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Albums are dead.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by manco, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Exit Flagger

    Exit Flagger Forum Resident

    New York
    If you are a fan of "alternative rock" you should be looking more toward indie labels and self-released stuff than major labels anyway in my opinion. Many indie acts are putting stuff up only on Bandcamp these days and maybe self-releasing singles and albums on vinyl. Just look at the massive output of an act like Car Seat Headrest (not a huge fan but he is a great example of putting out consistent content).
  2. dustybooks

    dustybooks rabbit advocate

    Wilmington, NC
    I don't understand why "streaming" and "albums" are put up as opposing positions (except in terms of sales specifically). I constantly stream... albums. I'm confused.

    I can barely keep up with all the albums I love being released every year. Maybe my standards are just low. Honestly, the fact that there are so many might have as much to do with the low sales figures as any format change.
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  3. manco

    manco Forum Resident Thread Starter

    San Jose, CA
    Did it? I remember Britney Spears, NSync, Backstreet Boys, Robbie Williams selling millions of LPs in that period.
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  4. Rodz42

    Rodz42 Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL
    but that begs the bigger question? Why get upset about the thread? Poster is just making an observation that can be debated, but there is no ill will intent
  5. Timmy84

    Timmy84 Forum Resident

    North Carolina
    CDs, not LPs. Also we only had Napster. iTunes wasn't around. :sigh:
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  6. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    Tons of great alternative and rock albums out there if you look for them. But you won't do that, will you?
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  7. mmars982

    mmars982 Forum Resident

    Pittsburgh, PA
    I think this is an extreme example that is interesting but doesn't really prove anything. The first full week of the year is a slow time for album sales & new releases. There were plenty of times in 2018 when albums topped the charts.
  8. evh5150

    evh5150 Forum Resident

    More people are listening to more music than ever before - it just happens to be on the commute to work, or even in work, or in the background in some other way.

    The old way in which we listened to music, in a group with the music having so much attention, is the thing that's dead.
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  9. Tell it to the guy that delivers my Amazon orders.. next you'll be telling me that books are dead too!... :)
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019
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  10. steve phillips

    steve phillips Forum Resident

    The 3 record stores in my town are selling tons of new and used vinyl.
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  11. wallpaperman

    wallpaperman Forum Resident

    What nonsense.

    Why does great new music need to sell millions like U2 and Radiohead (were they ever great? :whistle:). There is tons of great new music that sells, just not in the mega band category.

    Do you need the affirmation of millions of others to like something?

    Get your head out of your classic rock albums, it's never been easier to find great new music.
  12. It's heaven for some of us!
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  13. Brian Hoffman

    Brian Hoffman Obsessive fanatic extraordinaire

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Couldn't have said it better. There's a ton of great music out there if you know where to look. Granted, the ease of recording/booking/etc. has resulted in a glut of bands, but that's not a bad thing. In addition to old stalwarts, like OMD, The Cult, The Church, Gary Numan, The Breeders, Superchunk and Guided by Voices (who have all released stellar albums the past couple of years), there's a ton of new names:
    Wild Nothing, Papir, Neighborhood Brats, Causa Sui, Protomartyr, The Soft Moon, Tennis, Lo Moon, Moon Duom DIIV, Khruangbin, Lithics, Beach Fossils, Darker My Love, Wolf People, and the list goes on. These are all widely varied styles that don't sound at all like recycled Radiohead. I'd recommend finding a good blog or pick some artist that you like and just go down the rabbit hole from there (streaming, reading about related bands, etc.). Sirius XM also has a lot of on demand and mix stations that you can tune to your tastes.
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  14. Price.pittsburgh

    Price.pittsburgh Forum Resident

    I still own all my cds but I do stream either a subscription service or my cloud through headphones or aux chord.
    I haven't leaped to Bluetooth yet but once I do I know it will be more of the same with convenience.
    If a big wireless system can blair the same music from across the room from me just sitting with my phone as it can with me putting in and taking out cds, and I can change artists, albums and songs with the click of a button, which I'm doing now with earbuds and a long aux chord, my cds will remain primarily a nice collection to look at.
    Sure, for absolute peak quality I can throw in some titles in physical format, but honestly, in the same way the cd was so much more convenient than albums and tapes, so is streaming.
    Plus, all the money we spent replacing our albums and tapes with cds we don't have to do in order to replace cds with streaming.
    During the digital download era, it was great to painstakingly transfer all our cds to the computer for mp3 play, and it's still nice to know we have those exact unique mixes and masters saved on mp3 and hard drives.
    But for the most part what's available on stream is the same.
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  15. Christian Hill

    Christian Hill It's all in the mind

    digital payola
  16. HfxBob

    HfxBob Forum Resident

    It's just that there are so many threads about this and that musical form or format being dead, when the facts indicate this is not quite true. It sounds like whiny, drama queen stuff, a lot of it.

    There, now I've undoubtedly irritated some people enough to take shots at me. :cool:
  17. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    Here's my best of 2018 list, it contains lots of rock and whatever alternative is. If the album is dead, I must have missed that memo.
    Christine and the Queens - Chris
    Blood Orange - Negro Swan
    Jake Shears - Jake Shears
    Ezra Furman - Transangelic Exodus
    Rolling Blackouts CF - Hope Downs
    John Grant - Love Is Magic
    Chastity - Death Lust
    Neneh Cherry - Broken Politics
    ****ed Up - Dose Your Dreams
    The Beths - Future Me Hates You
    Beach House - 7
    Sons Of Kemet - Your Queen Is A Reptile
    Amen Dunes - Freedom
    Screaming Females - All At Once
    Superchunk - What A Time To Be Alive
    No Age - Snares Like A Haircut
    Belly - Dove
    Big Red Machine - Big Red Machine
    Camp Cope - How To Socialize and Make Friends
    Joan As Policewoman - Damned Devotion
    Wye Oak - The Louder I Call The Faster It Runs
    How To Dress Well - The Anteroom
    Ty Segall - Freedoms Goblin
    Robyn - Honey
    Troye Sivan - Bloom
    Cloud Nothings - Last Building Standing
    Messthetics- Messthetics
    Idles - Joy As An Act Of Resistance
  18. Devin S

    Devin S Just slightly ahead of my time

    You forgot the very best album of 2018. Arctic Monkeys- Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino.
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  19. kaztor

    kaztor Music is the Best

    Whatever. I’ll still listen to and buy my favourite albums.
    Poor me.
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  20. zen

    zen Forum Resident

    Albums aren't dead. Culture however...
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  21. Freedom Rider

    Freedom Rider Forum Resident

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  22. Devin S

    Devin S Just slightly ahead of my time

    Just read the entire article. 1906! Astounding! Thanks for sharing.
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  23. schnitzerphilip

    schnitzerphilip "Modern Dad" Unlocked Award

    NJ USA
    Fine, I’m going to get dressed and drive down to the record store and buy it....wait....

    “Hey Siri, play Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino by Arctic Monkeys”

    On comes ‘Star Treatment’ on my HomePod. I’m liking it. ‘One Point Perspective’ pretty cool too. I’ll report back with a review shortly.
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  24. Robber Soul

    Robber Soul Forum Resident

    I'm a physical product kind of guy and recently bought a brand new, fully-loaded car. And the one option that wasn't even available from the manufacturer? A CD player!
    We are being forced to look at alternatives. I had no choice but to start streaming my music. I didn't want to, but felt forced to try it. Now that I am, I digging it. It's so easy. For $10 a month, I can download any album I want.
  25. Mr Bass

    Mr Bass Chevelle Ma Belle

    Mid Atlantic

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