Let It Be/Get Back 50th Anniversary Releases! (Content and Sound Quality Discussion Only)!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bruce Burgess, Jul 16, 2020.

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    Are we not supposed to link to other forums? I've forgotten.
  2. I expected to get that comment. I know; I brought it on myself. In the 19 years that I've been hanging out here, I've intentionally avoided making comments on sound quality. However, I made an exception this time because a member whose opinions I respect was asking if it was his recent partial hearing loss or this remix. I don't normally experience boomy sounding music on my own system, and I'm quite familiar my own system, so I thought it was OK to mention. Anyway, I'm not arguing with you; maybe I will fill in my modest equipment profile sometime soon. BTW, I've now heard CD1 and CD2 of the box so far. CD1 seemed boomy - especially the first few songs. I had listened to it with only my front two stereo speakers, but my subwoffer was also on, so I gave it a second listen in just stereo with the subwoofer off and it made no real difference. It still sounded boomy in the bass on the first few songs. I'd say it was the bass more than the drums that gave me this impression. CD2 sounded fine (no boomy-ness) with only my front two stereo speakers and my subwoofer off again. I haven't gotten to the high resolution remixes of the main album on the BR yet.
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    After multiple listens to the remix, I find it generally acceptable but by no means Earth shattering.

    The Spector touches I hate are still there (I know "The Long and Winding Road" gets all the attention, but "Across the Universe" is the biggest calamity, IMO). I did find that the once charming tack piano sound on "For You Blue" is now a bit of an annoyance, unfortunately. Other than that, all good, but nothing to write home about.

    I don't buy these boxes for the remixes, whose existence I could easily take or leave. This remix is another I wouldn't go out of my way to choose over what we already had.
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    Nagras sure sound better, eh?
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  5. Thanks, Mike.

    There are apparently other edits and substitutions on the Get Back disc as well. Please see the post from this thread that I've quoted below. I wonder if the SHM Deluxe Japan Edition avoids those other edits too.

    I also wonder if the SHM Deluxe Japan Edition avoids the poor sound that has been reported on 'I Me Mine' on the EP disc.

    BTW, until this correct SHM Deluxe Japan Edition came to light, I assumed that all of the edits and substitutions that were pointed out in the post quoted below were intentionally done in recent times, and they should have just called that disc something like the "1969 track list" rather than the "1969 mix" because 'mix' can either be interpreted as a 'compilation' (as in a mix tape) or a 'downmix from multitrack tapes' (as in a particular stereo mix). Now I have no idea why there is apparently a correct version for the SHM Deluxe Japan Edition but an incorrect version for everyone else. Quite a mystery.

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    In case people want to celebrate some more Let It Be outtakes!
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    a friend send me pictures of the spectrograms for all the tracks on the SHM disc. It's what looks to be a simple transfer of the 1969 tape. No obvious editing visible like on the common SDE.

    Here's proof at track#2. The 1970 tape has been spliced in from 0:35 to around 1:37. The base 1969 track was slightly EQ'd to match.

    Japan SHM-CD:

    Regular CD:

    So indeed, the butchered version we got in the rest of the world and digital stores/Hi-Res is the "improved" final intended copy... good grief... talk about too many cooks or in BIG quotations "remastering"

    Now this begs the question.. why didn't they also replace the 2 1970 mix bootleg tracks on the EP ?

    This is hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

    *Disque Americ Vibes* :D
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    I think the Giles remix of 'I, me, mine' is one of the most interesting on 'Let it be' and have just played it back-to-back with my 1987 CD.

    George's lead vocal in the verse is, as I suspected, really pushed forward in this remix. The vocal comes in with the bass and immediately fills and envelops the room. I don't think I have ever heard George's voice so prominent on any song. Compared with the original mix this is a revelation. The left/right channel interplay in the verse between an acoustic and electric guitar, a feature of the original mix, is played down in Giles' remix.

    What really caught my attention listening to the remix, however, was the lack of punch in the middle 'I, I, me, me, mine' section. On comparing the two mixes the first thing I noticed was that Ringo's cymbal taps, which count this section in, are much reduced on the remix and the snare which immediately follows is also dialled down. This really reduces the impact of the rocking middle section and tells me that sometimes Giles just doesn't 'get it' . The middle section itself is OK, but could have been pushed forward a bit to make it really stand out and rock. Again Ringo's snare is turned down during this section. It's almost like Giles was trying to smooth it out rather than emphasise the contrast between the contemplative verse and rocking middle section!

    So, the remix for 'I me mine' is the proverbial 'game of two halves' for me. I love the treatment of the verse. It's haunting. George is almost like an all-encompassing Parisian chanteuse, bewailing the state of humankind. The rocking section, though, is a bit of a bust for me....a missed opportunity.
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    At least this makes things clearer now.
    Non-Japan pressings/digital/streaming will prob not be 'fixed' as they appear to be the official 'final' version.
    Japan pressings have a straight transfer of the '69 album for reasons unknown - so will actually be the preferred version to most.

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    You won't catch me defending the Stones Deluxe sets too strongly - especially the 60s sets. I guess because the Stones are still getting ripped off for anything from the 60s (Abkco) they don't seem to want to cooperate much and the sets for Beggars Banquet and Let it Bleed were MAJOR disappointments (so much that most of us didn't even bother to buy them). They were horrible releases not worth anyone's time. The Stones should bury the hatchet with The Kleins for the sake of the fans.

    Their 70s sets have also been somewhat disappointing - Goats Head Soup and Sticky Fingers both had a very limited number of outtakes and the books were kind of quickly done. There's a treasure trove of outtakes that they don't seem to want to let go of.

    In the age-old battle of "The Stones versus The Beatles", the Fab four win the "best boxes" contest by far :) (I still would have liked to see full CDs since we know the material is there and they still have a lot more control over what happens than the Stones do with their 60s material.)
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    Truth be told I'd rather have the '70 mix anyways.
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    I haven't A/B'd anything, but yes, that's my initial impression.
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    Still and all, I have the two disc of Tattoo You ordered. If the concert is good I'll get the Hi-res download. That's what I did for Goat's Head soup.
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    The two cd edition I bought arrived the other day and I had a quick listen to it. I will listen more carefully
    when have the extra time later tonight, but I was surprised to still hear a bit of distortion in 'For You Blue'.

    Perhaps John's hawaiian lap steel solo caused the console meters to peg a bit when it was recorded and so forth,,
    but I would've thought this new remaster would have corrected that, as its quite audible.
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    Is this mainly a case of boosting the bass and cutting the treble? I just got my set (at last!) and my first impression was that much of the clarity that Ringo's drums need is lost, or toned down. Cymbals, transients aren't there (compared to the 1987 and 2009 reissues).
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    Same. I wish they had given us the full 1970 mix judging from the rather mediocre and hissy sound of the 1969 tape instead of trying to fix it.

    They could have easily just included Teddy Boy and For You Blue (1969) as bonus tracks on the EP instead of ATU and I Me Mine. :cry:

    I guess they decided on providing us with the first 1969 approach for "historical reasons" rather than the superior second attempt.
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    Oh no, sorry if my post was confusing. 100% in the docuseries, confirmed.

    I meant there's a great likelihood in my mind that the rooftop show will be released in an audio form at a later date. I put that at a 80% chance, IMHO. The audio work has been done on it. It's the Beatles last "show."

    From Apple's viewpoint, why lump the complete/contextualized rooftop performance into the large LIB box (which will sell fine without it), when after the Get Back film reveals the rooftop in full for the first time, it'll be of increased interest to the general audience, and therefore marketable on its own as a separate purchase. :shh:
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    Good post.
    I've taken the same notes after I first heard it. I like the remix overall, but it seems they overemphasized vocals there. At least It feels this way in one of my headphones.
    I felt the exact same thing with the remix of Something. Too much vocals, too little drums.
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    Can anyone tell what catalogue Number is written on the Japanese SHM Get Back Disc ? The one on the Regular Set is "3568091"
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    In 1970? Wow, I have no knowledge of this, and I was totally on top of this whole situation.
    I recall the 1st time hearing it. About a week or two before the release of the album, one of our local radio stations aired the entire "Let It Be" album, start to finish.
    I remember calling a friend of mine saying "Quick, turn on such & such, they're playing the new Beatles album, and it's different versions".
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    The SHM thing is like green markers all over again
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    It sounds like they have a clean tape of the 1970 mixes, but are missing the tapes for the 1969 ones and relied on less than great sources for the 1969 edits. Maybe they were aware FYB is different between the 1969 and 1970 mixes and initially decided to be historically correct and use the 1969 mix as seen on the Japanese CD. But then upon further listening and final approval, it was decided it wasn't up to standards and decided to splice in the 1970 mix hoping no one would notice. Or if they did notice, they would at least appreciate the higher quality of the sound.

    Just a theory. I also agree, I don't know why they didn't just include the final 1970 version as it seems they have quality versions of those tracks? But then, why is the 1970 I Me Mine so poor? So many questions...
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    The Japanese set despite having the correct mix isn't perfect either. The Get Back SHM CD was quite heavily compressed in dynamics vs the regular SDE CD... :rolleyes:
  24. PabloFanques

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    So it has a completely different DR average? Can you post this?
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    It's the only negative for me in a great remix.

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