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    George Harrison in Japan Mini LP SHM-CD with new Mastering.

    I didn't plane to start this thread, but this release forced me to do so.
    I will work backward to fulfill complete list of titles. It will cover Japan Mini LP releases from Jan. 2017 (Rock, Blues and Jazz).

    Feb. 24, 2017

    George Harrison Wonderwall Music
    George Harrison Electronic Sound
    George Harrison All Things Must Pass 2CD
    George Harrison Living In The Material World
    George Harrison Dark Horse
    George Harrison Extra Texture
    George Harrison 33 1/3
    George Harrison George Harrison
    George Harrison Somewhere In England
    George Harrison Gone Troppo
    George Harrison Cloud Nine
    George Harrison Live In Japan
    George Harrison Brainwashed



    Universal Japan just announced
    "Cardboard sleeve reissue from George Harrison features SHM-CD format and uses the latest master for vinyl. The mini LP faithfully replicates its UK first pressing LP design, which partially replicates its EU first pressing edition. Also partially replicates the obi included with the first pressing Japanese LP design. This series features the following titles "Wonderwall Music," "Electronic Sound," "All Things Must Pass," "Living In The Material World," "Dark Horse," "Extra Texture," "33 1/3," "George Harrison," "Somewhere In England," "Gone Troppo," "Cloud Nine," "Live In Japan," and "Brainwashed."

    Current price: $23.23; double albums: All Things Must Pass - $34.84, Live In Japan - $31.52

    Speaking of LP mastering, "The original analogue master tapes were used for the new re-masters and were cut at the legendary Capitol studios to ensure exceptional audio quality throughout."

    LPs also have been announced on Feb. 24, 2017 world-wide, while, interestingly, no reg. CDs yet.
    You can see on the pictures LP box set. Mini LP will be 1:1, but box itself more likely will come with different Artwork from one of the albums.

    The Beatles fans around the world, George Harrison's popular products appeared here for people who love it. 15 years since the release of "Brainwashed" which was the last work. Thirteen albums that George left in Apple - Dark Horse Records finally reissues in Japan only SHM - CD & paper jacket specifications! Eleven works excluding "Wonderwall Music" "Electronic Sound" this time the world first Paper jacketed!

    ● Paper jacket reproducing miniature first edition LP in the UK (* EU first edition)
    ● Miniature reproduction of Japan's first press LP band (* part CD band)
    ● Adopting the latest master for analogue release.

    All Things Mast Pass [SHM-CD] [Limited Release] / George Harrison
    ■ Solo third work featuring "My Sweet Lord" which won the first place in the UK / the United States and "Beautiful life" which recorded 10th place in the United States. Despite the volume of LP 3 sheets, he got his first masterpiece in Britain and the United States and he got a rudimentary masterpiece. Luxury guests including apple star, Eric Clapton, Dave Mason, Alan · White, Gary Light, Billy Preston, Badfinger and others participated. Produced by George and Phil Spector. (Announced in 1970)

    Living In The Material World [SHM-CD] [Limited Release] / George Harrison
    ■ Solo fourth work which apple star, Jim Celtner, Klaus Foreman, Nicky Hopkins etc participated. "Give Me Love" which was singled out and recorded the No. 1 place in the United States, "Sue Me Soo Yu Blues" offered to Jessie Ed Davies, "Tri · Written for Ronnie Spector" Sam By Sam "and so on. A piece that can enjoy the guitar work of George who was in charge of all parts. Ranked 2nd in UK / 1st in the United States. (Announced in 1973)

    Dark Horse [SHM-CD] [Limited Release] / George Harrison
    ■ The 5th work bearing the name of the dark hose label launched in May 1974. This title also ranked fourth in the nationwide by 15th in the title title released as a leading single in the US, and "Ding Dong" continuing to hit 36th. "Bye By Love" is a cover of Everly Brothers "Far East Man" is a collaboration with Ron Wood playing as a guest. Alvin Lee, Mick Jones, Andy Newmark and others join. (Announced in 1974)

    Extra Texture [SHM-CD] [Limited Release] / George Harrison
    ■ The sixth solo which cited the shout when distributing the newspaper outrage was the last work in Apple Records. Originally written for Ronnie Spector "Two people I love you" ranked 20th in the US, 38th in all, smash hit. There are many listeners including the "protagonists Leggs" whose former Bonzo Dog Band's best friend Legs Rally Smith sang. David Foster, Leon Russell and others join. 16th in UK / 8th in the U.S. (Announced in 1975)

    33 1/3 [SHM-CD] [Limited Release] / George Harrison
    ■ America's first solo work by Dark Horse, the solo seven works releasing a fresh sound from a naïve sound. "Gise song" ranked in and ranked 25th in the US, "True Love" which picked up the songs of Cole Porter, "Promised dawn" dedicated to Lord Buckley who was a longing actor is promotion · video It was produced. The album title means the number of revolutions of a record and multiplied by George's then age. 11th in the US / 35th in the UK. (Announced in 1976)

    George Harrison [SHM-CD] [Limited Release] / George Harrison
    ■ 8th work announced across the interval of 2 years since the previous work. Started "Blow Away" hit by 16th place in the United States, Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood participated "Love to All" and "The Beatles" tried "Not Gilti" Remake of "Hear Comes the Moon" which can be said as a sequel to "Hear Comes the Sun", "Far Star" of F1 Hymn for masterpieces. 14th in the US / 39th in the UK. (Announced in 1979)

    Somewhere In England [SHM-CD] [Complete production limited edition] / George Harrison
    ■ 9th work produced by co-producer Ray Cooper. Because there was a request from the distributor to replace the jacket and five songs, it was released about half a year behind the original schedule. "Passed past days" which contained feelings of memorial to John Lennon who fell into a berserk ranked second in the US and hit 13th in Britain. Other songs that include variety of songs such as "Hogey Carmichael's Cover" and environmental problems such as deforestation such as "save the world" are included. 11th in the US / 13th in Britain. (Announced in 1981)
    ["Somewhere In England, released in 1981, was the first Harrison album to be released after the death of his former Beatles bandmate John Lennon. The original recordings submitted by Harrison in 1980 were rejected by Warner Bros for being 'too laid back' and not sufficiently commercial. 'Blood From A Clone', Harrison s searing indictment of the executives behind the decision, would make the final cut. After the shock and devastation of Lennon's murder, Harrison decided to also utilize the unfinished recording of 'All Those Years Ago'. He changed the lyrics of the song to reflect the Lennon tragedy. Harrison invited Paul and Linda McCartney, and their fellow Wings band-mate Denny Laine, to record backing vocals on what would be his biggest hit since 'Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)'."]

    Gone Troppo [SHM-CD] [Limited Release] / George Harrison
    ■ At the time of its launch, it was 108th place in the US, and although it was commercially disastrous, it is the tenth work which can be interpreted also as the George version new wave album now if it becomes it. "Notice the love" ranked in 53th place in the United States, the cover of the stereos "I Really Love You", "Mystical One" dedicated to Eric Clapton, the movie " Banded Q "theme song" O LA Y A N A, "etc. A work that tropical and pop style remains an impression. (Announced in 1982)

    Cloud Nine [SHM-CD] [Limited Release] / George Harrison
    ■ The eleventh work, which was created with Jeff Lin of the electric light orchestra as a co-producer, recorded the million seller with a pop content reminiscent of the Beatles sound. It became a hit album that will be ranked 8th in the US / 10th in Britain. Beginning with the 1st in the US / 2nd in the UK "Set On You", "FAB" "This Is Love" also hit a single. Ringo Star, Eric Clapton, Elton John, etc participate in the guest. (Announced in 1987)

    Live in Japan [SHM-CD] [Limited Release] / George Harrison
    ■ It was here that Japan chose the tour site for the first time in 17 years. A two-piece live album containing patterns of the Japanese performance that took place from December 1 to 17, 1991. The stage led by Eric Clapton Band at that time also enriched with music that can also be called "Best of George Harrison" studded the Beatles number. It became a memorial work such as ranking in 15th in the Oricon chart of Japan while being 126th in the US. (Announced in 1992)

    Brainwashed [SHM-CD] [Limited Release] / George Harrison
    ■ The album became George's heritage as the 12th work that became the first time in 15 years since "Cloud Nine". It took over his intention passed away in 2001 and was produced by Jeff Lin and his son Danny. Ranked in 18th in the US / 29th in the UK. "Maruwa Bruce" won the Best Pop Instrumental Performance Award at the 46th Grammy Awards. "Any Road" was single-cut in the UK and recorded 37th place in Britain. (Announced in 2002)
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  2. Bobby Morrow

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    This looks great, but would have been so much better if they were SHM SACDs!
  3. toilet_doctor

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    I told them, but they don't want to listen...
  4. soundboy

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    I think those SHM-SACD titles will come eventually....just like John Lennon's.
  5. Jimmy Agates

    Jimmy Agates Forum Resident

    and where's the "more"??
  6. Musicisthebest

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    Manchester, UK
    Do you have any idea how limited this limited release will be? I'm very tempted to buy All Things Must Pass yet again but as I've already got several versions of this I don't want to get it if it's more compressed than the last UK release. I want to wait for reports from other folk before buying.
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  7. mikeja75

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    Any idea if the the SHM-CD mini LPs will be released in a box set or if they are just available individually?
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  8. toilet_doctor

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    I like you post, but... if it does happen eventually, as you said, it would not be in Mini LP like John Lennon.

    (from another thread)
    "It seems that Uni decided to go now in two parallel directions:
    1. Japan Mini LP SHM-CD (new releases with new Remaster and reissues with latest Remaster)
    2. Hong Kong Hybrid SACD (with latest Remaster in Jewel cases)"

    They could also decide on a single layer SHM-SACD in Digipak, but not in Mini LP - no more... It was too good...
  9. toilet_doctor

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    I guess first print would be 2000 and then they decide what to do next. Very popular Mini LP titles sometimes were gone before release date, but they prepared quickly second print (within a week). Sometimes they printed too much in second print and could not sell less popular albums. It was with Wishbone Ash complete set 2010 Japanese Remaster. So, they will be careful, as demand for some albums is not big.

    In this case everything indicate to very limited production:
    It looks like quick decision to meet LP release date.
    They advertised for one month before release date, rather than two as usually.
    For such a short time they will do not much.
    No ad from Japanese dealers at all.
    This is not a local Japanese Remaster and they depend on Main office and it looks to me like: "OK, guys, let's do 2000 copes for now... but don't forget to send our copies...

    Almost all Capitol Remasters I have sound very good.
    I will buy my favorite albums and will report on a sound here.
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  10. PNeski@aol.com

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    New York
    amazing with such a strong set list and Clapton ,That Live lp is so.... so so
  11. PNeski@aol.com

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    New York
    you mention new releases ,there hasn't been much to look forward to Nowadays ,mostly stuff that has already come out already ,or Oddays PD Budget stuff with fudged art work. and forget Jazz now that is almost dead
  12. toilet_doctor

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    Only Warner did not allow DU to produce Promo boxes, using original Artwork. Uni do, but they don't have much time. There is no add from Japanese promo box dealers on eBay either. It could be like 5-10% in a box sets for now - 100-200 pieces and more later on... You never know. I usually buy mini individually and then separately box on eBay, if not so expensive. (When I paid for the box a lot, I regretted later, as I could buy them way cheaper many times).
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  13. toilet_doctor

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    Since it comes individually, we can buy only our favorites. It completely make sense for good sounding remaster on SHM in Mini LP for $23. (I paid $25 for reg. mini 15 years ago.)
    We will discuss all of them here, whatever they worth.

    So far, there is no any other version of this Remaster on CD anywhere.

    And that push me to be hurry with my order, as Japanese people take no prisoners, when it comes to their collectibles.
    I will order it today. Let me repeat: today.
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  14. DK Pete

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    Levittown. NY
    I agree...the mere fact that they are SHM doesn't mean they're remastered. If they were SACD's they would be.
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  15. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

    Just being an SHM-SACD doesn't inherently mean it's remastered. They usually are but it's not like it's automatically remastered when it's pressed on SHM-SACD.
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  16. applebonkerz

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    So these would, or would not be different to the hi-res files released awhile back?
  17. DK Pete

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    Levittown. NY
    You're right about that per se but I do know that all the Stones SHM-SACD's were remastered; I'm assuming (we know how THAT can go:D) in the case of all SHM's, the SACD versions are newly remastered.
  18. the sands

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    Oslo, Norway
    Is it something strange about the "reviews" of the albums or is it just me (my broken English)? For example: '...which contained feelings of memorial to John Lennon who fell into a berserk...' for "Somewhere in England".
  19. A well respected man

    A well respected man Some Mother's Son

    Madrid, Spain
    According to CDJapan, these will have the same mastering as the new vinyl records.

    It seems to be an automatic translation.
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  20. toilet_doctor

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    Guys, this is a whole point, I underlined it in the post #1:
    "The original analogue master tapes were used for the new re-masters and were cut at the legendary Capitol studios to ensure exceptional audio quality throughout."
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  21. mikaal

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    What hope do I have till Feb 24 pay day??
  22. toilet_doctor

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    I want to point out one album often overlooked and badly underrated - 1975 Extra Texture.


    I did not listen to it for many years and now I just re-discovered it. I found it full of great and good songs with George's very pleasant distinctive vocal and signature guitar sound. Yes, sound recognizable from the first note. In one word: Solid.

    I was wondering what other people think.

    Pro review by Richard Ginell:
    "...the jacket is full of jokes, from the eaten-away Apple logo (the Apple label would expire at year's end) to the punning title, the list of non-participants, and the mischievous grin of the ex-Beatles above the arch caption "OHNOTHIMAGEN" ("Oh, not him again!"). The record gets off to a great start with the instantly winning single "You" - a bit of which is then repeated to open side two. But here, the basic idea and instrumental track come from February 1971, during George 's most fertile period, dressed up with vocals and string synthesizer four years later. One of George 's most beautifully harmonized, majestic, strangely underrated ballads "The Answer's at the End" -- whose inspiring lyric was based upon an inscription on George 's home by its builder, Sir Frank Crisp -- comes next, followed by "This Guitar (Can't Keep from Crying)," an attractive sequel to "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." At this point, the devoted fan's hopes go up; could this be an unsung masterpiece? But George has fired off his best stuff first, and the record slowly and inexorably tails off, closing with a baffling salute to ex-Bonzo Dog Band member "Legs" Larry Smith.Extra Texture has worn better as a whole than its Apple neighbors Dark Horse and even much of Living in the Material World, reveal a few musical blossoms upon re-listening and the front-loaded songs are among the best of his solo career."

    This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)

    The Answer's At The End
    The Answer's At The End »

    George Harrison - You [Remastered] »

    Tired Of Midnight Blue
    Tired Of Midnight Blue »

    World Of Stone
    World Of Stone »

    Ooh Baby (You Know That I Love You)
    Ooh Baby (You Know That I Love You) »

    Grey Cloudy Lies
    Grey Cloudy Lies »

    Can't Stop Thinking About You
    Can't Stop Thinking About You »

    I don't have it in my collection and happy to add it to my order.
    I also hope that it will come in textured cover.

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  23. toilet_doctor

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    You will get second print - not bad for the Limited Edition.
  24. mikaal

    mikaal Sociopathic Nice Guy

    Should I be looking to order through Universal Japan or my usual, CdJapan?
  25. Musicisthebest

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    Manchester, UK
    I've never ordered through Universal Japan but I've never had any problems with CDJapan.

    My only gripe with CDJapan is that to get guaranteed delivery you have to use FedEx or EMS which works out very expensive to the UK, particularly as both these methods attract UK customs charges.

    There are a few eBay sellers based in Japan who sell brand new CDs. Their basic price is slightly higher than CDJapan but are shipped using the standard Japanese postal system making the overall cost less than using CDJapan. Because you're buying through eBay you are covered by the eBay guarantee system should they not arrive. They also don't incur customs charges, at least in the UK.

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