Speaker upgrape

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Ingenieur, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. raindog69

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    Chicago, IL
    If you’re still thinking about it, I would consider the Lintons. Yes they’re bigger, but they seem to get great reviews all around and a solid bang for your buck.
  2. Mike70

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    The Lintons are the opposite ... surely who likes the Linton will not like the LS50 / R3.
    Kef LS50 / R3 are resolutive / transparent ... Lintons are more "veiled", with less detail.
    The bass in the Lintons are their stronger point, very good, but don't even compete with R3 bass or LS50 midbass ... much more articulate.
  3. raindog69

    raindog69 Well-Known Member

    Chicago, IL
    I like them both! They're different speakers, undeniably. One must understand them for what they are. But they're both enjoyable, for sure.

    I hope OP gets a chance to listen to them all before purchasing.
  4. Mike70

    Mike70 Forum Resident

    :p ... well, you can like both, yes ... but at the end, at least you have 2 systems, you need to choose. Personally i choose the resolution always, but, everyone likes different things.
  5. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Size, and it looks like it should do a good job on the music I typically listen to.
    Plus, good reviews and a good price.

    All you guys are not helping!
    Too much good feedback and suggestions.
    Confusing the heck out of me!
  6. Uncle Ernie

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  7. Mike70

    Mike70 Forum Resident

    It's simple ... you asked if the LS50 are an upgrade ... yes, totally, with restricted bass. You can add a sub or go to the R3, that have the same level of resolution with bass.

    If you want to talk about other speakers, well, then Pandora's Box is opened :)
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  8. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I know, 'upgrape'
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  9. Bananajack

    Bananajack Well-Known Member

    Hmmm ...
    Honestly, reset the thinking to zero.

    Replacing one relatively cheap speaker with another one?
    What big effect shall come out of that except empty pockets.

    Get something bigger, better and preowned.
    What speakers do you dream of?
    Sonus Fabers? Tannoy? Big KEF? JBLs?
    Make space for them - and forget the subwoofer, never integrates well.
    Must have been a disaster with the LS 3/5a.

    A pair of old Tannoy Little Red Monitors (they ain’t that little, haha) would do the job ...
  10. BrentB

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    Midwestern US
    It could be an "upgripe" from a non-proponent spouse or significant other.
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  11. Combination

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  12. TheVinylAddict

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    Or a nice Pinot, maybe even a Bordeaux or Burgundy.........
  13. Noel Patterson

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    That drives me crazy that it's so rare to find negative reviews.
  14. Mike70

    Mike70 Forum Resident

    Don't forget the price. Lintons are 1k usd speakers ... b&w 700s, kef ls50 / R3, Dynaudio ... all the others speakers mentioned are more expensive.

    The Lintons goes with b&w 600s, kef Q, etc. In that budget they're very good.
  15. Rick58

    Rick58 Forum Resident

    Dublin, CA, USA
    I do wonder, I bought my Silver 8s based largely on Kal's S'phile review, he is a multichannel guy AND he used McIntosh amps with them I think (a 3 channel power amp). So maybe an upgrade would be the Silver 300s or something (if you like the RS6s but want an upgrade). I liked the sound of these driven by my Marantz AVR but have yet to hear them driven by Parasound A 21.

    I am curious about the KEF sound too ... but as others have said, the LS50 may lack some bass oomph (you have a large room) and adding a sub isn't always easy or a good choice but of course sometimes it is and wonderful.

    Maybe the KEF R5 ($3000 list, seems available for $2000 factory refurb) ??? Seems like you'd spend that on LS50s, stands, and a good sub ... not sure if the hearth would allow proper 'Uni-Q' height vs. listening height tho ... or if the bases/spikes are 'tiltable' on these. Maybe there's an alternate to using the bases. ..
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  16. thxdave

    thxdave Senior Member

    Was just watching a review of a newer version of the LS50 selling for the original price. I'm in the market for a standmount speaker system so the KEFs and the Elacs are on my radar.

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  17. Benzion

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    This time of year, I prefer Sauvignon Blanc.
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  18. Helom

    Helom I'll take the monkey coffins

    If I were in the market for a small standmount in that price range, the LS50 Meta would already be en-route to my home.
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  19. Mike70

    Mike70 Forum Resident

    My upgrade from the MA silvers to the R3 was not tiny.

    The bass it's much more defined and goes lower ... a tower bass response. Mids are transparent, more clear voices, now I hear little chorus that I don't hear before.
    Highs ... the same ... more definition / transparency. Cymbals now are totally clear, they don't "disappear" quickly.

    I don't feel the overall tone, signature changes dramatically. Is like you press a button that says "more transparency and definition".

    I'm very happy with the R3, tremendous upgrade from the silver. And the finish in black piano are to die for.
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  20. allied333

    allied333 TUBE AMPLIFIER REBUILDER - inquire

    The Revel M22 for $250 is a fluke. I doubt you will find such a low price again.
  21. audiomixer

    audiomixer As Bald As The Beatles

    I’d go with the Thompson Seedless.
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  22. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thank you, very helpful. I looked the refurb R5 up, they only have 1! Lol
    I'm going to research the R5. The LS50 with shorter stands (due to the hearth), KEF 8" sub and xover are ~$1,500. I am not adverse to spending more but with my equipment and ears, want to be sure of some proportional ROI.

    Listening last night I like the MA's. I keep coming back to the LS50/sub combo because of value and (most) reviews.
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  23. Mike70

    Mike70 Forum Resident

    It's not the same a sub designed for HT to a sub designed for music ... a good sealed sub designed for music like a Rel 7i or a Svs sb2000 (the pb2000 are designed for HT) are very good.

    Not "cheap" but also not really expensive ones considering the actual price tag in audio ... and then when you sit down to hear ... then you realize why.
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  24. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Very good feedback got me thinking.
    Subwoofer: too hard to integrate, takes up space, too much $ for a good one. Plus the xover complicates things/set-up.
    This leads me to the KEF R3's, $2k, walnut.
    Plus some 16-19" stands (they recommend 24) plus 6-7" hearth.
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  25. Rick58

    Rick58 Forum Resident

    Dublin, CA, USA
    Note these were Silver RX2 monitors not towers, I can imagine the difference is not subtle.

    Yes, I noticed the "1 left" too :D strange ...

    Wow, this seems interesting! I would say, later, if you desire more bass, get a good sealed sub and just AUGMENT the low bass. I am assuming the mighty McIntosh will drive the R3s (or R5s) without difficulty. Trying to use an active crossover to take low bass out of the McIntosh/R3 chain isn't needed IMHO. Carefully set up, a good sealed or even ported sub can be blended in. I did have an active crossover and using it sounded a bit cleaner, but that was using 8Wpc 300B SET amps for the main speakers. Not to say it isn't advisable to do such things with your new setup but doesn't seem "as necessary" if that makes sense, plus it removes some 'stuff' from the signal chain.

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