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    Greetings & welcome to my newest thread...

    Another simple thread, simply post 10 of your preferred Funk tunes...

    Funk had its golden era during late 1968 - 1975 before much of it was transmorgified into ugh...disco, so let me clarify this is not a disco thread & should not be misconstrued as a disco thread...

    Granted Funks innovators did eventually get played in the discos & yes its true those artists especially JB was in part responsible for the short lived trend...

    Anything you hear as pure funk meets the criteria & the artists can be from any era, they don't have to be from the genres golden age 1968-1975...

    As OP I shall begin...

    1.James Brown / Papa Don't Take No Mess (1974)...side 4 of the 2 record set "Hell" was the 13+ min version I selected for my JB pick

    2.Miles Davis (Live) Ife...side 3 of 1973s In Concert@NY
    Philharmonic...JB & Sly were not the only artists pushing the envelope in music during the early 1970s, after crafting brilliant excursions into rock Miles dived head long into Funk during 1973....

    Not as quick or tricky as JB or rubbery as Sly but more richly layered than both, Miles forged jungle polyrhythms with Urban Voodoo Funk beats & at times it works brilliantly...

    In the process he crafted the most intelligent & compelling Jazz-Funk music ever released

    3.Jimi Hendrix (live) Who Knows (1970)...innovative & groundbreaking, a searing blast of simmering hard Funk from Jimi & his trio, complete with stunning guitar licks as expected...

    After approaching 50 years of enjoyment WK remains my preferred song on BOG

    4.Sly & Family Stone / Simple A Simple Song (1968)...the b-side of Everyday People & hardest Funk of the bands history

    5.Swamp Dogg / Sam Stone (1972).. over shadowed by JB & Sly but just as relevant as anybody, this track was written about a drug addicted Nam vet by John Prine but SD turns into a funk ballad that is just as harrowing & powerful as Cold Turkey, Heroin or Cloud Nine

    6.Van Morrison (live) I've Been Workin (1974)...Van can do it all & here he gets real funky

    7.War / Slippin Into Darkness (1971)...perfect song when the hellhounds are on your trail

    8.The Crusaders / Stomp And Buck Dance (1974)...this instrumental crushes anything the Meters have ever recorded

    9.Bobby Byrd / I Know You Got Soul (1971)...written by JB & backed by the JBs this is as solid a piece of pure Funk as you'll find anywhere

    10.Steely Dan / Daddy Don't You Live In That New York City No More (1975)...the funkiest The Dan of Steel ever got

    Well these are my 10 preferences...

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    Can't put these in any order of preference but they're my most played that fit the description.

    • The Brothers Johnson - I'll Be Good To You, Runnin' for Your Lovin' & Mista' Cool
    • Bootsy's Rubber Band - Physical Love, May The Force Be With You & Roto-Rooter
    • Funkadelic - Super Stupid
    • Isaac Hayes - Theme from Shaft
    • Ohio Players - Fopp, Let's Do It (Let's Love) & Honey
    • Stevie Wonder - Superstition, Maybe Your Baby & All Day Sucker (too R&B/soul?)
    • Herbie Hancock - Just Around the Corner (jazz-funk)
    • Jamiroquai (forgive me) - Space Cowboy & Scam (more jazz-funk)
    • War - The World Is A Ghetto, Cisco Kid & Low Rider
    • Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up, Freddie's Dead & Superfly

    I also like some Whispers but like some of those listed they are only borderline funk sometimes, they were primarily a soul group.
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    Good call on Superstition
  4. Sinister Footwear

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    "Can't Stand Your Funk" by Mahavishnu Orchestra.
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  5. samthesham

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    Moorhead MN
    That's 1 from MO I am not familiar with, need to check it out
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  6. mesfen

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    lawrence, ks usa
    Marvin Gaye - got to give it up -what are bedsheets (listed as an instrument)
    Tower of Power- what is hip very funky b3
    Isley brothers it’s your thing
    Booker t and mgs hip hug her
    Eddie Floyd knock on wood
    Ojays for the love of money
    Sly and family stone sex machine
    Maceo Parker soul power (life on planet groove)
    James Brown - cold sweat, ain’t it funky, mother popcorn......
    So many more to mention

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