Bob Dylan - rejected liner notes for "Bootleg Series Vol. 8 - Tell Tale Signs"

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by C6H12O6, Jul 28, 2020.

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    Looks like the late Peter Stone Brown was asked to write the liner notes to Tell Tale Signs, but ultimately Dylan's camp used the notes written by Larry Sloman. Brown's seem to be more critical - i.e. this should have been on the album or this alternate is clearly inferior - but apparently the track list was also changed after he submitted his draft. I had some issues opening the link to the blog, so I'll also paste in the text grabbed from google's cache:

    The rejected notes for Tell Tale Signs
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    Thank for for posting this.
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    This is a great read. I haven't listened to this for a while, so it's now the soundtrack to my morning's work. Vol. 8 is top of the bootleg series pile for me.
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    Yeah, my favourite too.
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    Great, so now I need to go read the notes that were in the box set. The price you pay to be a Dylan fan. I have Mofi Oh Mercy and Rough & Rowdy Ways being delivered today. It will be a late night.
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    not surprised they were rejected. who wrote the liner notes that were used?
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    Larry Sloman. I like Peter's better.
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    Agreed. They're an interesting read on the internet, but rather dry and matter-of-fact for liner notes.
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  9. Ditto. A good read.
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    Thanks for posting and interesting timing. I just finished listening to...
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    It's a hard life at times ;)
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    Thank you.
  13. Jimmy B.

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    Stranded on Earth
  14. Gdgray

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    So much so that I warmed up by listening to Sony SACD’s of Street Legal as well as Love and Theft. Two that I haven’t listened to in a while.
    I’m ready now.
    Ain’t life grand!
  15. Tom Schreck

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    Doin’ Alright (Alternate outtake, Time Out Of Mind)

    “Doin’ Alright” would’ve fit right into the Basement Tapes. In essence this is “Marching To The City,” in a more jaunty groove, moving at a fast clip towards metamorphosing into “’Till I Fell In Love With You,” with quite a few improvised detours on the way. Once again, various lines, some familiar, some not are interjected, while others are quickly abandoned.
    Another unheard Time Out of Mind-era song was cut from the project? That's too bad. Hopefully we'll get the TOOM bootleg series box some day and get this gem and others.
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    Thanks for posting these. They're much more interesting and enjoyable than the notes that made the final release, imo.
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    You only have the two-disc set? You may have to re-apply to this thread when you've secured the three-disc set . . .
  18. DeeThomaz

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    This is just another name for the version of “Marchin’ To The City” on disc 3 of the Deluxe set, with the title “Doin’ Alright” coming from how it was logged.

    However, apparently there is an unheard original song from the sessions called “All I Ever Loved Is You,” though it’s not unimaginable it’s a slightly mistitled cover of The Stanley Brothers “All I Ever Loved Was You.”
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    Ah! thank you.
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    Nice Thread
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    Thanks for the head's up. Peter Stone Brown and I were casual "internet friends" for many years -- I'm sure he had lots of those -- and he actually sent me his original liner notes back in 2008 after they got rejected. He speculated to me that (a) it was a "suit" at Sony and not Bob's camp that rejected them, and (b) his notes were given to Sloman, whose notes had some suspiciously similar insights to his. Peter was truly bummed that his notes weren't used, but at least he got paid and got a deluxe set out of it.
    Keep in mind they were a first draft and would have been refined. Peter was given just a few days to write the liners, and he got CDRs with the tracks and no recording info whatsoever. Whatever he managed to include he figured out on his own.
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    would love to read these, but am unable to access them through the provided link. Is there another place to find his notes?
  24. lukpac

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    It's not on the Internet Archive, but at least for now it's available via Google's cache:

    The rejected notes for Tell Tale Signs

    This link has formatting, but it will likely be stuck loading for a while:

    The rejected notes for Tell Tale Signs

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