Richard & Linda Thompson: Hard Luck Stories (1972-1982) [8CD Box Set; 11th September 2020]

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DeeThomaz, Jul 7, 2020.

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    I think it's great that this set is coming out and it looks as if it will be essential for RT fans. I say this even though I have all the original albums in one form or another (or more than one) and the RT box sets.

    I have noticed one or two posters here have said that they don't know this material even if they have RT releases. What I hope is not just that such listeners are able to hear some fantastic music from RT's prime doom and gloom period, but also that Linda gets much wider recognition for her talents. Her singing is stunning on this material.
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    Agreed. At the time, I listened to Richard & Linda, Gaye & Terry Woods & John and Beverley Martin. Linda's is the only female voice from these 3 duos that stands out now for me.
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    I’ve never understood Richard’s (reported) antipathy to First Light, which I’d rate as only slightly below Pour Down Like Silver in terms of quality. It also contains possibly his best ever song (Strange Affair).

    I CAN understand similar feelings about Sunnyvista, which is certainly the least of R&LT’s output, though there are plenty of artists who would kill to make an album as ‘bad’. Borrowed Time and Justice In The Streets are excellent songs (BT became a tour de force in concert) but the production is a bit on the light side (possibly deliberately so).

    From what I’ve heard of the Rafferty sessions, I don’t think they’re bad at all, but that may be a period both R&L are reluctant to return to.
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    I'm genuinely surprised by that, as Gay Woods has an amazing voice. I remember reading a quote from Sinéad O' Connor, in which she said she wished she could sing like Gay Woods.

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    Yes, I last saw her sing at the Robbie Brennan tribute show in 2016. Gay was in fine voice.
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    THIS is the correct way to graciously voice criticism of an artist you love. I also concede that Sunnyvista is probably the lowest in quality of all six of the core R&LT records, but that doesn't keep me from listening to it from start to finish and enjoying the heck out of it. A comparatively weak album full of Richard Thompson songs is still head and shoulders above most other artist's best efforts. And 'Why Do You Turn Your Back?" is my favorite song on Sunnyvista, even if it is a little similar to 'Died for Love' from the previous record.

    I just made that little concession on Sunnyvista, but I won't budge an inch on First Light. Those two get lumped together as weak spots in the discography, but I find First Light as strong as anything they did.
  7. Galaga King

    Galaga King "Drive where the cops ain't"

    Asking again... Are the complete lyrics included?
  8. bholz

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    Yeah, I know. I've had the Hannibal Sampler promo CD forever and know a lot of these songs, so they are not new to me. I really appreciate that this set has been so lovingly curated. Just need to wait for JPC to deliver.
  9. AndyB

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    Hi, sorry if i missed an earlier post. No the lyrics are not included i'm afraid
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    I get the impression most ambitious reissue projects are pretty much passion projects, which is unfortunate but it seems to be the inherent nature of the business. Andrew Sandoval was reminiscing about a few big ones he did on social media with his collaborators, and it was pretty clear that none of them were in it for the money. Months of working with "deferred" pay and virtually everyone at Rhino getting pink slips days after delivering the Odessa reissue (I'm not a Bee Gees fan but it seems to be a big release with the fans) really was thankless work. Anyway, for a fan on the outside, it's easy to think "hey, I could turn my hobby into a lucrative career!" but it's really not that easy, so your work is definitely appreciated.

    (I'm looking at some posts now - by the end, Warner's business management pushed back against any kind of multi-disc Bee Gees set because they believed more people would buy something that was just one single disc. That was Rhino a decade ago when WB was about to force out the last members of its long-running crew. Fortunately things seem to be much better there now.)
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  11. Happy that there are still people like you in the music world.
    Now if I could just arrange for you to get the tapes for about half of Neil Young’s “ready to go” archival projects we might actually get them to release.
    This box is perfect for me.I came across RT at the release of Shoot Out The Lights.It departed when I sold my vinyl collection 20 years ago.The only Richard and Linda stuff I have is what’s on Watching The Dark,RT-Life and Music and RT At The BBC.This was designed for me.
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  12. Galaga King

    Galaga King "Drive where the cops ain't"

    That's disappointing. They were included in several of the original CDs.
  13. Philo

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    The lyrics and guitar tabs for most of these albums are available on the usual sites.
    Don’t ask me how I know.
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  14. Flaming Torch

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    Just my opinion and also that of a close friend of mine. First Light is a great album so I completely disagree with Richard there. Of the 7 albums starting with Henry and ending with SOTL then yes Sunnyvista is possibly the weakest although still better than many other albums by others in my collection.
    My favourite album of the 7 is probably Bright Lights very closely followed by First Light. I was at college when First Light came out and was a big punk/new wave fan going to loads of shows etc. First Light stood out as a special album. I am looking forward to the new remaster in the forthcoming set.
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  15. Siegmund

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    The only serious omissions from this set seem to be the two instrumental tracks (The Pitfall/The Excursion and Flee As A Bird) that RT recorded for the guitar/vocal comp. They are still (I think) the only two tracks unique to that compilation, even today, so I’m wondering why they were not included. Because RT specifically didn’t want them on? His call, if so, but strange as they’re both excellent.
  16. Squealy

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    If they’re instrumentals that Linda doesn’t appear on, that might have something to do with it. The set isn’t documenting everything he did during the period, it’s about the two of them.

    There are tracks from the albums that she doesn’t sing on, of course, but... they’re part of the albums, not bonus tracks.
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  17. tyke

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    A superb voice but also a muse? Probably I am over-interpreting, but I can't help listening to the third verse of We Sing Hallelujah without thinking it was lived-in experience :

    A man is like a three string fiddle hanging up on the wall
    He plays when somebody scrapes on the bow or he can't play at all.

    To me, Richard is a mixture of virtuoso, genius and hard work, and into the mix has gone a little luck--- the luck to have the sparks of first Sandy and Swarb and then Linda at the right time to inspire him to write those songs. I see this set as a celebration of a true partnership.

  18. shadlet

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    On one of the last Lockdown Concerts Richard did on Youtube with Zara Phillips harmonizing, Richard says that he's getting feedback from fans who are comparing Zara to... Linda McCartney. The guy's a crack-up.
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  19. moomoomoomoo

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    I like Richard solo; but not nearly as much as I liked him with Linda or Fairport.
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  20. shadlet

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    Completely unheard to US listeners as far as I know; on Spotify or Amazon.UK.
  21. Siegmund

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    Britain, Europe
    I had no problem finding it on British Amazon.
  22. Squiggsy68

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    I just had to google that - not being intimately aware of RT's private life I thought he was now performing by royal appointment :laugh:.
  23. Flaming Torch

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    I am slowly going through the track list as given on Superdeluxe Edition. I see that on the Bright Lights disc there is a demo of A Heart Needs A Home. I am assuming because I do not know (or if I did I've forgotten) that this demo was done around the time of the Bright Lights sessions - is that correct? Bright Lights was recorded May 73 I think but was delayed for release until 1974 because of changes in the Island management/vinyl shortage. According to some sources Muff Winwood did not like the album which always makes me ask what on earth would he have thought of Henry?
    Given the unreleased material on the Bright Lights disc in the box were the session tapes found during research for this project?
  24. DeeThomaz

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    I don’t know the dating on the demo either, but I’m guessing it is included on the Bright Lights disc to minimize redundancy with the other two versions of the song on the Hokey Pokey disc.
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  25. DeeThomaz

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    The cover of the new Uncut mentions a Richard & Linda Thompson story. I suspect the issue includes a review of the box too.

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