No FM Yagi Antennas?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by allied333, Mar 8, 2018.

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    In the same boat. I currently have a whip antenna in The Magna Dynamics ST2.
    It's a good little antenna, I'm picking up a station 28mi despite a double-edge
    diffraction issue from the West, the direction of the transmitter: One hill on the
    opposite side of the street and one 400' ridge two miles out. The hill is one
    thing; that ridge is nearly impenetrable. The ST2 is supposed to have a gain
    of 2.5db, but I just barely get the station. It's not a coax issue; the length is
    less than 25'. It's that ridge. The good thing about FM waves is that they
    bend slightly, but a 40' ridge is too much for The ST2. Hence, a Yagi.

    Aerials are just about done in The US. Overseas is a different matter.

    The only one being mass produced for The US market with a gain of approx 7db:

    Stellar Labs' 30-2460

    If you've got the money:

    Rescue Electronics ( As of yesterday, no longer available. You can contact maker. )

    Link to comparing models, some discontinued, with an Overload of Tech data:

    FM Antennas to Consider

    Links to Yagis comparable to the discontinued Antennacraft FM6:

    Antennacraft Substitutes

    Link to a '60s DiY Antenna:

    Electronics World Dec 1967 ( Comical aspect: Utilizing a WOODEN FRAME )

    There's a few scattered about The iNet available, but you'll dig deep.

    Finally, I like this guy:

    Antenna Man


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    This TV/FM DX club has guides for building your own FM antennas: You probably have to join to get them.
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    N2VAV. I can't remember how many antennas I have built.
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    @allied333, or anyone else knowledgeable about FM antennas, looking for your opinion.

    Looking for a replacement / upgrade for my FM antenna - looking at three currently:

    FM 2500HD: Long Range FM 2500HD FM antenna In Stock - About $110 after shipping.

    3 element Yagi: - $70 + tax on Amazon, free ship

    4 element Yagi: Stellar Labs 30-2460 Four Element Directional Outdoor FM Antenna -says $44.99, have to check out for ship quote, then I would have to check to make sure really in stock.

    Regardless of price, which one do you like best? Then, price to value, which one? I think the answer to the second question is the 4 element yagi from Stellar -- but I would have to check stock at that price.
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    Did not realize the FM 2500HD was available with the nine elements. It will way outperform the others, needs a rotor, of course.

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