Bonzo Dog Band complete recordings box set in the works

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Alcoholic, Dec 31, 2019.

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    No bull apparently. :D
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    I believe the repeats have used the fifteen minute Radio 4 edits from the 1990s, rather than as heard on the original John Peel broadcasts. I recall John Peel once saying that Viv's family had not approved the release of the Rawlinson End sessions as they had other plans for them, but obviously many years have passed since then.
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    This will lol well about 5 copies.
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    Wonder what happened to Viv’s lithographs? Met him a couple of times once I asked about buying his art... “ he said my family can get my lithographs “ this was in 1993.
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    That's true - although most of the mid-period 1977-79 instalments were around that length anyway, the first instalments from 1975 and the later 1980s episodes in particular ran at a minimum of 20-25 minutes.

    Not only that, but the last I knew of the family politics surrounding them, there were two factions concerned who didn't necessarily agree on how to proceed.
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    A lot of his art (and music) was destroyed in the fire that claimed him, sadly.
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    Blast! Yep! Anyway you all know what I mean. If we get a Pretty Things quality set then that will be great! A superb set.
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    It will lol well brazilians of coffees.
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    It's going to be the best-welling ablum of 20200.
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