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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by DVinylFan, Sep 23, 2020.

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    I’ve been busy these last years, building a system I feel confident about to enjoy the music contained in my records on. I think I might be there. It won’t be the most high-end you’ve heard of but it should be visible on my profile. I hope others can enjoy music through good well chosen components the way I have.
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    If it ' sounds good '... it is good! :agree:

    &... if it ain't broke - don't fix it.
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    Agreed. Too many people get hung up on if their system is good enough. If you enjoy it then its good enough.
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  4. action pact

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    Let's make this a bit less cryptic... here is the OP's enjoyable system:

    Goldring Gr1.2
    Denon DL110
    Pre Amplifier:
    Meridian 208
    Bryston 4Bnrb
    Speaker System:
    PMC GB1
    Speaker Cables:
    QED Silver Anniversary Biwire
    Van den hul Dc102 mk2
    System Rack:
    Sound Organisation/ Rega Wall (2016-) shelf

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    Of Systems that lean towards studio monitor-type sound it’s often said they’re ‘bright’ or ‘forward’ sounding. Isn’t that just an artefact of revealing a culture in sound recording Towards the end of the last millennium And beyond of ‘Radio-friendly’ ie treble-heavy masterings?
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    I’m biased but I think when Meridian made the 209 they made the Hifi remote right
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  8. jupiterboy

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    My current speakers are designed as monitors. I like them better than many recordings.
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    Possibly, but it has to do with the quality of playback electronics as well as those used in the studio. Lp records from the '70s can sound a bit thin and the more capable gear from that era could bring out a more balanced sound from it. Many products from that same era had a grainy, hard edged sound to it which was imparted onto the playback of the recordings. So system matching was and is important to get the best results there.
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