Japan Mini LP SHM-CDs - New Releases, George Harrison and more

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    Point is, they did 2004 remastering for the 2004 release, did they tweak it in 2007 for a new release?
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    Shipping will cost you and price of CDs as they are now. This is life as it is.
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    Santa Cruz, CA
    They charged my credit card in February:


    This notification is sent to you to inform you that the credit payment corresponding to your purchase below has been finalized.

    Order Number: 10110606942
    Total Amount: 10330JPY

    As we notified you in advance by another email notification, it was necessary to process the payment due to the requirement to finalize payments within 90 days the issuer of your card granted us the authorization to do so. Your order above contains items whose release dates were more than 90 days in the future when you placed your order.

    Now that the payment went through, we are enabled to continue with your order. It will be sent to you as soon as all items are available for shipment.

    Will they just add the difference?
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    As far I know, they actually do not charge CC until shipment is ready.
    When release has been cancelled, all deals were cancelled as well.
    Check your CC statements, it cannot be any charges for cancelled orders.
    How can they know that release will be back?
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    It looks like HMV Japan are shipping worldwide again.
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    Only 5 titles out of 16 in Universal 'Rock: Best Album Series' will be released on August 26, the remaining 11 titles have been pushed to September 30.

    - update -

    Aug. 26, 2020

    (Mini LP MQA UHQCD)
    Eric Clapton Backtrackin’ (2 MQA UHQCD) (Japan dubtape)
    Grand Funk Railroad Mark. Don and Mel 1969-71 (2 MQA UHQCD)
    Grand Funk Railroad Grand Funk Hits
    Blondie The Best of Blondie
    (Japan OMT)
    Kiss Killers (Japan OMT)

    Sep. 30, 2020

    (Mini LP MQA UHQCD)
    Camel Chameleon: The Best of Camel
    Caravan The Canterbury Tale: The Best of Caravan
    (2 MQA UHQCD)
    John Mayall Looking Back
    David Bowie Images 1966 - 1967
    Free Free Story
    (2 MQA UHQCD)
    Fairport Convention The History of Fairport Convention (2 MQA UHQCD)
    Small Faces Rock Roots
    The Jam Snap!
    Kiss Best of Solo Albums (German original master tapes; w/ French Mini LP bonus cover)
    Kiss Double Platinum
    Kiss Smashes, Trashes & Hits

    The Beach Boys The Best of Beach Boys
    (Japan OMT)
    The Beach Boys The Best of Beach Boys No.2 (Japan OMT)
    The Beach Boys Deluxe (Japan OMT)
    The Beach Boys Deluxe Vol. 2 (Japan OMT)
    The Beach Boys Instrumental Hits (Japan OMT)
    The Beach Boys Ten Years of Harmony (2 MQA UHQCD) (US OMT)
    J.J. Cale Special Edition (US OMT)
    The Moody Blues This is The Moody Blues 2MQA UHQCD (UK OMT)
    Status Quo 12 Gold Bars (UK OMT)
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    Santa Cruz, CA
    The charge was on my March 2020 statement. It was never removed.

    Thank you for shopping at CDJapan.

    Due to issues arisen from COVID-19, the label announced that
    the release of the following item has been postponed.

    SICP-31256 Syd Barret / [Release Postponed] The Madcap Laughs [Blu-spec CD2] [Limited Release] [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)]
    SICP-31257 Syd Barret / [Release Postponed] Barrett [Blu-spec CD2] [Limited Release] [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)]
    SICP-31258 Syd Barret / [Release Postponed] Opel [Blu-spec CD2] [Limited Release] [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)]
    SICP-31259 Syd Barret / [Release Postponed] An Introduction to Syd Barrett [Blu-spec CD2] [Limited Release] [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)]

    The new release date is not confirmed yet but we will not
    cancel your order and keep it for now.

    The product page on our website and your order history will show your
    release date as "Dec.31, 2020" for technical issues.

    However we will inform the correct release date
    as soon as we find out.

    Note that if the label decides to cancel the release,
    we will contact you informing the cancellation.

    Even if you have other items in your order that are already released,
    your order will only ship out after all items are released and fulfilled.

    We apologize for the unexpected update.
    If you have any concerns, please contact us.
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    Did they contact you about cancellation?
    It must be refund after that.
    I'd contact them and ask, whether is my order still intact?
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  9. dsdu

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    Santa Cruz, CA
    Got this on 7/21
    Hi. Thank you for shopping at CDJapan.

    We have just received an update from
    the distributor.
    The release date of the following item(s) has
    been changed from Undetermined to September 16, 2020.
    Syd Barret / The Madcap Laughs
    CDA 2500yen Released : September 16, 2020
    Details are available on the following page.
    The Madcap Laughs [Blu-spec CD2] [Limited Release] [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] Syd Barret CD Album

    The change has been reflected on your
    order, accordingly. Please view the updated
    order details in Customer Account.

    Order Number: 10110283657

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    Santa Cruz, CA
    I sent them an email in January asking them to cancel and got this reply back:
    Thank you for your message.

    The record company announced these items are postponed and release has been postponed.

    デヴィッド・ギルモア、シド・バレット Paper Sleeve Collection発売延期のお知らせ | デヴィッド・ギルモア | ソニーミュージックオフィシャルサイト

    According to the record company, the release date has changed to March 2020.
    We will arrange to ship the order once these items are in stock.

    Nozomi Kono
    CDJapan : Japanese Anime, Jpop, Japanese music, Game music, Japanese movie, CD, DVD

    ---Original Message---

    Cancel Order #10110283657

    It appears that these four cds are not
    and will not be available at any time in the near future. Could you please cancel
    my order and credit the money to my
    AMEX card.

    Thank you,
  11. dsdu

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    Santa Cruz, CA
    Sorry. The first email from cdna-an I posted was the wrong order number. This one I got in August 2019 is the correct one.


    This notification is sent to you to inform you in advance that the credit payment corresponding to your purchase below is about to be finalized.

    Order Number: 10110283657
    Total Amount: 11270JPY

    When you placed this order, the issuer of your card granted us an authorization to allow us to process the credit payment for this purchase. However, as we notified you during checkout or via other means, credit card companies strictly prohibit processing of any payment more than 90 days after the store is granted this authorization. Now that this deadline is approaching, it is necessary to finalize the payment so that we are actually able to continue with your purchase.

    The payment will be finalized in five days from today.

    We are sending you this notification in advance because we believe it is always appropriate to notify customer early, and you don't have to do anything in response.

    For more information about this requirement, visit:
    CDJapan : Credit Payment After 80 Days

    What is Credit Authorization?

    Credit authorization is a step in which the card issuing bank examines the transaction. If they approve it, they grant the store (CDJapan in this case) an authorization to process the payment. Once this authorization is granted, the card issuing bank reserves the amount for the payment until it is finalized. The amount may have appeared in your card account along with "Pending," "Pre-Authorization," "PREAUTH" or other similar indication, but it was not transferred at that stage.

    Normally, all credit payments are finalized upon shipment of order, but your order contains item(s) that take longer than 90 days to become available for shipment, which is why it is necessary to finalize payment at this point.

    *Please note that all debit card payments are processed as credit transaction for all cross-border online purchase.

  12. toilet_doctor

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    I've never meat such case, but looks like Sony unofficially warned them that release will be back, and they didn't cancel it.
    Extra charge is possible, as currency rate will be different, but it doesn't matter, as long as you are in.
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    Manchester UK
    The Norah Jones MQA UHQCDS releases are still scheduled for 2nd September hopefully these still go ahead, but strictly not classed as rock.
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    Universal announced the Creedence Clearwater Revival MQA UHQCD 7 albums collection in Mini LP with so-called half-speed mastering done at Abbey Road Studios for the 50th Anniversary Edition by Craft Recordings in 2018.
    As with George Harison's Capitol LP release, CCR 2018 CDs were never released.
    Another important point: this release marks the next big step forward for MQA physical media, demonstrating the firm decision Universal has made to continue with a new project - the Mini LP MQA UHQCD sets.
    The price is also very reasonable, around $27 - about $3 more than the Mini LP SHM-CD.

    Here's what Craft Recordings said about the LP release and half-speed mastering:

    Creedence Clearwater Revival Japan MQA UHQCD Studio Album Collection

    The Studio Albums Collection 180-gram 7-LP box set comprises the entire Creedence Clearwater Revival studio album collection, newly mastered at Abbey Road Studios with their half-speed technology to extract every last detail of the original recording, each housed in replica first-pressing packaging…
    Although the band members were together for only four years under the Creedence Clearwater Revival appellation, they managed to accomplish more than many artists do in a lifetime”.

    “Each album in this collection has been mastered at half-speed at Abbey Road Studios, benefiting from an exacting process that allows for an exceptional level of sonic clarity and punch, bringing these classic recordings a new vibrancy.
    [Half-speed mastering]
    Using High-Res transfers from the original analog tapes, the half-speed mastering process involves playing back audio at half its recorded speed while the cutting lathe is turned at half the desired playback speed. The technique allows more time to cut a micro-precise groove, allowing more accuracy with frequency extremes and dynamic contrasts.

    Abbey Road Studios’ award-winning engineer Miles Showell explains, “I’ve tried to be as authentic as I could, and just make it sound like music. Not over-hyped, not over-processed. Up until now a lot of processing has been done on these recordings, so my approach was to strip them right back and just expose them for what they are — because what they are is great music.”

    “A half-speed mastering… rare and specialized technique transforms difficult to cut high-end frequencies into relatively easy to cut mid-range frequencies.
    The result is a cut with excellent high frequency response and very solid and stable stereo images. In short, half-speed mastering produced a master of the highest quality.”

    I think a half-speed mastering can be named Half Speed HR Cutting.

    Oct. 28, 2020

    (Mini LP MQA UHQCD)
    CCR Suzy Q
    CCR Bayou Country
    CCR Green River + 5
    CCR Willie and the Poor Boys
    CCR Cosmo’s Factory
    CCR Pendulum
    CCR Mardi Gras

    Please note:
    CDjapan didn’t announce this release yet.
    All the info is translated from the Universal, Japan site:


    CCR Half Speed Master High Resolution CD Series


    High Resolution CDs (MQA UHQCD) fold the high-resolution sound source and store it in a CD!
    With MQA's innovative folding technology, high-resolution sound sources are stored in CD as is. If you decode it with MQA compatible device or software, it will instantly change to "high resolution".
    Of course, the size remains the CD size even if it is ripped. Does not occupy the capacity of HDD etc.
    High sound quality without decoding to high resolution!
    The first reason that the sound is good even if you listen to it with an ordinary CD player (even if you do not have an MQA-compatible device) is the improvement in the time-axis resolution created by the MQA cleaning the bleeding of sound over time. With or without decoding, it has a great effect on the graininess and stereoscopic effect of the sound.
    The second reason is the improvement of the reading accuracy of the player created by the special material and manufacturing method of UHQCD. Together with the action of the green color label coat that absorbs unnecessary light inside the device, it enables faithful master reproduction as if the freshness of the sound has increased by several levels.
    ※ High resolution CD masterpiece series can be played on all CD players (44.1kHz/16bit)

    Southern Rock's representative Creedance Clearwater Revival with many hit songs that have long been loved in Japan such as "Proud Mary", "Down on the Corner", "I Want to See the Rain", etc. All 7 original albums of Water Revival are made into high resolution CDs using Half Speed Master. The design of the Japanese first edition LP OBI is also reproduced with a paper jacket specification.”

    Previous 7 albums Mini LP SHM-CD set was released by Universal in 2008 and reprinted as encore-press release in 2013

    Suzy Q [MQA UHQCD] [Limited Edition] CCR
    [CCR Half Speed Master High Resolution CD Series] Dale Hawkins's "Suzy Q" (11th place in the United States) and Screamin J. Hawkins' "I put a spell on you" (58th in the US) and Wilson Pickett's "99.5" cover were recorded, and the shocking debut that recorded 52nd in the US. (Announced in 1968).
    [Personnel] John Fogerty (vo, g) / Tom Fogerty (g, vo) / Stu Cook (b, vo) / Doug Clifford (ds, vo)
    [Producer] Saul Zaentz
    ★ 2018 192kHz/24bit half speed master converted to 176.4kHz/24bit by Miles Showell (Abbey Road Studios) based on US original analog tape and recorded
    ★ US First Edition LP Miniature reproduced paper jacket
    ★ OBI that reproduced the design of the Japanese first edition LP
    ★ New commentary / lyrics
    ★ Green Color Label Coat
    ★ Limited edition

    1. I Put A Spell On You
    2. The Working Man
    3. Susie Q
    4. 99.5
    5. Get Down Woman
    6. Porterville
    7. Gloomy
    8. Walk on the Water

    I Put A Spell On You (Live At Woodstock '69)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival is undeniably one of the greatest rock bands of all time, with an instantly recognizable, raw, bayou sound, popularized in songs like "Proud Mary" and "Green River”. Since their formation in the 1960s, CCR has sold over 50 million records, while their songs remain in heavy rotation on the radio. Though the band only released 7 studio albums in their too-short career, Creedence had an astonishing track record: eight consecutive gold singles ("Proud Mary," "Bad Moon Rising," "Green River," "Down on the Corner," "Who'll Stop the Rain," "Up Around the Bend," "Lookin' Out My Back Door," "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?") and eight consecutive gold albums. With music that sounds as fresh and compelling today as it did 30 years ago, CCR is one of a handful of bands whose entire body of work has attained true "classic" status.” (comment)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put A Spell On You || Live At Woodstock 69
    Walk on the Water (Live)
    Creedence - Walk on the water
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Gloomy
    CCR - Porterville

    Bayou Country [MQA UHQCD] [Limited Edition] CCR
    “[CCR Half-Speed Master High-Resolution CD Series] With the famous song "Proud Mary" and Little Richard covered by many artists The second album which recorded the famous "Good Golly Miss Molly" and the standard song "Keep on Chooglin'" at the live, and recorded 7th place in the United States. (Announced in 1969).
    [Personnel] John Fogerty (vo, g) / Tom Fogerty (g, vo) / Stu Cook (b, vo) / Doug Clifford (ds, vo)
    [Producer] John Fogerty”

    1. Born On The Bayou
    2. Bootleg
    3. Graveyard Train
    4. Good Golly Miss Molly
    5. Penthouse Pauper
    6. Proud Mary
    7. Keep On Chooglin'

    Graveyard Train
    CCR-Graveyard Train
    Keep On Chooglin'
    CCR- Keep on Chooglin'
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bootleg
    Proud Mary (Live)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary (CCR) (1969) HD 0815007


    Green River [MQA UHQCD] [Limited Edition] CCR
    “[CCR Half Speed Master High-Resolution CD Series] "Bad Moon Rising" (2nd in the US) "Lodi" (52nd in the US) ), the album title song "Green River" (2nd place in the US), "Commotion" (30th place in the US), and many other hit songs, making it the first CCR album to win the 1st US title. (Announced in 1969).”

    1. Green River
    2. Commotion
    3. Tombstone Shadow
    4. Wrote a Song for Everyone
    5. Bad Moon Rising
    6. Lodi
    7. Cross - Tie Walker
    8. Sinister Purpose
    9. The Night Time Is the Right Time
    Bonus Tracks
    10. Broken Spoke Shuffle (Studio Session)
    11. Glory Be (Studio Session)
    12. Bad Moon Rising (Live/Berlin/71)
    13. Green River/ Susie Q (Live/Berlin/71)
    14. Lodi (Live/Hamburg/71)

    Title track (Live 1969)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival "Green River" in Andy Williams Show (1969)
    Tombstone Shadow (Rehearsal)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Tombstone Shadow
    Bad Moon Rising (Live 1969)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising (Live The Johnny Cash TV Show 1969).avi
    Wrote A Song For Everyone
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Wrote a Song for Everyone


    Willie and the Poor Boys [MQA UHQCD] [Limited Edition] CCR
    “[CCR Half Speed Master High-Resolution CD Series] A conceptual band that develops a story as a fictional band, "Willie and the Poor Boys" 4th album that became a work. The blockbuster single "Down on the Corner" (3rd place in the US) and "Fortunate Son" (14th place in the US) were sent out, the album - the 3rd place in the US. (Announced in 1970).”

    1. Down on the Corner
    2. It Came Out of the Sky
    3. Cotton Fields
    4. Poorboy Shuffle
    5. Feelin' Blue
    6. Fortunate Son
    7. Don't Look Now (It Ain't You or Me)
    8. The Midnight Special
    9. Side O' the Road
    9. Effigy

    Fortunate Sun (Live)
    CCR Fortunate Son Live 1969
    Midnight Special (Live)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Midnight Special
    Side O' the Road
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Side O' The Road
    Feelin' Blue
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Feelin' Blue
    Don't Look Now (It Ain't You or Me)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival: Don't Look Now


    Cosmo’s Factory [MQA UHQCD] [Limited Edition] CCR
    “[CCR Half Speed Master High-Resolution CD Series] "Travelin’ Band" (2nd place in the US), "Up Around The Bend" (4th place in the United States), "Lookin' Out My Back Door" (2nd place in the United States) and other single hits. No. 1 in the United States. The title Cosmo is the nickname of Doug Clifford on the drums. (Announced in 1970).”

    1. Ramble Tamble
    2. Before You Accuse Me
    3. Travelin’ Band
    4. Ooby Dooby
    5. Lookin' Out My Back Door
    6. Run Through The Jungle
    7. Up Around the Bend
    8. My Baby Left Me
    9. Who'll Stop the Rain
    10. I Heard It Through the Grapevine
    11. Long As I Can See the Light

    Long As I Can See the Light
    Creedence Clearwater Revival: Long As I Can See The Light
    Before You Accuse Me
    Before You Accuse Me
    Travelin’ Band (Live 1970)
    Travelin band - Creedence Clearwater Revival ( HQ - 5.1 Studio )
    My Baby Left Me


    Pendulum [MQA UHQCD] [Limited Edition] CCR
    “[CCR Half-speed Master High-Resolution CD Series] At the time of its release, it recorded 11th place on the single chart and became a big hit in Japan. 6th album containing "Takai" (8th place in the US) (double-sided hit "Hey Tonight"). 5th in the United States. Tom Fogerty left the band at the end of this album. (Announced in 1970).”

    1. Pagan Baby
    2. Sailor's Lament
    3. Chameleon
    4. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
    5. (Wish I Could) Hideaway
    6. Born to Move
    7. Hey Tonight
    8. It's Just a Thought
    9. Molina
    10. Rude Awakening 2

    (Wish I Could) Hideaway
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - (Wish I Could) Hideaway
    Pagan Baby
    CCR - Pagan Baby
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chameleon
    Just a Thought
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - It's Just A Thought
    Creedence Clearwater Revival --Molina

    Mardi Gras [MQA UHQCD] [Limited Edition] CCR
    “[CCR Half-speed Master High-Resolution CD Series] Tom Fogarty withdrew, making it the 7th work left by CCR, which became a trio. The final work in the studio is a unique work featuring the works of members other than John Fogerty. (Announced in 1972).”

    1. Lookin' for a Reason
    2. Take It Like a Friend
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Take It Like A Friend
    3. Need Someone to Hold
    CCR - Need Someone To Hold
    4. Tearin' Up the Country
    5. Someday Never Comes
    6. What Are You Going to Do
    7. Sail Away
    8. Hello Mary Lou
    9. Door to Door
    10. Sweet Hitch-Hiker

    Uni made the right move. I am definitely in and have high expectations for the SQ of this release.
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    I believe Universal licensed this release. Before 2008 Universal release, there was 2006 Victor/JVC Willie and the Poor Boys Promo Box set with K2HD mastering:





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    2006 Victor, Japan CCR 1st album S/T a.k.a. Suzy Q w/K2HD mastering


    The 8th album in 2006 Victor box set was Live in Europe (1973)

    Victor also released this set in 1998-2002 with 20-bit K2 mastering:


    We can see on the back of OBI: "From a master recordings owned by Fantasy, Inc., U.S.A."

    (Only in 2004 Victor switched to 24-bit K2HD, thanks to Mr. Vincent Lee of First Impression Music, who pushed them).
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    These look very nice. CCR is one of my all time favorite groups. I currently have the AP SACD's and enjoy them, so these will have to be a large improvement for me to make the investment. I wish they would have done "Chronicles". That could really use a good mastering in my opinion.
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    I'm glad they took a right direction. 2008/2013 Mini LP SHM-CD even after announcement start from $55 and a new condition is a rarity.
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    Gosh. I have all the CCR mini sleeves both SHM and the earlier ones. The forthcoming ones will no doubt be great but I do tend to play either the DCC cds (only 5 of the albums) or the Analogue Productions ones - all 7.
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    No one is a flat transfer with half speed mastering.
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  21. Flaming Torch

    Flaming Torch Forum Resident

    The forthcoming ones are a new mastering I think? The gosh was about the cost of the ones already released - I had no idea. Goodness knows what to do with all the card sleeves as I get older.
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  22. RPM

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    What significance has the half speed mastering for a CD?
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  23. swintonlion

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    Nothing, as I'm aware this is a process when making the vinyl Lp, in the case of the CCR CDs what is being pointed out is that these releases are using the new 2018 remasters as used for the half speed masters, not the process of half speed mastering.
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    The real Japan Mini LP collectors are buyers and sellers.

    No. 1: you need to make good photos.
    Check out the prices:
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Japan mini lp cd in Music | eBay
    Check the condition of each of your discs.
    Replace the old outer sleeves with new ones.
    List them separately.
    The price should not be higher than that of the new release.
    If your SHM-CDs are in “like new” condition, put $24-25.
    The older ones - $14

    When cdjapan announces them, no one will buy them at all.
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  25. toilet_doctor

    toilet_doctor Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    The point is that this 2018 master based on the flat transfer from US original master tapes and should be a good one.
    As Abbey Road says, "a master of the highest quality." They worked on it... We will see what is here for us.

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