was the garden party held each summer in Calderstones Park, near the home, where a Salvation Army brass band played.[12] Lennon's aunt Mimi Smith recalled: "There was something about the place that always fascinated John. He could see it from his window … He used to hear the Salvation Army band [playing at the garden party], and he would pull me along, saying, 'Hurry up, Mimi – we're going to be late.'"[10]

    Lennon began writing "Strawberry Fields Forever" in Almería, Spain, during the filming of Richard Lester's How I Won the War in September–October 1966.[13][14] The Beatles had just retired from touring after one of the most difficult periods of the band's career,[15] which included the "more popular than Jesus" controversy and being the target of mob violence in reaction to their unintentional snubbing of Philippines First Lady Imelda Marcos.[8][16] Working on Lester's film without his bandmates left Lennon feeling vulnerable and, according to his wife Cynthia, he was distraught to learn in late October that English singer Alma Cogan, whom "he'd earmarked to replace Aunt Mimi in his affections", had died in London at the age of 34.[17] In the first versions that Lennon committed to tape, in September, there was no reference to Strawberry Field. Author Steve Turner says that at this stage, Lennon most likely drew inspiration from Nikos Kazantzakis's autobiographical novel Report to Greco, which he was reading in Almería and "tells of a writer searching for spiritual meaning".[18]

    References: Wikipedia
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  17. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    One of The Beatles greatest songs / recordings and my personal favourite.

    If someone asked what is psychedelic music this is the song you'd play for them
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  18. zipp

    zipp Forum Resident

    Great poster.

    And it shows clearly that Something was the A-side!

    Something is written first and in bold lettering.

    Both sides of a single were often mentioned in adverts. They would sometimes put c/w (coupled with) or b/w (backed with).

    As for Yesterday, record companies were very worrried putting this out as a Beatles single, thinking it was out of character and might not work. In the UK they didn't do it. In the US it was the B-side to Act Naturally. In France You've Got To Hide Your Love Away was the main song but Odeon just changed the cover when they realised that Yesterday was the hit.
  19. zipp

    zipp Forum Resident

    I think you're giving a slight wrong impression here. Something was released in the US on October 6th. They changed the rules on November 29th. So it took Billboard a long time to accept that this single deserved to be number one.

    You will be interested to know that The Long And Winding Road and For You Blue are both listed as number one in the States.This was ignored for the compilation ONE (making a mockery of the supposed historical truth behind that record). You can check this fact directly on the Billboard site It's there for all to see !

    The Beatles The Long And Winding Road/For You Blue Chart History
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  20. Speaking of which , when can we expect a box set of these with Ringo commentary on every episode?
  21. nikh33

    nikh33 Forum Resident

    Liverpool, England
    Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane.

    What a single. What can you say about it?
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  22. Diego Lucas

    Diego Lucas Forum Resident

  23. Brodnation

    Brodnation The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    Strawberry Fields / Penny Lane

    what a single! It is in my mind the perfect single for that year: and even that year. If I had to break the Bealtes into 4 eras it would be this single would represent the “tea” era
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  24. muddlehead

    muddlehead Forum Resident

    santa rosa ca
    SF / PL single. Wow.

    Whenever I hear either amazing song, I think of the album SPLHCB

    And, unfortunately, I can't listen to the album without missing those two songs that should have been included

    An album many consider to be the finest of all time

    No argument from me

    How great is that album?

    2 of the best songs that should have been on the album weren't on the album which would have made the album even greater.
  25. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    I see where you are coming from with Help, but then I'm A Loser has similar insecure personal lyrics. The Beatles career was a continuous progression. I don't see the need to divide it into two. I don't think people would so much if the red and blue albums didn't exist or if they had continued playing live and played Revolver onwards material.
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