Bands Whose 'Best Of' Is Their Best Album?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by FloydVivino, Jan 18, 2020.

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    Come on! I get that can apply to the single-led earlier releases. But Rubber Soul? Revolver? Those are good albums with songs that never came to appear as part of best offs and deserve good listening. Again - IMHO!
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    Probably the best of the best!

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    I'm not saying that there aren't amazing songs on those albums but as a collection of songs, they can't compete with the all the goodies crammed into the red and blue comps (which I never play as it happens).
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    You've answered your own point. That's it. Initially, as from principle, I'm don't like best offs. Nevermind dodgy remasterings. A good album has a story to tell, a proper sequence, a start, a middle and an end. Each song was worked on with the same care and attention. Some albums are not like that, we all know this. So the point of this thread is answering whether it is worthwhile, strictly from a musical quality point of view, collecting the albums of a particular artist or band. Are they good works, each of them, in they're own right? Or are those simply albums that consist of one great tune (the single) plus some filler? Except for die-hard fans - of course, that is why they die hard - most of us will agree that some bands are the former, whereas some are the latter.
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    Providence, RI
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    I'm sure our experiences with Pyromania are different due to our circumstances. I was 13 when Pyromania was released and at the time they were like a better looking and more harmonic AC/DC.
    Fresh videos on constant rotation on MTV of Photograph, Rock of Ages and Foolin' added to the mystique.
    That album created a lot of followups by other bands trying to create their own Pyromania.
    Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet, Motley Crue - Theater of Pain and others.
    In 1983 I promise you Pyromania was the album to have that wasn't dance pop like Thriller. It was the cool kids album and Die Hard The Hunter and Billy's Got a Gun were epic tracks.
    I was surprised to see all the love Gods of War gets on YouTube comments as the best song on Hysteria but they probably experienced it the way I did the other two.
    Bro in 1983 this video below was the most badass thing in the world regardless of how it's perceived now lol.
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    Yeah, I grew up in an era where 80s rock was a major taboo. That as clearly changing by the very late 90s but when I was in junior high and high school you wouldn’t want to be caught dead listening to Ratt, Bon Jovi or DL music.

    Rock music is what I’ve always had an affinity to, but not only was I too young for grunge (I literally only heard of Kurt Cobain about a week before he killed himself) but I also always had a hard time identifying with the overall down, negative misery that grunge as a whole is so connected with.

    I started getting into older rock acts while in high school in the late 90s as they represented more of what I identified with. Def Leppard seemed to fit in that mold, and in many way they do. But to me Def Leppard’s music is just soooooo samey. I mean, they found their sound early on and haven’t modified it since, and more power to them I suppose. Even with changing both of their guitar players and having a drummer lose an arm, you can be assured that each Def Leppard album will sound exactly the same as the one that came before it.

    Even their ‘different’ album Slang essentially sounds exactly like you would expect a Def Leppard album to sound. Sure there are a few darker songs on it that use a few different instruments than other Def Leppard albums use, but beyond those superficial things it’s a by-numbers DL album.

    Albums like Pyromania and Hysteria has been played up as being ‘legendary’ albums by the late 90s. Hell, DL were openly admitting to following the –ia formula with their then upcoming/new album Euphoria in 1999 and the riff/musical structure of the lead single “Promises” sounds like a literal reworking of “Photograph”.

    Vault has most of the Hysteria album on it (sans “Gods of War”, “Women” and maybe one other song) and there were a few Hysteria songs on Vault that I didn’t particularly care for such as “Rocket” and “Armageddon It” so I never bothered picking up a copy (as I mentioned in my previous post). But Pyromania… man that was an album I chomping at the bit to hear! And when I finally did get a copy, man was I bummed out by what I heard. To my teenage ears in the late 90s Pyromania sounded like a typical album where the only good song on it was the single/popular song in “Photograph”.

    Everything that I heard on Pyromania was found on Vault but at a largely lesser quality, so why did I need any other DL album? And given that the group’s sound hasn’t changed or evolved in any way whatsoever since c. 1982 that’s why I suggested Vault in this thread.
  8. Cause everyone 's sick and tired of the songs on it ?
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  9. Keith V

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    Jersey City, NJ
    Chicago’s first Greatest Hits Album.

    John Denver’s Greatest Hits II

    maybe The Cure Staring at the Sea
  10. siebrand

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    oh mom yes yes it could be.
    But honestly, I don't think so.
    I too am part of those who have placed this blue covered recored with the eagle's skull thousands of times on the old Thorens, when I had it.
    I had also bought the CD a few decades ago. Then, of course, I got a little fed up and didn't listen to it anymore.
    After about fifteen years, in the mountains, I found that LP again ... smiling...I ran it on the Rega P1:... the old Luxman amp and the Ruark Talisman speakers have done, as always, an excellent job.
    and I enjoyed it just like I did 20 years ago. After all ... here we say "greatest hits" records as better works, or not?
    Here it is. for me ... this is absolutely the case ...
  11. Price.pittsburgh

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    Albums get overblown by the media or fans of an artist so that by the time a casual observer from a different era gives it a listen there's no way it can reach the expectation. This happened to me with The Beatles Sgt. Pepper in 1987. I already had The title track Pepper, A Little Help From My Friends, Lucy In The Sky and Day In The Life on the 67-70 Blue album and add to that I wasn't hearing the Pepper album in historical context. Just as you weren't with Pyromania.
    No I'm not comparing the Pyromania experience of 83 to the Pepper one of 67 but for us in 83 it was as close as you could get. Hard rock bands didn't sound like DL then. KISS, Zeppelin, Sabbath, AC/DC weren't as polished production wise and didn't have the big harmonies.
    Personally I think all the songs hold up individually. Too Late For Love is great and so is Coming Under Fire and Action Not Words.
    I think all the singles are top tier, Photograph, Rock of Ages and Foolin. Rock Rock til You Drop and Stageftight are good heavy rockers and the deep cut epics are Die Hard and Billy. Again it's more of an album experience than a track for track album though.
    I do agree that off Hysteria the songs Armeggedon It and Rocket are not very good and both of those sound like filler even if that wasn't their intention. Same goes for Excitable and Run Riot.
    I have always liked Adrenalize better than Hysteria because it sounds like they actually put an effort into mastering that DL sound.
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    Some people don't care for the Joe Walsh version of the group
  13. egebamyasi

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    Eagles Greatest Hits is great as is but Hotel still has some of their best songs.
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    "thread for the casual and/or lazy fan"
  15. RickH

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    Blood Sweat & Tears Greatest Hits
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  16. yesstiles

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    No way. It doesn't even have anything from Chicago III on it.
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  17. yesstiles

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    What about "rocking horse people who eat marshmallow pies" ? I suppose John gets a pass.
  18. redfloatboat

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    For me i have the Ultimate Collection from The Kinks, and a best of the Carpenters, those two imo are their best.
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  19. Roland Stone

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    Agreed. The Beach Boys never released a "real" album as good as ENDLESS SUMMER, especially the CD version with "Good Vibrations" tacked on. None of McCartney's albums were anywhere as good as WINGS GREATEST, etc.

    It would be easier to list the acts whose greatest hits isn't their best album.
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    This is Lightfoot's best album (Including 'best of' comps), although not the only one (including comps) worth listening to.

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    The 'Gord's Gold' re-recordings are well done. Of course, so are the original versions on UA. "Gord's Gold Volume 2' on the other-hand, also full of re-recordings, is terrible and should be avoided.
  22. carlwm

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    I think the best Gord compilation is the recent Complete Singles 1970-1980 which, because of the B-sides includes a lot of interesting and rarely compiled album tracks. Even then though, there is too much essential Gord missing. He really is one of those performers where only a complete collection of long players will do.

    For what it's worth, as much as I love Sundown (it's excellent! :righton:), there are a few albums I like even more. My current top five is probably:

    1. Don Quixote
    2. Cold On The Shoulder
    3. Dream Street Rose
    4. Summer Side Of Life
    5. Summertime Dream

    Truth is, I love most of 'em!
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  23. rjp

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    by far and away 'chronicles' by CCR.....if 'born on bayou' was on there it would be complete, totally.
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