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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Richard Feirstein, Jan 23, 2002.

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    Hi! This is a response to your Support Request to Apex Digital.

    Your Issue Was:

    Is it true that the assets of APEX digital are being sold at auction because it is being forced out of business? Is this why the 7701 was released before it was ready to function and why Customer Support has not done anything to help me with my four defective 7701 units that I have now returned to J&R?

    Apex's Answer Is:

    It is interesting how rumors start.

    The Problem is a legal dispute between Apex and Hub.

    A contract dispute involves Hub threatening to sell Apex Digital product unless resolved. This is not an Apex Digital auction.

    Hub is only one of seven (7) warehouses with Apex Digital Product. Apex digital continues shipping DVD players to retailers and is definitely not going bankrupt or sanctioning any auctions.

    Apex Digital is financially sound, continues to supply product to the marketplace, and will continue doing \"business as usual\" while resolution with Hub is agreed upon.

    Is second only to Sony in DVD player market share in the United States.

    Completed a very successful Consumer Electronics Show January 8-11, 2002 in Las Vegas, where major retailers contracted for product exceeding last years success story.

    Added 18 new model television sets and 7 new model DVD players to the Apex Digital line-up. Continues shipping to major retailers without interruption now.

    Acquired a 60% controlling interest for $9 million in a major DVD manufacturing plant. Completed construction of a 300,000 square foot headquarters with 5 new production lines to complement the existing 350,000 square foot DVD manufacturing facility. Has over 75 engineers doing research and development and 2800 employees.

    Colton Manley
    Apex Digital Inc.
    2919 E. Philadelphia St.
    Ontario CA 91761

    Thank you!

    Apex Digital Inc.
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