20 Years of Jethro Tull Box Set

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Keith V, Jan 20, 2020.

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    Middle section chop chop the instrumental part.
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    Yes, he posted that right while I was posting my question. Are you going to tell us what the "and more " part is?
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    1988 Jethro Tull 20th pin
  4. Add these to my earlier post:
    Moths (remix)
    Thick As A Brick (live '87)
    Living In The Past (live '87)
    Aqualung (live '82)
    Locomotive Breath (live '82)
    Sweat Dream (live '82)
    The Clasp (live '82)
    Fallen on Hard Times (live '82)
    Wondering Aloud (live '87)
    Dun Ringill (live '87)
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    As far as the 25th set, practically everything on it is exclusive to that box. 1/2 of it content wise and most of it mix wise.
  6. Keith V

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    Does anyone know the 15 previously released masters that were used?
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    Truly great box set, own both the CD and vinyl version.
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  8. What a review! I don't agree with it a 100%, but... you never come across detailed and honest reviews like that of DE sets in the press anymore! As far as I can tell they're all a waste of time, instead...
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  9. I think the two tracks which impressed me the most from this set (which I discovered much later, in the 90s) are the two tracks more or less at both ends of the historical spectrum, i.e. "Stormy Monday Blues" and "Part of the Machine". I've always liked the sea shanty feel and beautiful lyrics of the latter. And since I've always been a fan also of the Mick Abrahams line-up, the former was the real lost gem for me - they cook as we used to say, just beautifully! And I like it better still with that semi-corny DJ introduction and cap-off!
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    True, A was the only album left out in the cold on the 20 Years box, not counting the
    The 25th Anniversary box likewise neglected one album (Stormwatch).

    The rest of the machine. Duh. :rolleyes:

    I'm actually counting 23 previously released masters, but some of those were on rare or hard-to-find releases. The "15 tracks" figure might come from the fact that there are 15 tracks on LP #2 (Rare Tracks, Released But Only Just).
    Let's see ...

    Album tracks:
    "Cheap Day Return"
    "Only Solitaire"
    "Bungle in the Jungle"
    "One White Duck/O^10=Nothing at All"
    "Under Wraps #2"

    I'm not counting "Moths" because, although it's the same recording as the one on Heavy Horses, the mix is very different. ("Moths" was released as a single, but as far as I know, that release was just the album cut, rather than the remix. I'd welcome corrections if I'm mistaken on that point.)

    Non-LP single sides:
    "Sunshine Day"
    "One for John Gee"
    "The Witch's Promise"
    "Teacher" (UK version)
    "Summerday Sands"
    "Strip Cartoon"
    "A Stitch in Time"
    "Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow"

    EP tracks:
    "Life Is a Long Song"
    "March the Mad Scientist"
    "Pan Dance"
    "King Henry's Madrigal"
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    It seems that some of the set was treated with reverb. The BBC stuff and Teacher comes to mind.
  12. Keith V

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    I think I’ll made CDrs of the vinyl order. I always loved side 8
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    I think that 20th Anniversary box was the first CD boxed set I ever bought (I bought it as soon as it was released). Ironically enough, I now own the vinyl box but not the CD box...!
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  14. Keith V

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    I like the order on the vinyl. Are the records digitally sourced? I would assume.
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    At the time, it was generally felt that this pretty much rounded up all the known unreleased and rare stuff that existed. Time has disproved that with the Nightcap and subsequent deluxe releases of course. It was far from perfect (edited BBC tracks, needless inclusion of readily available album tracks, some live versions which were not the best) but despite its flaws it was a wonderful thing to hold in 1988. I still have the vinyl box and also the cut down 2lp version (which was initially mispressed with a track missing, I have one of those). The outer packaging was also rather vague about the nature of some of the tracks so just looking at the box you'd think you were getting previously released tracks but they were new live versions. All in all, it was and is great, but everything that has come since has dwarfed it. I was at Hammersmith Odeon on 1987 for the few tracks from that which are on there.
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    I liked that set - like an update of Living in the Past LP for the CD era.
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