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Grateful Dead Dave's Picks 2020 Subscriptions

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mgb70, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. mgb70

    mgb70 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Orlando, FL
    New Dave video:

    2020 Subscription Link (not available to order at the moment):
    Dave's Picks 2020 Subscription Grateful Dead

    Dave's Pick 33 is...

    Field House (Northern Illinois University) - De Kalb, IL
    Set 1:

    Might As Well
    Jack Straw
    Dire Wolf
    Looks Like Rain
    El Paso
    Ramble On Rose
    New Minglewood Blues
    It Must Have Been The Roses
    Let It Grow

    Set 2:
    Good Lovin'
    Friend Of The Devil
    Estimated Prophet
    Eyes Of The World
    St. Stephen
    Not Fade Away
    Black Peter
    Sugar Magnolia
    Sunshine Daydream

    One More Saturday Night
  2. jazz_case

    jazz_case Forum Resident

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  3. Lands End Drums

    Lands End Drums Forum Resident

    Wow, a '77 show, what a shock! :D

    No complaints here, DeKalb is an amazing show. Why can't we pay for the subscription yet?
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  4. Lands End Drums

    Lands End Drums Forum Resident

    Preorder is live!
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  5. Lands End Drums

    Lands End Drums Forum Resident

    And that was a pain. Kept giving me errors on my address. Finally got it to go through.
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  6. ducksdeluxe

    ducksdeluxe Are we there yet?

    I'm in. Didn't have any problem. I usually don't have any issues with them taking my money. Delivering a product is the challenge.

    Not crazy about yet another 77 show but this one...:righton:
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  7. MikeT

    MikeT Prior Forum Cretin and Current Impatient Creep

    New Jersey, USA
    That was painless.. in for another year!!!
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  8. four sticks

    four sticks Senior Member

    Ordered. No issues with dead.net.
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  9. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    Long River Place
    A fine show I'm sure, but leading with 77 means I'll pass again.

    More to spend on box sets and/or 50th anniversary Workingman's and American Beauty.
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  10. DrLunchbox

    DrLunchbox Forum Deadhead #1604

    Hillsborough, NC
    I've had issues with dead.net when using Chrome. I went straight for Safari this go-round and subscribed without issue.
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  11. PhoffiFozz

    PhoffiFozz Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL, 60173
    Yeah, mine errored out on my address over and over.
    So I called the #. I finally got the website through and it errored out at paypal.
    Paypal emailed me to try and get me to finalize the transaction, but that just errored out.
    Meanwhile, the Deadnet customer service lady tried putting through my order and then it failed on her.
    She said "we're having website issues". She's supposed to call me back later to confirm my order.
    I often read about deadnet problems here, I've never had them, so I guess I was due...
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  12. garymc

    garymc Forum Resident

    Florida, USA
    I'm in. This is the first year that I didn't have numerous issues with dead.net in placing my order. (always using Firefox)
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  13. RiRiIII

    RiRiIII Forum Resident

    Athens, Greece
    DP's 9th year will not be an exception...subscribed.:agree:
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  14. Lands End Drums

    Lands End Drums Forum Resident

    I've been ordering from deadnet since day one and never had a problem. Long overdue I suppose. I would enter my address then it told me it wasn't valid, then it wouldn't register the country (US is default ffs!), then apparently California wasn't a valid state, finally got through and entered my CC info and it hits me back with "please enter a valid address", tried again and it went through.

    Now I just hope they don't leave me waiting for 2 months for 'em to hit my mailbox this time around!
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  15. RockRoom

    RockRoom I Love My Dog

    Done deal. No issues. Subscriber since day one. Been waiting for DeKalb for a while, IMO the best of the Fall.
  16. giantleech

    giantleech Lord of all fevers and plagues

    In (again.)
  17. Howard Bleach

    Howard Bleach Imperial Aerosol Kid

    green bay, wi
    Leaning this way, too.
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  18. Lands End Drums

    Lands End Drums Forum Resident

    It's a given that 3 out of 4 (if not 4 out of 4) picks will be from the 70s. Leading with a '77 should surprise no one.
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  19. ThirdBowl

    ThirdBowl Have You Had Your Third Bowl Today?

    Santa Cruz, CA
    Yeah I had the same issue. Kept complaining about my address. Finally skipped the browser autofill and entered info manually, and it worked.

    Anyway, Might as Well. right?
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  20. scoutbb

    scoutbb Forum Resident

    The auto fill didn't allow me to see state and zip code, so I hit the "Enter Manually" button and state and zip code boxes popped up. So I completed manually. I'm in again. 4th year. Got my order number.
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  21. tdcrjeff

    tdcrjeff Forum Resident

    Hermosa Beach, CA
    I can never seem to order from work, it always gives me "Failed to load checkout. Please use a different browser." Same behavior and error message with Explorer, Edge, and Firefox. So there's always a little stress level* before I can get home and order it, where I still sometimes have problems but eventually it goes through.

    *not that the subscriptions have ever actually sold out first day
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  22. Jerry

    Jerry Grateful Gort Staff

    New England
    By phone, they tell me the system is still crashed. Three times I've talked to Edwards, last time at 6:22pm, and still crashed. They close at 7pm Eastern time. By Deadnet.com, spinning wheel of death on the pre-order link. Grrrrrrrr...
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2019
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  23. citizensmurf

    citizensmurf Ain't but the one way.

    Not even a choice, I had to buy (or cry). My order went through just fine early this aft.

    At the end of next year it will be up to 36 volumes, where the Dick's series ended. And Dave says (kind of jokingly) that they are maybe at a quarter life of this series. Can your collection possibly house 144 DaP's? Yikes!
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  24. Archtop

    Archtop Agitation: Soft Dead Frumpy Crimson Cow

    Others have noted that Chrome is also a problem. I have IE, Chrome and Firefox and have always used Chrome with no problems. What's the consensus best browser to avoid hassles? AOL? :nyah:
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  25. Jerry

    Jerry Grateful Gort Staff

    New England
    I’ve got order pages open on computer,Chrome and on my iPad, Safari. The wheel is turning....
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