Frankie Goes To Hollywood 1984,1985 & "WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME" Album POLL

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    Welcome to the Pleasuredome
    Illustration by Lo Cole
    Studio album by
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    29 October 1984 (vinyl, cassette)
    30 September 1985 (CD)
    Recorded July 1983–1984
    Studio Manor Studios, Oxford and Sarm Studios, London
    Length 64:00
    Producer Trevor Horn

    Singles from Welcome to the Pleasuredome:
    1. "Relax"
      Released: 24 October 1983
    2. "Two Tribes"
      Released: 28 May 1984
    3. "The Power of Love"
      Released: 19 November 1984
    4. "Welcome to the Pleasuredome"
      Released: 18 March 1985


    Spinning this cd earlier today just wanted me to spin the original 1984-1985 2 lp set even more. From each of these 2 lps this album contains so much music to absorb. Producer Trevor Horn dominated the production of Pleasuredome so much that he replaced some of the band members with studio musicians or even Horn himself on instrumentals. Frankie may be considered a singles band but when I listen to Pleasuredome I think not. The whole package is here on this album, great music, original packaging and all.


    Some great memories spinning this cd. I remember the t shirts during 1985 "Frankie Says Relax". The memories, the parties what fun. Just chilling out on a Saturday night listening to other music as well. Frankie made music as well as the Pet Shop Boys or any band of the mid 1980's music scene.

    Frankie Goes to Hollywood in 1985.

    "Welcome To The Pleasuredome" was one of those albums that brings me back and of course a great listen 35 years later.

    The Quietus | Features | Anniversary | 25 Years On: Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Welcome To The Pleasuredome

    Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome to the Pleasuredome (album review ) | Sputnikmusic
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  2. Erick Haight

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    An exceptional record as a whole and in pieces, equal parts conceptual wink and pop landmark.
  3. Kristofa

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    The first cassette I ever bought where it wasn’t in stock and learned what “rain check” meant.

    I played this thing to death in 85 and 86. It wasn’t until I got older that I really appreciated their cover of War. I didn’t choose it on this poll because I already chose so many:

    Snatch Of Fury
    Welcome To the Pleasuredome
    Including the Ballad of 32
    The Power Of Love
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  4. hutlock

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    Voted for “I like the whole thing.” Warts (and questionable cover songs) and all. I got this for Xmas on cassette in 1984 and it was all I played for the entire holiday break from school.

    If I had to pick a favorite on the album, it’s the title track, but I really think the thing is brilliant in its execution and especially the production (Trevor Horn really is responsible for a solid 75% of this, right?) But the whole zeitgeist of Frankie was amazing and this album full of bombast and fury and weirdness and naughty bits was just perfect.
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    I love the singles but oddly enough have never listened to the album. Will have to rectify that asap. So voted for the four singles my favourite being the sublime "Power Of Love".

    Frankie were red hot in 1984/1985 then ....
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    A early CD version of the album contain "Happy Hi" in place of "San Jose". I prefer and really like "Happy Hi" and I don't like "San Jose". Other than that, I like the whole album.
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    Dismissed it at the time, regard it as a real Eighties landmark now.

    Hard to pick out individual tracks beyond The Power Of Love. It's potency comes from the aural impact of the whole.

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