Bands that have changed dramatically

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  1. I genuinely think the music is rubbish. It's one of the worst albums I've ever heard, in my opinion. I'm glad others enjoy it but I've sat through it more than five times and I've rarely heard such a load of old cobblers in my life. It sounds like a cross between Westlife and The Dubliners.
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    Game Over
  3. Come to think of it, didn't the Scorpions do something similar in the '90s? I seem to recall seeing a video of their s for a very synthy - and very horrible - song, but I'm afraid to trawl YouTube for it...
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    I wouldn't be surprised in the least. I dunno, though.
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    My first thought.. one of the most varied bands I know. Robert Smith’s voice is of course instantly recognisable, but the music from album to album up until the early 90’s is quite astonishing. No wonder Robert Smith gets p@ssed of about The Cure being labelled a ‘goth’ band! So, so much more to them than that..
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    If you were a fan of Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band when their first, straight ahead blues-rock single Diddy Wah Diddy came out, heard nothing about them, and four years later picked up Trout Mask Replica, I think your mind would be absolutely blown.
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    coming back just cause i forgot the screwball/skewed/faux jazz of "the lovecats" and "mr. pink eyes" in the middle of those early years, they were all over the place!
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    Pink Floyd.
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    Apparantly Ambrosia was a prog band before they became soft rock or whatever it is. I haven't confirmed that though.
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    Haha! Kudos for that double reference :D.
    I just love the epicness and non-repeating song structures and Charlie's slide guitar and Jim's low key vocal delivery.
    I was on a Scottish holiday the summer the album was released and it totally went with the landscape.
    But this was my entry point to Simple Minds so I had no preconceptions. Then I worked my way backward and THAT was a shock. Their early music was totally off the critical radar in the late 80s, nowhere as hip as it is (deservedly) now.
    The opinion then was "yeah, they put out some immature crap before New Gold Dream".
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    Bob Dylan: Rock and roll to folk back to rock to country to cover artist to acoustic rock to the hard driving Rolling Thunder Revue to a Vegas style crowd pleaser to fire and brimstone preacher back to secular rock to bad 80's production period to almost joining the Grateful Dead as a permanent member, and then to lifelong troubadour ---- with stops for nursery rhymes, old folk songs, cut and pasting old material from disparate sources to create new blues rock songs, and covering a lot of old standards along the way. There's more, but those were some of the big changes.
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  12. I read an interview from 1989 in Q where Jim himself dismisses I Travel as being some kind of juvenile thing.
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  14. HeavensAbove

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    Everything But The Girl:
    Jazz Pop (Eden) > Jangle Guitar Rock (Love Not Money) > Bacharachian Chamber Pop (Stars Shine Bright) > Smooth Jazz/Adult Contemporary (Language of Life/Worldwide) > Jungle (Walking Wounded) > House (Temperamental)

    Was not sure how to categorize Idlewild and Amplified Heart, but perhaps those are the 2 most "EBTG" sounding albums in their discography.

    ABC (Mark White years):
    Brit Funk/Pop (Lexicon of Love) > Guitar Rawk (Beauty Stab) > Electro (Zillionaire) > Blue Eyed Soul (Alphabet City) > Chicago House (Up!)

    Not sure how to categorize Abracadabra.
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    A lot of the bands quoted here did indeed change a lot over time to the point where, say, Genesis's "Musical Box" sounds nothing like "Invisible Touch". But the change from album to album was still gradual. The biggest change in sound between albums for that band was probably Duke to Abacab or We Can't Dance to Calling All Stations, but still not that much of a radical change between albums.

    For a really extreme transformation over four albums (and three years, 1996 - 2000), check out the following albums from Norwegian band Ulver:

    Nattens Madrigal
    Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
    Perdition City

    1) Dark Folk / Neo Folk -> 2) Black Metal -> 3) Experimental / Post-industrial / Avant-garde Metal / Industrial Metal Ambient -> 4) Avant-garde / Electronic / Trip Hop / Ambient / Jazz

    The leap in style from 2 to 4 in particular is staggering... check it out on YouTube.
  16. NJ Englishman

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    Sorry, meant to say 'four albums in four years'.
  17. old45s

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    The MOODY BLUES from the Denny Laine era to the Justin Hayward era.
  18. frightwigwam

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    Grateful Dead
    garage rock w/ a taste for British Invasion and blues
    acid rock improv
    country/roots rock
    arena rawk with tastes of funk/disco and reggae, even prog

    Every year from 1966-79, they added some element that gave their sound a different flavor. At some points, they practically became a different band.
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    Queen from playing hard rock to short hair, moustache and every genre imaginable, thanks to Freddie.
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  20. countingbackward

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    Slowdive - from aggressive but catchy shoegaze to the atmospheric electronic rock of Pygmalion...Radiohead followed their lead in more ways than one.
  21. TheDailyBuzzherd

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    Foreigner became so foreign not one original member remains.
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    Ulver. Second album was folk, third was black metal, fifth was ambient / electronica. The most extreme genre hopping I have ever seen.
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    hard to recognize this is Hoobastank, pretty funky track from 2018.....

    Hoobastank - Push Pull (2018)
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    Not really true, it has always been Mick Jones' band. He was missing gigs for awhile due to medical issues but that's over.
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    Traffic - from like psych to the jazz fusion thing...
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