Lisa Gerrard joins The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices for new album "BooCheeMish" (05/25/2018)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by pghmusiclover, Mar 22, 2018.

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    1. Mome Malenko
    2. Pora Sotunda
    3. Rano Ranila
    4. Mani Yanni
    5. Yove
    6. Sluntse
    7. Unison
    8. Zableyalo Agne
    9. Tropanitsa
    10. Ganka
    11. Shandai Ya
    12. Stanka

    The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices will release their first album of new studio recordings in over two decades on May 25th, 2018. Better known to many as Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares (Grammy winner for “Best Traditional Folk Recording”), ‘BooCheeMish’ sees the esteemed Bulgarian choir performing together with erstwhile 4AD Records label mate Lisa Gerrard (co-founder of the duo Dead Can Dance) on several tracks, thereby uniting two of the most distinctive vocal acts working in music. Gerrard, who is also well known for her movie soundtrack work on films such as ‘Gladiator’ and ’The Insider’, has often spoken about the influence the choir exerted on her singing technique when she discovered their music in the early 1980’s.

    In successfully connecting Bulgarian folklore with other traditions and cultures, the album manages to retain the unique identity of the voices, vocal styles and techniques of the individual choir members, even when allying them with acoustic accompaniment such as stringed instruments and various types of percussion, including beatbox.

    Once described as “the marriage of the avant-garde and the Middle Ages”, the magic of the ensemble stems from its success in mastering Bulgaria’s diverse, age-old vocal traditions while simultaneously sounding strikingly modern and original, thanks to the unique choral music structure - multi-part a cappella arrangements that transform its collective sound into strange colours as if something other than the human voice is being heard.

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  2. pghmusiclover

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    I thought there’d be a little more excitement about this!
  3. No Bull

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    sounds great. I have a Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares CD. I will have to dig it out of my stacks.. I haven't listed to it in a long time. George Harrison was a fan... he played one of their songs during a rockline interview... that's how i get into them...
  4. Front 242 Addict

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    Very Exciting and interesting news! As a fan of the Magnificent Dead Can Dance I am looking forward to the album! Lisa Gerrard and the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices- such a collaboration is a wonderful idea! the song filled with Emotion and beauty.
    Thank you for sharing :righton:
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    We've got the 45 (which is great) and are waiting somewhat impatiently for the release of the full disk.
  6. pghmusiclover

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    Here is a live performance of one of the album tracks. It gave me chills!

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    I just rebought the first Bulgares album on 4AD funnily enough. I bought the CD years ago and played it to death, but went to play it recently and couldn’t find it.
  8. pghmusiclover

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    If I hadn't gone back 14 pages I wouldn't have seen it. It's right above a thread about which albums use the Cooper Black font on their covers.
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    Well, as a longtime fan of the music, I'm excited. I bought the first album as a cut-out in the summer of '69, got the cds of the redone songs in the when they were released in the 80s, and saw the ensemble perform at SMU in Dallas in April 1990. I won't put out for the deluxe set and I won't buy a turntable, etc. just so I can listen to the vinyl, so I sure hope it'll be available on cd.
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    Darn! If there was only some way I could have worked The Beatles/McCartney into the title of this thread it wouldn’t keep getting buried!
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  12. Chris DeVoe

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    If only Lennon or McCartney had moved to Laurel Canyon during the late Sixties! They would surely had heard it then!
  13. sentinel90125

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    Looks like there is going to be a standalone SACD release!
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  14. Chris DeVoe

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    The last time I saw the choir was at a Bulgarian church not far from my apartment in Chicago, St John of Rilia.


    My wife and I got there very early and were in the front pew, with no member of the choir more than 15 feet from us. It was astounding! I could feel my chest vibrate in sympathy with their voices, and was moved to tears at several places.
  15. pghmusiclover

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    I never got to see the entire choir, but I did get to see the Bulgarian Babes (as we liked to call the offshoot, Trio Bulgarka, who worked with Kate Bush).
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  16. vince

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    May 25th?
    That's quite a long way away...
    Once again..thanks for the 'heads up'!
  17. pghmusiclover

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    Here’s a short presentation video of the box set (which looks very nice... and tempting!)

  18. Judge Judy

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    Seriously? This is amazing!!!!!!
  19. Black Elk

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    Thanks for the video. Looks like a great package.

    Seems like I'll have to get the box with the lyrics so that I can sing along! :)
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    Next time just use Lennon/McCartney /Harrison /Starr/ insert thread starter here /

    You should be fine
  21. Black Elk

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    Just pre-ordered the box from Amazon, but I notice on ImportCDs that they list 5 options:

    1. box
    2. limited edition SACD with book
    3. SACD
    4. black vinyl
    5. CD
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  22. pghmusiclover

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    For what it’s worth: Lisa only appears on four tracks. While I was hoping she appeared on all of it, a new recording from the Bulgarian Voices still makes me happy!
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  23. Chris DeVoe

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    I should take the opportunity to point out the influence Bulgarian choral music has had on Western rock and pop music.

    Yes, I'm serious.

    The 1954 collection titled The Music of Bulgaria was very popular among the artists living in Laurel Canyon in the Sixties. Frank Zappa cited it as one of his all-time favorite albums, but the biggest influence was on Crosby, Stills and Nash. Graham Nash, in his autobiography, talks about giving away more than 300 copies of that album to musician friends. The influence can be readily heard in songs like Music Is Love and Carry On.
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  24. pghmusiclover

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  25. vince

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    I've said this elsewhere, but....
    I believe I can hear George trying to play one of the songs on his guitar, on the "Fly On The Wall" disc of "Let It Be...Naked"!
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