Paul McCartney Flaming Pie Archive Collection Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jlf, Jan 2, 2020.

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    My point was more about the general success of each album; “FITD” was number 1 in the U.K. and got decent reviews, and “OTG” was his biggest album in decades in Germany, with Rolling Stone and some other publications reviewing it positively and “Hope Of Deliverance” being a huge hit in many countries.
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    Well I got a nice email from Chris and just went for a refund. Enough of this debacle.
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    I noticed that Paul isn’t listed on an instrument for those tracks — unusual for him.
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    I'm glad all the Oobu Joobu tracks made it on here, but I wonder if anyone thought about tracking the songs separately from the intros and interview pieces. It would be nice, for instance, to have standalone versions of "Squid", "Atlantic Ocean", and "I Love This House" on streaming.

    Their presence here also makes me wonder if we're going to see much of the scrapped '87 "Return to Pepperland" stuff on the "Press to Play" box. I had assumed that's where it would go, but now that much of the heavy hitters are on this box, I'm not so sure.
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    other than McCartney and BOTR, yes.
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    Yeah, I'm right there with you. When I first listened to "Memory Almost Full" I was just smiling from ear to ear the whole time, cos it sounds like Paul is just having so much fun making music. It's got such great melody and twist and turns and fun. And then I got the lp, which is so much more enjoyable than the mastering on cd.
    Egypt Station really grabbed me and hasn't let go yet, too. My wife, who's a big Beatles fan, likes ES more than Flaming Pie even!
  7. dmh84

    dmh84 And babe, it's gonna work out fine

    Louisville, KY
    Yeah--it's funny how different our opinions can be as fans of the same artist. I've given Off The Ground tons of chances over the years (the last being just last week), and it does nothing for me at all. "Beautiful Night" is one of my all-time favorite Maccatracks!
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    Listening to the interviews done at the time, Paul doesn't talk about the songwriting as the connection to Anthology, he talks about the recording of the album. Anthology, which began in the early 90s, began to make him remember how The Beatles were expected to have two songs ready to finish in a single session — something he did here with "Somedays" and "A Great Day." The latter was only recorded because he had time with George Martin in the studio still, and he recalled this song that he and Linda used to sing with the kids so he went with that. George Martin then sells it as a return to "vintage" Paul, writing songs that seem simple but have more complexity to them in their arrangement… the same type he does on something like "For No One," which is why some of these songs could fit on Revolver onwards.

    And I do agree that, true as that as, EMI-Capitol & MPL saw that as a great marketing tool. Ringo's Vertical Man promotions also talked about The Beatles, especially since he recorded "Love Me Do," a track George Martin did not let him play on. (The fact that there is a second recording with Ringo gets ignored, since it connects better to Anthology.) Both ex-Beatles must have been keenly aware of how their could use the renewed interest in The Beatles to boost sales, and it really helped that the quality of both albums is quite strong. Had Paul gone for a more Wings-like sound on Flaming Pie, or Ringo tried to be more like his 70s output ("Sneaking Sally Through The Alley" and "Oh My My" come to mind), the connection wouldn't have worked; because it did, we saw both praised more and higher sales than it had been for a while.

    Flowers in the Dirt was also marketed as a return to form, as Paul finally had a songwriter that worked – unlike Eric Stewart, who didn't quite work on Press to Play.

    It's interesting that Paul is now talking about how hurt he was for the blaming him for the breakup, and the harshness he received from critics as a result, since that attitude hasn't been around now for close to 20 years.
    Today's younger fans, or those coming into McCartney after the start of the Archive series, have little familiarity with the way Paul's solo career was handled.
    For example, I can recall being in a store in 1986 and being encouraged not to buy Press to Play because the employees deemed it awful… there were other bands with 'better' albums.

    Paul had to fight to get his reputation back.
    Flowers in the Dirt did some major repair, as did the tour, but Tripping the Live Fantastic was called lifeless and too close to the album.
    Off the Ground was praised by critics and sold well in some parts of the world, but the tour that supported it was not as successful.
    Given how the success was linked to being Beatle-like, having an LP that was inspired by The Beatles era was the smart way to go.

    I agree with the over production of Off the Ground, but would add that Off the Ground fails not because of the band's excess input but because of the aftermath of working with George Martin a decade earlier.
    Wings would record until it was good, then move on to song after song, until they had enough Paul could select an LP from. There's tracks leftover as a result.
    Martin made Paul work on the tracks and build them up, adding things into the mix to make the song better.
    On Tug Of War, it works; on Pipes Of Peace, it doesn't really work because he's clearly bored with some of the songs by that time.
    Very little left over.

    In each of the interviews for those three albums, he praises those he worked with and how the songs came together, but only a handful stand out to him as being spontaneous:
    • "Angry" on Press to Play, where he just let Pete and Phil use their professional skill without much prodding,
    • "Figure Of Eight" and "Rough Ride" on Flowers in the Dirt, where he wanted to not spend a lot of time to get them done (polishing them a little here or there where needed), and
    • "Biker Like An Icon" on Off the Ground.

    Flaming Pie
    seems to have gotten around that problem by going with shorter sessions in most cases.
  9. Brian from Canada

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    To each their own. Egypt Station is the first LP I can remember where the non-singles are just… that. They aren't songs I'd rush to put on a compilation.
    Driving Rain is the opposite – some really great melodies on there, like "I Do," "Magic" and "She's Given Up Talking."

    I would disagree. I think "Ever Present Past" and "Dance Tonight" are really strong. "That Was Me" has a decent hook too.
    But "Nod Your Head" just seems… unfinished… despite how catchy it is, and I really wish George Martin had stepped in on "End Of The End" because a stronger score would have made it a spectacular track.
  10. Captain Paul

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    “Ever Present Past” and “Dance Tonight” are so cringy...
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    Hi Beave! What's the debacle?

    Chris emailed me to say that my 3 LP set shipped yesterday. It sounds like there was another delay with your order? Sorry to hear about that.
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    I just got an email from Chris @ Universal. Is he seriously the only customer service rep for the whole company. Several friends got emails from him. They claim my box is lost in transit. Anyone else get this?
  13. JeffreyB

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    Chris needs a raise!
    My email was from him also!!
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    I want hoping some of those would be the free download on his site. I guess we aren't getting any more of those though.
    Atlantic Ocean though is available on the MPL site.
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    My response from them came from Devin, almost a week after I emailed them. I too have asked for a refund....haven't heard anything back. I really don't want to have to go through Discogs to get what I want, but I'm not going forward with purchasing from another company until I know that my money has been refunded. Can't wait to see how they handle my request......
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    Alternative view that's served me well for 13 years: What a great, catchy couple of tunes Dance Tonight and Ever Present Past are.
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    I've just spent a few hours correcting the digital 24 bit Flaming Pies disc. De-limited all the tracks and reinserted the missing "Oobu Joobu" themes and goodbyes from upsampled rips of the original UK CD singles. It was a noble idea to present them as one complete radio show, but the edits are just too hamfisted to make it enjoyable IMO. The "historically correct" version is preferable to me.

    The disc now runs 1:22:41, but my CD burning days are long over, so no problem there.
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    I won’t cancel the dispute I initiated with my CC company until I the item arrives. Even the CC said to keep it open until item arrives. At least there’s a tracking number now which is a major change from before.
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    Little Willow is one of his best songs ever. You called that song uninspired ???
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    the person i got a response from was a girl named Jessica

    Jessica (uDiscover Music)

    Aug 8, 2020, 10:08 AM EDT

    Hi Matthew,

    I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this, and for the frustration this has caused!

    Please note that we are currently experiencing a high volume of inquiries, but I can assure you that we will work to address your questions as quickly as possible!

    Additionally, please be assured that we are currently working on fulfilling your order as soon as possible. I have also marked your order as priority, so it should be shipped out soon. You should receive your tracking information in the next few business days! If you do not receive tracking information within this timeframe, please let me know and I'd be more than happy to help!

    Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

    Thanks for your patience & support,
    Jessica + uDiscover Music
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    my orders tracking # is still just showing that only the label has been created and that it's waiting for UPS pickup....hopefully they pick up on Monday finally !!!
    i'd like to get this ASAP, so i can finally check it out !
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    Driving Rain is not represented at all.
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    For those of us together in this boat, the thread will most likely be closed by the time we receive our orders. Good news is we'll probably be able to get an Archive release of Back To The Egg and London Town around the same time! From a different company of course. ;)
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    I respectfully degree. McCartney's material post Flaming Pie is some of his best ever.
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  25. OK boys and girls. Here is my Flaming Pie over the top, cash grab, collector's edition unboxing. Enjoy:


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