Are some of the 2015 Rush vinyl reissues going OOP?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Chris Desjardin, May 30, 2019.

  1. Chris Desjardin

    Chris Desjardin Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Ware, MA
    I've noticed that some titles aren't as easily found as they were before, and the prices online seem to have bumped up. Did the later titles go out of print recently?

    Everything through the early 90's seems easy to find, but the later titles? Not so much...
  2. Ben Adams

    Ben Adams Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    It was bound to happen - there was only one print run. The ones out there still have download cards which expired two years ago.

    Basically, they were out of print as soon as they were manufactured.
  3. jazon

    jazon A fight between the blue you once knew

    I've been looking everywhere for Counterparts with no luck. Sucks.
  4. Opeth

    Opeth Forum Resident

    I got them all expect power windows and show of hands. :)

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