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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Turk Thrust, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Two Sheds

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    'Love's What I Want' - it's pleasant enough, but kind of slight. The 'Randy Scouse Git' part is completely unnecessary. It does mimic the classic Monkees' sound somewhat. I can see why it was left off the official track listing of Good Times! though. 3/5
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  2. Guy Smiley

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    Sesame Street
    The reason I like the “Randy” callback is because those lyrics, I think, are mocking and calling out the very people who want to “take your dreams away,” who “think it’s all about the money,” etc., in the new song.

    That, and it fits the 60s vibe by referring back to that older song. Also very “meta.” I love that stuff.
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  3. Guy Smiley

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    Sesame Street
    Hey... I just learned that groovy organ on “Love’s What I Want” was played by Bobby Hart. Nice!
  4. JuanTCB

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    I'm fine with the production and arrangement and vocal on this one - my gripe is with the verses and by extension with Andy/XTC in general: there are just too many chords! That style of putting in minors, 7ths, diminished augmentations, or whatever in every possible empty space is what's kept me from really embracing Andy's music - it just gets too cluttered. That said, it's a breezy little tune and it fits in well with Good Times' modus operandi, even if it's not necessarily a stand-out track to me.

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  5. Chip TRG

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  6. RobRoyF

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    Yikes, indeed a very low moment for Jones - That unflattering photo was briefly a meme online in the late 00s - it ranks down there in nadirs along with "David Lee Jones" costume in the late 80s - the Ethel Merman costume - or mullet hair ... uh .. nevermind! ...... Just prefer to erase such gawd-awful chapters from my personal memory bank.
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  7. Guy Smiley

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    Sesame Street
    Another weekend, another listen to the Underground Garage, another cover of “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone.”

    This one (from 1979) reminds me a bit of The Clash or maybe The Jam. It’s good!

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  8. Keith V

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    If Davy’s grandfather saw this he definitely would have taken him back to England
  9. D-rock

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    Why? why? why?

    ... seeing this once was more than enough
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  10. D-rock

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    Columbus, Ohio
    Love's What I Want 3/5

    Almost gave it a 2 then thought about the upcoming Tork bonus track ...
  11. Chip TRG

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    And the guys would have let him without a fight.
  12. Shriner

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    LWIW -- the weakest of the bonus tracks, but still a 3/5. It's poppy and it works.
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  13. Laineycrusoe

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    Love's What I Want - 3/5
    I think this one sounds more like a throwaway track, but it's fun and catchy. It sounds like something that could have been used as a romp on the show.
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  14. FredV

    FredV Forum Resident

    The context of Davy’s joke was that this was what Pop Stars like Justin Bieber had to look forward to when they got to his age.
  15. Beatmusicfan

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    Milwaukee, WI
    Love's What I Want - It’s not a bad track, but it’s lacking something. Decent enough for a bonus track. I can’t say that I’ve played it much. A 3/5 from me.
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  16. pablo fanques

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    "Love's What I Want" is fine, 3/5. Did Micky improvise the 'Randy Scouse Git' reference? I can't imagine Andy writing that in. I remember someone who saw one of the shows right after GT was released commenting on this song playing before they came on stage and going bananas because it wasn't on the LP and he had no idea what it was. One of the many reasons I love this forum. I learn so much
  17. Drifter

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    "Love's What I Want" gets a high 2/5 from me. It's not bad but definitely not a track I would seek out to listen to.
  18. Turk Thrust

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    The ratings for Love's What I Want:

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  19. Turk Thrust

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    Today’s song is A Better World:

    I think this gives an insight into the kind of album that Good Times! might have been if they’d gone down a different route…

    Even more than yesterday’s song, this shows just what a good job that Adam Schlesinger did with the production of the album. Peter’s voice sounded great on those two songs, but he is all over the place here. Musically it is pretty thin, too.

    Peter understandably wasn’t happy that his production of his brother’s song was omitted, but it simply wasn’t good enough on any level.

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  20. ARL

    ARL Forum Resident

    "A Better World"

    Never heard this before - I love it! It has a real ramshackle charm to it - things like the ragged vocal double -tracking only add to that. Lovely melody which I think Peter sings quite well, and I like the main guitar riff. Overall, it has a bit of a Crosby feel for me, especially when the harmonies come in. 4/5.
  21. Grand_Ennui

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    I will say, I never thought his hair style in the '86/'87 reunions was all that bad... I didn't care for the colored streaks in it though...
  22. FredV

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    A Better World – Written by Peter Tork’s brother Nick and produced by Andrew Sandoval. Peter is on lead vocals playing guitar and percussion with Micky and Coco Dolenz providing background vocals. The song reflects Peter’s philosophy of world peace and helping others. Peter’s signature quirky arrangement gives the song a certain charm.

    This song could have been on the ‘Good Times’ album, but it didn’t really fit Adam Schlesinger’s vision of the album, and since Sandoval was the producer of the track, is probably one of the reasons it was regulated as a bonus track.

    Peter gives a sincere vocal performance. Peter really shined throughout the ‘Good Times’ project and it’s good to hear him giving it his all. Another golden moment for Peter on a Monkees project. 4/5.
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  23. Turk Thrust

    Turk Thrust Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Was it Andrew Sandoval who did all of the production?

    According to Peter at the time, he produced it himself.
  24. FredV

    FredV Forum Resident

    The credits on the ‘Good Times Plus!’ Record Store Day EP lists Peter Tork and Andrew Sandoval as the producers of the track.

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  25. intv7

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    Boston, MA, USA
    "A Better World" -- 2/5

    Sorry, Pete. This wasn't worthy of inclusion on Good Times proper. There isn't much I can say about this track that Turk didn't already say, as I feel very much the same about it. Andrew's productions aren't bad at all, they just don't capture the level of magic that Adam was able to, where he created tracks that have the essence of Monkees recordings from the '60s. Like Pool It! and Justus before them, things like "A Better World" just kinda sound like "catching up with the guys today".

    I feel Peter held Nick in a higher regard as a songwriter than he probably deserves, having recorded about 4-5 other songs of his through the years. It's nice that Micky and Coco provide backing vocals, but the song is not much of anything to get excited about.

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