No CD player in my new car.....

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Siegmund, Jul 26, 2018.

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    CDs are vanishing in cars and physical media is being dropped in favor of steaming elsewhere.

    if you are a fan of the disc in whatever format, time is running out.
  2. Martin Takamine

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    My 2019 Tundra has a single disc slot CD player, USB port, AUX jack, and can pair bluetooth devices, it's the basic infotainment package. My 2016 Tundra had the upgraded JBL package which had all the same but the the CD player was a 6-disc slot version. I normally just listen to "Stupid News" on the radio on the morning drive to work then switch over to the 65GB thumb drive with over 5,000 songs. I'll play a CD once in a while and as someone mentioned earlier the sound quality of most factory installed systems are just adequate. Now, my neighbor has a 2019 Tacoma that he modified by adding amps, a subwoofer cabinet, and swapped out the speakers then tuned it with some program on his laptop and a mic... it sounds more than adequate.
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    Has anyone tried a usb cd player? They seem to get mixed reviews.

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