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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Turk Thrust, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. FJFP

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    4/5. A very strong album, with a couple of not quite great moments keeping it from the top.
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  2. Deano6

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    Plymouth, NC, USA
    5/5. As a lifelong, been there from the beginning fan, that's saying a lot. Depending on the day or my mood this is probably my 3rd or 4th favorite Monkees album. And like Guy Smiley, one of my favorites if not my favorite of the decade. Love it. 'Nuff said.
  3. BobT

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    Good Times-the album:
    Ever since I got it, there has been something that I couldn't figure out that keeps it outside the top 5 for me. I think I finally figured it out. It's just that Micky's voice is not what it once was in tone-his range is mostly still there, but the tone kind of brings down the whole listening experience a bit for me. It is a very small, almost invisible reason to me , but subconciously, it registers. My heart wants to give this a 5/5-all the songs are really excellent to great, but my head is holding this back to a 4/5.
  4. MagneticNorthpaw

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    Chicago, IL USA
    Good Times! - a high 4 out of 5

    For me, this is the best Monkees album since Head and several songs can stand unashamedly side by side with classic material on future compilations. All three remaining members were clearly engaged, open and putting their best feet forward - which is all the more special three years on with Peter now having departed. Having a strong, knowledgeable backline like Adam Schlesinger, Andrew and John Hughes was paramount to its success - and avoiding the excesses of prior reunions.

    That they had quality bonus tracks just highlights the strength of these sessions as a body of work. The only one I am indifferent towards is Love Is What I Want, largely on the basis of the interpolation of Randy Scouse Git at the end where the "why don't you hate who I hate kill who I kill to be free" line squarely contradicts the sentiment of the song.

    You Bring The Summer, She Makes Me Laugh, Me & Magdalena, and Birth of An Accidental Hipster are now Monkees classics. All three members' originals are strong album cuts. And, to my mind, the completed backing tracks are successful, with Peter's vocal on Wasn't Born To Follow especially a highlight. If nothing else, Good Times (the track) is a nice touch to bring "Fast" Eddie and Nez's trademark 12-string twang into the mix.

    I was originally very disappointed in the inclusion of Love To Love but time has made me see it was a relevant choice for the non-die-hard Monkees fans who never owned the LTTB box or rarity compilations. It's certainly one of the strongest Davy outtakes from the classic era and, for an album that was making a point to highlight songwriters (new and old), Neil Diamond almost had to be represented.
  5. Keith V

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    Jersey City, NJ
    this is exactly how I feel concerning Micky. The voice is good, strong, on pitch, it’s just wrong.
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  6. D-rock

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    Columbus, Ohio
    I was pleasantly surprised by Good Times. I was a bit disappointed that Nez essentially phoned-in his part though.

    To be honest the only song I return to is Me & Magdelina. I've heard others who put the entire album in their top 5 but I can't place it within their original 9 albums.

    With that said, I'm glad we have it and I'm thrilled that it had all The Monkees involved, in some way or another.

    Would love to hear an acoustic album with Nez & Dolenz. Some of the hits, some solo music and maybe a few new songs. Nez on guitar and Micky on percussion.
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  7. Shriner

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    Ann Arbor, MI, USA
    Good Times -- high 4 out of 5. Probably #4 (or 5) in my list of fave Monkees albums. It was unexpected how good it was when I first played it.
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  8. Good2BAnywhere

    Good2BAnywhere Forum Resident

    Good songs, good arrangements, good guitar solos, good bass lines, good times!
  9. pobbard

    pobbard The CD is a pretty good format (ducks)

    Andover, MA
    Well, as I mentioned when we started discussing this LP, it was the mismatch of my expectations with Good Times that got me interested in the Monkees again after a 25 year break. It's a fun, lightweight, terrific LP, and I agree with the poster above who said it is more than the sum of its parts. A remarkable and unexpected achievement very late in the game.

    It's not my favorite Monkees, but it's definitely my favorite since Present (by a wide margin!) and one of a handful of Monkees albums I will play end-to-end without feeling the need to skip anything.

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  10. Pretty well captures my feelings about Good Times!, except the part about Love to Love, a song I like and which I think fits really well on Good Times! (To be fair, I'd never heard the song before this album appeared.) Although I certainly would've been open to more than one Davy song on this album.

    I agree with all of your sentiments, but especially these last two. A Good Times! while Davy was still alive would've been the best, but I'll happily take what I can get. They started as a made-up band on a TV sitcom, but they became so much more to so many people, myself included, and I know that the road was sometimes rough, and quite often that was their own fault, but I'm grateful for all that they've given us over the decades, and that they didn't give up on each other or on the grand project known as the Monkees. And, I think, in the end, these guys all liked each other and loved each other, regardless of whatever anyone might say to the contrary.

    Good Times! is a fantastic album—for me, it's top five, along with Headquarters, Pisces, The Monkees, and Instant Replay. When I was reacquainted with the Monkees in spring 2018, I was surprised to find that their catalog was WAY more extensive than I'd realized (I thought the songs on the show, essentially the first two albums, was their entire catalog), but I was absolutely SHOCKED to discover that they put out a new album in 2016!

    Anyway, 5/5 for Good Times!
  11. TEDA

    TEDA Forum Resident

    New York
    Good Times is 4/5

    They settled on a proven formula for making a good Monkees album and all of them got onboard for it.

    Having Nez in there definitely gives it a notch up.

    Also getting more than one of them to contribute to a track makes for more of a collective Monkees feel than say just a collection of individual tracks like on Pool It
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  12. pobbard

    pobbard The CD is a pretty good format (ducks)

    Andover, MA
    (Is it possible that, had Davy lived, Good Times wouldn't have happened? Or at least, would have emerged in a very different way. My understanding is that Nez didn't get interested in Monkees stuff again until Davy passed... and that based on previous history, Davy would have had strong feelings about how a new reunion LP needed to work. So we may still have gotten Good Times or something similar, but it's definitely not as straightforward as "We would have gotten a new song instead of 'Love to Love'!").
  13. BZync

    BZync Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    Good Times reminds me most of More Of The Monkees in the sense that it has the same ratio of outstanding, good and just okay tracks on it. It fits well into their 60s catalog and is as good as many and better than some. And what a surprise!
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  14. TEDA

    TEDA Forum Resident

    New York
    I would like to think Sandoval had built up enough good will and trust with Davy to get him on board with the Good Times approach.

    I also like to think that Davy could live with Nez and vice versa, especially if they didn’t have to collaborate directly if things were so strained between them

    The producer and Sandoval could have managed that all
  15. factory44

    factory44 Forum Resident

    Pittsburgh, PA USA
    After the disappointing Pool It and Justus we finally got an excellent reunion album. The fact that 2 of my all time favorite artists, Andy Partridge and Paul Weller, wrote excellent songs for the album is the icing on the cake.

    The sum of all the parts add to to my 6th favorite Monkees album.

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  16. super sally

    super sally Forum Resident

    Mint Hill, NC USA
    I'm all in for Good Times--- 5/5

    It's as dysfunctionally put together (No Peter and Mike in the studio together?) as any monkees album but it works because there was a singular vision, despite all the moving parts.
  17. Beatmusicfan

    Beatmusicfan Forum Resident

    Milwaukee, WI
    Good Times - I was skeptical when I heard the Monkees were releasing another album. I was disappointed with Justus and the TV special, so I decided to take a wait and see approach. When I saw the artwork for the album, I wasn’t impressed. When I first heard She Makes Me Laugh, I thought it was pretty good. When I heard You Bring the Summer, I decided that I needed to buy a copy of the album. When I played it through for the first time, I smiled and was happy that the old Monkees sound had returned!

    I love this album! It is one of two Monkee albums that I can listen to and not skip a track (PAC & J being the other). It was said earlier in someone’s review that this album is all over the place. I agree, but so is PAC & J if you think about it.
    I like all the songs on this album to some degree or another. I agree that Micky’s songs should’ve been spread out a little more, but it doesn’t bother me as they are. I don’t mind the inclusion of Love to Love as I think they improved it. Peter’s songs are largely enjoyable. The only disappointment for me was that Nez only had one composition and that his songs weren’t my favorites on the album.

    Having said all that, I couldn’t give this album less than a 5/5.
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  18. RedRoseSpeedway

    RedRoseSpeedway Music Lover

    I Was There - 3/5

    Whole album 4.5/5, super super strong. Great Monkees album
  19. Laineycrusoe

    Laineycrusoe Forum Resident

    Tyne and Wear, UK
    Good Times! - 4/5
    This is their strongest reunion album in my opinion. I think the songs are all likeable (the lowest ratings I gave for these songs were 3s), the arrangements were great and the performances were also great all around. I think I would have preferred it if they didn't use autotune on a bunch of the songs because I'm not a fan of the robotic sound it makes and I detected it on my first listen (there were a couple of songs where I found it particularly distracting), but I still enjoy this album regardless.
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  20. wino14

    wino14 Forum Resident

    Edenton, NC
    It's in my top 3 or 4 Monkees albums. Production outstanding. Great material. Have played the heck out of this (vinyl and cd) since release day. Needless to say for me

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  21. Edwin Hawley

    Edwin Hawley Forum Resident

    4/5 for Good Times.
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  22. jfmlaugh

    jfmlaugh Forum Resident

    Michigan, US
    5/5 for me ~ I have to lead with that! When I first found out that they were going to record a new album, I couldn't believe it! I remember thinking...can we please just have recordings that produce at least 1 good song. They crushed my expectations. They album produced so many exceptional tracks: She Makes Me Laugh, You Bring The Summer, Birth of an Accidental Hipster, Wasn't Born to Follow, etc. and rounds it out with great album tracks: Got To Give It Time, I Was There, etc. Oh...and I can't forget about the bonus tracks: Terrifying and A Better World should be on the album as they are fantastic!

    The other thing that Good Times! indirectly offered was that it solidified the reunion album efforts. Fans became less reluctant to single Pool It! and Justus out because they seemed, for whatever reason, less of an original Monkees album. It bridged the gap between 9 original albums and help make all three reunion albums "count".

    So incredibly thankful for all the backing vocals and the production of this album. Good Times! comes in 3rd place in my Monkees album rankings and is a must own! Would love to have More Good Times!
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  23. Edwin Hawley

    Edwin Hawley Forum Resident

    I would argue that the better parts of Good Times are 5/5 and right up there with the best stuff they've ever done. The few misses bring it down a notch for me but it's definitely essential and one I would recommend wholeheartedly.
  24. pablo fanques

    pablo fanques Somebody's Bad Handwroter

    Poughkeepsie, NY
    Easy 5/5 and my fave since HEAD and given that it only really had 6 actual songs I give GT the edge. Count me in the group of those who don't see this project being the same had Davy still been around. I know towards the end of his life the shows got less and less Vegas-y but I can't say that we would have ever been on board with a return to the jangle that made them famous. Throw in his ongoing strife with Nez and I think you get a version of Good Times but not the instant classic that dropped in June 2016
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  25. Guy Smiley

    Guy Smiley America’s Favorite Game Show Host

    Sesame Street
    Nothing on Good Times is as poor as “Laugh” or “The Day We Fall In Barf.” IMO, at least. As I’ve said before, I also don’t like “Knockin’” and I could go the rest of my life without “Grizelda.”

    But the highs of MOTM are pretty great, I’ll give you that. But the surviving Monkees actually contributed more to GT too. For me, there’s no comparison. I find GT a great album, more along the lines of Pisces than MOTM.

    The latter, I see less as an album and more a handful of really good or great individual tracks that sound great on a compilation (Which is how I have those songs, on compilations).

    As always, one’s mileage may vary.
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