Richard & Linda Thompson: Hard Luck Stories (1972-1982) [8CD Box Set; 11th September 2020]

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DeeThomaz, Jul 7, 2020.

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    And how are you enjoying your first day on the internet?
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    And to complain to the very person who has clearly worked really hard on it AND taken time out to personally come on here and tell us about it and share details and pictures. Amazing.
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    An Oppo 205 is better sounding than my old 95. Really surprised you're not hearing major difference on quality mastering.
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    I’m in for HLS but what exactly is wrong with the 2004 remasters? They sound pretty good to me.

    RT apparently disliked the fact that bonus material was added to them.
  5. moomoomoomoo

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    Folks, I think appreciation is in order for a great set from a niche artist that I love.

    I won't even bitch about buyinf it twice if Andy is able to get us the hi-res set!
  6. Tom Campbell

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    They're not terrible, but (to me) they don't capture the depth and presence of the originals. They sound indifferently done. Based on my experience with the Bobbie Gentry set, I'm confident the new set will be a significant improvement.

    And it's true that RT objected to the bonus tracks! As I recall, in addition to his belief that the original albums should stand on their own, he thought the specific added tracks were somewhat random and didn't really complement the albums to which they were tacked on. I believe Andy when he says he got everything in there that RT and LT would allow (and, really, it's quite a bit!). ;)
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    Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing these.
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    Were these remastered in DSD by any chance? If so and high res downloads are made available, it would be wonderful to get them in that format without any PCM conversion in the chain. (Obviously SACD's would be wonderful, but it's not exactly a profitable format for most recording artists these days.)
  9. bholz

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    Really. I have none of these albums. I'm not a hardcore fan but have seen Richard many times. This is a great bargain and I would not have purchased a box of rarities.
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  10. Summer of Malcontent

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    Oh boy, are you in for a treat. This is one of the great bodies of work in popular music.
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    Should I cancel my Udiscover order and order from Amazon? Wonder which would arrive first.
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    I’ve been pondering the same thing. Presumably Amazon’s price will fall.
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    Over the last couple months I've been bouncing back and forth between Richard's solo material, my Fairport records and anthologies, and Sandy's recordings also. I've been avoiding the R&LT stuff, though, in anticipation of this set. I think I saw someone upthread saying something similar. You can block out RT's long career into different eras; this period from about 1972 to 1982 is just top-shelf to me. I'm so looking forward to rediscovering it as this set presents it. You are in for a treat if you haven't heard this stuff before. I almost envy you (except that would mean I'd be depriving myself of the last several decades of my musical enjoyment).
  14. Flaming Torch

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    One more for high resolution! Re R&L I of course don't know them from Adam. I certainly get the impression from statements by Richard over the years is that he does not especially rate the 4 Island and 2 Chrysalis albums. My own opinion is that I am delighted that the First Light album and related material is on the set (I really thought that period might live in the twilight zone for ever). Anyone know if any photos were taken during the sessions with what I shall call the George Harrison backing band or maybe photos of Richard at the Julie Covington album sessions?
  15. Flaming Torch

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    A comment from a gumby but a complete Linda vocal of End of the Rainbow is probably worth the cost of the box!
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  16. I thought Richard hated those two Chrysalis albums as it seems most critics agree they are definitely subpar when compared to the first 3 and SOTL.
  17. jkauff

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    I've been a Richard (and Linda) Thompson fan since Fairport's What We Did On Our Holidays (I drove 8 hours from Ohio to see the Full House band in NYC). I still have my original Island and Chrysalis LPs. Bought all the CD releases, including the R&L Island remasters, which are still on my shelves.

    Am I complaining about buying the R&L albums again? Absolutely not. Based on Andrew's previous work, I'm sure they'll sound better than ever.

    This is a fairly-priced, gorgeously packaged set. I pre-ordered my copy as soon as pre-orders were announced. As a fan since 1968, I'm absolutely thrilled that this new collection, curated by Linda and Richard no less, is coming in 2020. I never would have expected it.

    I don't understand the complainers. This is a wonderful gift to us fans, for less than a night on the town (used to) cost. Keep your wallets in your pockets if you wish, but don't dampen the enthusiasm of everyone else.
  18. Dennis Metz

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  19. AndyB

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    Actually i had to cut stuff from that disc because of a licensing issue :(
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  20. AndyB

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    thank you- its not like any of us are going to retire with a yacht to the med because of this. :laughup:Its very much a passion project.
  21. AndyB

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  22. AndyB

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    it was more that he disliked most of the bonus material used. I know RT a bit and Linda well, so when this was finally green lit, i ran everything by them for approval.
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    Oh, interesting. I sort of just assumed there wasn't much else, based on the fact that the 2004 reissue had three BBC tracks, a song from Guitar/Vocal, and one other unique live cut.

    I seriously cannot wait for this box to appear. 56 tracks from the albums, plus 57 bonus tracks, more than half of which are previously unreleased? After the 2004 reissues, I'd never really considered hoping for something as comprehensive and generous as this set.
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    I am thrilled to have this released
    a must buy
    ultimately as with all product, you buy it if you want to and if not, you don't
    there are many products put out, that I have no interest in, but if someone else does, each to his/her own
    Thanks Andy B
  25. Kiss73

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    At what age do you stop wishing your life away hoping releases would come out quicker?

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