Floorstanders for $1200-1300 or less? What do you recommend?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Chester0711, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. Chester0711

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    I have been a bookshelf guy forever and have a desire to see what I am missing with floorstanders in my relatively small space. Can I get a set that won’t over power a 12x12 room (the room does connect into a 15x12 room so it is not closed off....just the immediate area is 12x12)

    currently have LS50’s and like them a lot but it’s more of a curiosity than anything else....

    yamaha A-s501 amp
    Lounge Pre (silver wire)
    Pro-Ject TT Extension 9
  2. Dr. J.

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    Memphis, TN
    Tekton Lores, Lore Reference or Mini-Lores. The latter would be a perfect fit for the size of your room, which saves you $600 for more music.
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  3. woodpigeon

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    Q Acoustics make some nice, reasonably priced floor standers. I have a system with the 2050i connected to an A-S501 and like the sound. A friend is running Concept 40s, which are better again.
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  4. rockin_since_58

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  5. Davey

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    If you wanna play it safe on the bass side, some older Spendors may give you the right balance, and they do look pretty nice too. And if they don't work out, they can be flipped pretty easy if you get a good deal. As an example, there's a cherry set of A3 in Texas advertised on USAM for $1000, and he has the original boxes to ship. Nice speakers ...

  6. Helom

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  7. Noel Patterson

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    Ontario, Canada
    I quite like my KEF Q550. They are the smaller of the Q towers; perhaps check out the 750 or 950 too.
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  8. zonto

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    Used Magnepan 0.7 or similar.
  9. Wayne Nielson

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  10. Martin Takamine

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  11. Classic Car Guy

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    I was looking at that speaker it was on sale and that was a real steal. Not just for the price.
    This new Jbl line up started at the Arena series and became so successful. Then they followed up with the Early studio series. I have the arena 170 and the studio 280.
    Both these speakers are insides configured similar to the new 580-590 with the same crossover, same dimensions and the same and porting. the speakers might be similar but on the last 2 era, the tweeter sounds just like the JBL off the 80's.
    My main speaker is a Rauna Balder Swiss 1988. As a personal preference I really like it. But there is a reason why I still have both JBL. Honestly I brought the old jbl 170 when I was getting a demo at the local hifi store here so I could confirm the amp with match my sounding experience. 3 people ask me what is the model of the speaker..
    Its very hard to believe a sound like that I can get for an entry level.
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  12. avanti1960

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    The PSB X2T are outrageously good for the money. Huge bass impact, excellent imaging and neutral overall character.
    If you like a smoother overall sound with slightly better bass check out the Paradigm monitor SE 6000F.
    My preferences lean toward the Paradigm for rock because it is smoother / less forward. If you like jazz and horns the PSB are they way to go. Each of them will have good synergy with the Yamaha amp.

    PSB Imagine X2T Floor-standing speaker at Crutchfield

    Monitor SE 6000F
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  13. timind

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    Spend the money on a quality a subwoofer instead. Been in the same spot for two years, and after several large speakers in my 24X28 room I'm back to small monitors and SVS SB-3000 sub. They sound just as big, but with imaging. Large speakers just couldn't give the 3D imaging I crave.

    It all depends on what you hope to hear.
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  14. Helom

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    Those PSBs are a lot of speaker for the $$$$.

    Great suggestions so far.
  15. head_unit

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    To paraphrase Meghan Trainor, "It's all about the bass not the treble"
    If you like their sound, the logical step is KEF towers. At that price on a different note, I love the Wharfedale Linton Heritage, sound great and open throughout Audio Element's shop, not a tight sweet spot. Their matching retro stands make them exactly as tall as the Wharfedale EVO 4.4 and whatever model the similar price DALI is.
    In case you don't know, used speakers a few years old are just fine and can be a bargain.
  16. Wayne Nielson

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    These speakers are not new, they have been around for some time, designed by Greg Timbers. They used to be part of the Synthesis line (perhaps they are still in that group). I own a pair of 580s, 2 pair of 530s and a 520c center channel speaker. I used to have a pair of L100s that I got rid of decades ago. I also have a pair of S109 Aquarius IV speakers that I use every day. I am a fan boy.

    My 580s are driven by a Sunfire II amp, at 6 ohms would bring the RMS power to around 495 watts per channel. Plenty of clean power.
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  17. Martin Takamine

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  18. namlook

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    Zu Audio Dirty Weekend are crazy value for $999.
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  19. daytona600

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  20. DanPDX

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    I second the KEF Q550 suggestion from @Noel Patterson. I just upgraded from a pair of Pioneers SP-FS52 and they are much better. I wanted a pair of the 750's, but decided to go for the smaller ones and save for a better amp/pre setup sometime in the near future.
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  21. Chester0711

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    I was a pretty big fan of the elac bookshelves I had before the LS50’s.
    Have not found many reviews on the new Reference series. Anyone been able to take a listen? Might think about grabbing the floorstanders.
  22. Classic Car Guy

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    Northwest, USA
    Whatever you buy is your decision alone. The only thing I can share with you is the speaker housing / baffle its gotta be wood.
  23. PhilinSC

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    Tega Cay SC
    Many good options out there (and some pretty dreadful ones too): For a speaker that is not voiced / does not favor a specific genre, but does a competent job across all, I've been using - and enjoying - the Q Acoustic Concept 40.

    Best of luck in your search!
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  24. jek57

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    upstate New York
    I just bought a pair of polk tsi400 so far very happy with them
  25. The Pinhead

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